Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 382 - Fourth Watch

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Chapter 382: Fourth Watch

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Dragonborn didn’t know if they would attack Eternal Kingdom. Sherlock and Lilo didn’t say anything, and even the official website didn’t have any information.

Nobody knew what role they would play in the Dungeon War. The only thing they knew was that when Eternal Kingdom started fighting, the gamers of Victoria City wouldn’t be idling.

When the gamers of Victoria City began to prepare for war, the gamers of Eternal Kingdom took notice.

Before Lilo announced the preparation for war, the gamers had already disseminated the information on the discussion forum.

Verbal spats occurred on the discussion forum, the keyboard warriors defending their own factions.

The gamers of Eternal Kingdom accused the Victorians of being despicable by taking advantage of their predicament.

At the same time, the Victorians accused the gamers of Eternal Kingdom of bullying new gamers.

This kind of verbal spat was inevitable.

While the gamers were bickering, the three days of war preparation slipped by…

In a gray valley, Ogres gathered. Occasionally, some of the Ogres would break out into fights and draw their weapons. Fortunately, the Ogres at the side would step in and stop the bickering.

Countless Ogres had assembled here, and they only obeyed one superior Devil—Morgan.

A thin Ogre stood on a high vantage point and blew a horn with great effort. The Ogres below cheered as a Wyvern shrieked above their heads. From the Wyvern’s view, it looked like a dense mass of crawling ants.

Morgan stood on high ground that overlooked the Ogre army in the valley, observing the Ogres marching out of the valley.

Morgan was excited by the Ogre army. Who would have thought that he would be able to control these insane and brutal Ogres?

His silly brother also made use of the Ogres, but he only allied with the leader of a single tribe. They were just making use of each other.

It was different in his case. These Ogres didn’t have any tribal leaders, as he was their leader. Tens of thousands of Ogres were under his command, controlled using a method depicted in Michelangelo’s lost book.

Using Michelangelo’s method, he controlled the Ogres.

Morgan’s goal wasn’t just a book. He wanted to rob Michelangelo of all his wealth! Attacking Eternal Kingdom and capturing Sherlock alive was the first step of his ambition.

As for consideration of defeat? No, no, no. He didn’t even think about it. How could he lose with tens of thousands of Ogres? Moreover, he had an ace in the hole, a trump card for his last strike.

Morgan laughed sinisterly as he imagined defeating Sherlock and robbing him of Michelangelo’s relic. He would then spend some time to master the Great Devil’s power and gain the recognition of his dad before defeating his stupid elder brother. He would become the first successor to Eternal Fire!

Then… Morgan had filled his mind with a fabulous storyline.

The storyline would definitely materialize!

On the fourth day after receiving the Devil Management Committee’s notification of war.

Sherlock was wearing his heroic battle cloak and giving the gamers a battle speech to motivate them to kill valiantly. They would be fearless even if they had to sacrifice their lives!

He deployed the gamers to their defensive posts and conducted a last-minute check to ensure there were no deficiencies.

They waited for a whole day, but nobody came.

At night, a group of a few hundred reporters visited the Dungeon, each of them having a reporter pass. Most of them were from the Merchant Alliance’s Winterfell branch, while the rest were from other Dungeons. They wanted to be battlefield reporters.

Everyone was concerned about the Dungeon War, which ended a hundred years of peace.

Sherlock didn’t have a good impression of the reporters. They loved to commission advertisements in their newspapers, which reduced the volume of news. Sherlock didn’t spend any money on newspapers before. In addition, the reporters liked to write nonsense. If he socialized with them, he would fall into their language traps if he wasn’t careful.

Sherlock was about to drive them away when he saw the reporters paying Magic Stones to interview Arthur.

Sherlock assigned Eggface an important mission…

“All reporters, please come over here for registration. Every reporter will pay 10 Magic Stones for an admission pass into the Dungeon. Reporters without a pass will be denied entry.”

Eggface stood at the Dungeon entrance and shouted at the reporters.

Besides the admission fees, Sherlock prepared a price list for interviews.

Interviewing Simba—5 Magic Stones.

Interviewing Mufasa—5 Magic Stones.

Interviewing Moroes—5 Magic Stones.

Every employee was given an interview price tag, including Sherlock himself.

Sherlock’s interview price was much higher than the rest.

It was 40 Magic Stones! By paying 40 Magic Stones, a reporter could ask Sherlock any questions, and he would guarantee an answer.

The paying reporters queued up to interview Sherlock, and the questions were very focused.

For example, why did Sherlock and Morgan fight?

When did Lord Sherlock recruit so many Gnomes, Goblins, and Orcs?

“We checked the employment records at the Labor Union. Besides Brainiac’s records, there were no employee records under Eternal Kingdom. Why is that?”

Sherlock’s answer was simple. “I don’t know.”

“Apologies. This regards personal privacy.” And other similar replies.

After interviewing the people of Eternal Kingdom, the reporters had no intention of leaving.

They set up tents and cooking utensils to prepare meals. It seemed like the reporters were going to camp there for some time. They wanted to witness the first war after a hundred years of peace.