Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 381 - Victoria City's War Preparation

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Chapter 381: Victoria City’s War Preparation

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Nicholas’ document came from the Merchant Alliance.

The content was simple, saying to keep Winterfell neutral and not to participate in the war between Morgan and Sherlock.

Nicholas was prepared.

After much consideration, he decided to side with Sherlock, who exhibited shocking potential and incredible influence.

Even if someone told him that Lucifer was Sherlock’s father, he wouldn’t be surprised.

But he couldn’t go against the Merchant Alliance, especially when it concerned Winterfell. Though he was the Dungeon Lord, he couldn’t override the Merchant Alliance’s authority.

After much consideration, Nicholas decided to use his limited ways to help Sherlock and Eternal Kingdom.

He called for his assistant, the Sludge Monster Butler.

Sherlock was reading Nicholas’ letter in the Dungeon Lord Main Hall. Nicholas said that he would be helping Sherlock in his personal capacity. He decided to sell all of his property to build a mercenary army and would soon arrive at Eternal Kingdom to help with the defenses.

After some simple calculations, it became clear that it wasn’t feasible. The war would begin in three days, while it would take Nicholas three months to sell his property and organize an army.

Sherlock wrote a letter that said, “I don’t need soldiers or money. Just support me with equipment.”

Sherlock sent a list of equipment that included Bows and Arrows and equipment for Houndhead Men and Orcs. There was a greater demand for Orc equipment. As for Goblins, Sherlock didn’t request any equipment for them since the requirement was low. Very few Goblins wanted to spend money on quality equipment, as they preferred to become Gnomes or Houndhead Men before improving their equipment.

A Goblin had difficulty dealing with an Underground Spider, while a well-equipped Gnome with the required Weapon Level could defeat a Spider without being injured.

A 15-member Orc team equipped with a generous amount of Minor Healing Potions was able to consistently conquer the “Spector College: Troops Training Ground” Instance Dungeon.

The advent of the Orc race improved the combat power of the gamers by leaps and bounds.

Nicholas didn’t reject Sherlock’s suggestion, as he had strong reasons. Nicholas made immediate arrangements to send the equipment to Eternal Kingdom by the next day. Sherlock also promised that he would always support Nicholas as the Dungeon Lord, the area manager, the general manager, and the CEO of the Merchant Alliance. He also said that he would help him marry a rich woman and reach the pinnacle of his life.

Nicholas sent a letter of gratitude. Meanwhile, Sherlock continued to deal with the affairs of the impending war.

The gamers of Victoria City were, as usual, busy working.

They completed their Daily Mission the moment they came online. The Daily Mission was similar to the one in Eternal Kingdom, which was to cut trees, carry bricks, process the wood, produce equipment, clean areas, and construct houses and walls.

Then the gamers would enter the Spiders’ Lair to hunt for raw materials. They would also go to the Sighing Wilderness to hunt for more materials and play PVP.

The battlefield gameplay in Eternal Kingdom wasn’t available to the gamers of Victoria City. Though the Ogre Fortress was officially opened, the Reputation Levels of the Victorian gamers hadn’t reached the requirement, so they were unable to enter.

The gameplay options of the Victorian gamers were less than those of the Eternal Kingdom gamers, but they didn’t complain.

They had many things to do in this game. Victoria City was just developing, so construction and finding materials took up a huge chunk of the gamers’ time. For equipment improvement, the gamers had to exchange their game coins and Reputation Points at the Hamster Logistics Officer’s location. The quality of the equipment in Victoria City was comparable to Eternal Kingdom.

Victoria City also suffered bandit attacks occasionally, which made it exciting and profitable for the gamers. The fact that they obtained hundreds of horses made the gamers ecstatic, and all trades derived from the horses boomed.

The gamers engaged in the resale of horses, the construction of stables, the production and sale of horse feed, the repairing of horseshoes, and even horse massage and health.

However, after Lilo returned from Eternal Kingdom, she declared Victoria City to be in a state of war, and the gamers of Victoria City received a new mission.

She ordered the gamers to stockpile war materials and transport war machinery.

Yes, it was transportation.

Victoria City wasn’t able to produce things such as Bows, Crossbows, and Ballistas. They were provided by Eternal Kingdom.

The gamers of Eternal Kingdom transported these items to the road intersection, and the gamers of Victoria City transported them back to their city. It was a regulated loop.

After the bandits were defeated and their leader Edward Scissorhand was killed by Dragonborn, there were no more organized bandits. Occasionally, there were a few scattered bandits who had nowhere else to go.

However, they were gradually killed by the gamers once they started foraging in the forests.

The gamers of Victoria City had an additional task, which was to learn how to use Bows and Crossbows from the Elf, Untouchable.

Unlike Eternal Kingdom, Victoria City had an NPC who could methodically teach one how to use long-distance weapons.

Dragonborn wasn’t interested in long-distance weaponry, but it was one of the Daily Missions. Fortunately, the prices of Bows and Crossbows fell recently, such that every gamer was able to afford them.

The falling prices weren’t due to market forces. Lilo ordered the prices slashed so that the gamers could increase their long-distance combat power to prepare for the coming battles.

As a result, long-distance weaponry was as cheap as vegetables, and the gamers could buy them after doing a few simple missions.

The accidental casualty rate of Victorian gamers increased dramatically, as many of the gamers were killed by their own archers.

It was a necessary pain of long-distance combat. Previously, Eternal Kingdom went through the same calamity!

Dragonborn was curious. “Who are we fighting against in this war that we’re preparing for?”

“Of course, it’s Eternal Kingdom!”

TakeASpearHit adjusted his Crossbow and said, “Think about it. Eternal Kingdom is fighting in a Dungeon War. According to the background story, we are enemies. How can we miss this chance to backstab Eternal Kingdom?”

“What you’ve said makes sense. However, the game doesn’t have such a far-sighted Plot. Though we are enemies with Eternal Kingdom, both factions consist of gamers. If a faction is fighting against evil and the other faction takes advantage, the gamers will cause an uproar. This will only happen if the game producers are silly…”

SealHeadLingChong was dumbfounded. He looked at both of his comrades.

“Gosh, the game producers have always been silly. Are we really attacking Eternal Kingdom?”