Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 380 - Nicholas’ Document

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Chapter 380: Nicholas’ Document

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Masked men and women were on the viewing platforms surrounding the round arena. They wore luxurious costumes and looked like nobles.

The host shouted, “We have enough of the hypocritical kindness. The Grand Priest told us to love each other, study, and respect knowledge, but our hearts tell us otherwise. We don’t need all of that! We want violence! Stimulation! You will get that at our secret meeting!”

The crowd cheered wildly.

Hoodlum wanted to ask if there were any rewards after going through a month of hardship, but nobody could understand what he was saying.

The metal door in front of Hoodlum lifted gradually, and a 4-meter-tall Tauren wielding a huge Axe walked out. He had muscles that inspired fear.

He looked powerful.

But Hoodlum wasn’t fearful!

“Ladies and gentlemen! It’s time to watch the performance!”

The stage of the host dimmed down, while more lights focused on the round arena. Following this, a weapon and a Shield were thrown down from the viewing platform.

They were for Hoodlum.

Hoodlum picked up his weapon and Shield and looked at the charging Tauren-like monster, which wasn’t the Tauren that appeared on the forum. It was more like an uncivilized evil creature.

A huge Axe descended upon Hoodlum, and he dodged while he slashed with lightning speed at the monster’s kneecap.

The monster felt pain and bent its knees. Hoodlum took the chance and leaped up while stepping on the monster’s kneecap.

The Tauren’s Axe was lifted up, but Hoodlum had no intention to dodge as he knew there was only a single chance!

Hoodlum raised his Short Sword and stabbed at the monster’s throat, while the Axe landed behind his skull.

Hoodlum rolled on the ground as the Tauren monster covered its throat and gasped for air. The monster struggled and collapsed to the ground, convulsing until it died.

Ecstatic cheering erupted in the hall. Hoodlum stood up and enjoyed the gazes of the spectators, then lifted both of his hands and gestured for them to cheer louder.

“Incredible! This slave used a single blow to defeat our monster! I’m in awe. The next monster won’t be easy to deal with! Let me release… Wait, what’s he doing? Why is he lying on the ground?”

Hoodlum fell to the ground and remained motionless. He shut his eyes and looked like he was sleeping.

Some guards walked in and gave Hoodlum a few slaps, shouting into his ears. But it was all in vain, there was no reaction.

A guard stabbed Hoodlum’s palm, but he remained motionless.

The guard was about to cause more harm, but his comrade stopped him and pointed to the viewing platform. A masked man lifted his hand to stop them and whispered to his attendant, who nodded. The attendant then approached the host, who said, “This Gladiator has used up all of his energy and needs a rest. Let’s watch the next Gladiator Fight!”

Despite Hoodlum being on the ground, the spectators were still ecstatic.

The person on the viewing platform who gave the orders to the guards was the owner of the Castle, the Duke of York.

Beside him was a fat man, the Slave Merchant who bought Hoodlum from Edward. He didn’t know that his old friend Edward had perished.

Though Edward and the Duke of York were enemies, the Slave Merchant wasn’t involved in their dispute. Whether they were nobles or bandits, they required the services of this dark trader.

“Grand Duke, as I said in the letter, this slave isn’t normal. His willpower is so strong that the body doesn’t belong to him. He’s not afraid of pain or death and is very diligent. I only trained him for around a month, but he mastered most of the combat techniques. The strange thing is that he will faint at any time and won’t respond to any stimuli. This is the only disadvantage. If we can negotiate with him on the timing, he will bring customers and enormous wealth to the secret meeting. Believe me, he’s the most unique Gladiator that I have ever seen.”

“You’ve done well. He’s indeed different from the rest. That being said, I’ll reward you handsomely. What about those two that you took a fancy to? They can wash clothes and work diligently in the household. Bring them back,” the masked Duke of York waved his hand and said.

“Thank you, Duke of York!”

The fat man smiled happily and left with the attendant.

As for the Duke of York, he continued watching the Gladiator Fight in the arena.

There were a few guests in Eternal Kingdom.

They were three Hamsters and the cute Miss Lilo, who was wearing a tutu skirt.

Who knew why the leader of Victoria City came to Eternal Kingdom as a guest. The gamers of Eternal Kingdom were unable to attack Lilo, and Sherlock even came out to welcome her.

Many gamers queued up and waited for the customer service Black Dragon to report for work. They were going to complain about this BUG, which they were unhappy about.

What was the use of an enemy Faction Leader if she couldn’t be attacked?

Sherlock wasn’t bothered by the gamers and was hosting Lilo.

Eggface was putting away his mouse, keyboard, and earphones since he was starting work soon.

“I heard that the Devil Management Committee approved the Dungeon War between Morgan and you. All of our previous classmates were discussing this. Doesn’t Morgan know that we’re attacking the Heavenly Kingdom? Why did he do this?” Lilo asked as she held her cup of green tea and frowned.

“There will always be strange creatures in this world who think that they are winning. Then they will attack complacently.” Sherlock wasn’t panicking. It was as though he wasn’t involved in the Dungeon War.

“I don’t quite understand you.” Lilo frowned.

“Don’t worry. If I can’t win this war, then Eternal Kingdom can forget about attacking the Heavenly Kingdom. Don’t you think so?”

Lilo nodded.

“I noticed strange things in the Mana Engineering Project Hall. What is that tall statue?” Lilo asked as she gestured with her hand.

“That isn’t a statue, it’s a Prototype Robot.” Sherlock pondered and said, “It’s a Combat Mecha created from Rune Mana and metal. According to the design, a creature can pilot the Robot from the cockpit by infusing Mana. It will allow a Goblin to have the power of a super Giant.”

“Obtaining a small bit of power by creating a large object, isn’t this a bit wasteful in terms of materials?” Lilo frowned and asked.

“No, I think it’s meaningful,” said Sherlock. “If we can mass produce these Combat Mechas in the future, then creatures without formal training can possess the superpower of a Giant. This will improve our combat power by leaps and bounds.”

“I’m not sure how they can be of value against the Angel army, but since Sherlock thinks so, I’ll not probe further.”

Lilo said, “I don’t think you’ll want me to ignore the citizens of Victoria City. What mission do we have? Though I don’t fancy the Humans, Fairies, and Elves, they are rather diligent.”

“Hmm, there are missions for them to fulfill. I’ll discuss it with you in detail…”

Sherlock took out a map and pointed to a spot as he said, “According to my intelligence, Morgan has 100,000 Ogres. It could be a bluff, but he will have a sizable army. Eternal Kingdom won’t be conquered, but to prevent unnecessary casualties and the feeling of losing a large amount of Mana, I have a plan…”

In the Winterfell Dungeon Lord’s office.

“Dungeon Lord, we have received notification from the Devil Management Committee. All activities, especially those outside our territory, have to be stopped since the Dungeon War is about to break out.”

A Sludge Monster informed Nicholas, who was sitting behind a table.

“I got it.” Nicholas nodded. He wore a grave expression as he examined a document on the table.

It was related to Eternal Kingdom.