Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 379 - Eve of the Dungeon War

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Chapter 379: Eve of the Dungeon War

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“If the materials for drawing these Rune Mana Formations were changed to Mana materials, the effect would be even greater. I suspect the power will be what the Orc can bear. After all, the power that you experienced is too much for a Goblin or Gnome to bear.”

Hemp Rope Technology noticed that the Rune Mana Formations were vanishing from Arthur’s body. He said, “According to my research, different portions of the Rune Mana Formation will affect the duration and effect. I controlled the effect, but I’m still figuring out the duration. I believe that I will have a breakthrough soon.”

“Why don’t you copy the Rune Mana Formations on the Prototype Robot?”

Arthur moved his numb arm, which felt as though an electric current had passed through it. He could still feel his arm, though. This was the side effect of using the Rune Mana Formation.

“The propulsion of the Prototype Robot comes from the Mana Core after the Rune Mana Formation connects with the Mana Core via the transmission of Mana to control the Robot Components. Are you able to have a Mana Core inside of you? Wait… just like Iron Man. If I install a Mana Core where your heart is, will it work? This will require the Underworld Biological Expert. If we use a device for scanning objects to scan the Rune Mana Formation, then use the computer for data analysis…” Hemp Rope Technology muttered to himself.

Arthur interrupted him and said, “I’ll invest in this research.”

“I would like you to invest. But unfortunately, Sherlie has invested in this research,” Hemp Rope Technology said with a sense of regret.

“Sherlie? That Sherlie? Are you referring to the NPC Sherlie?”

“Don’t look at me like that, I’m not joking. If you don’t believe me, go to the Dungeon Lord Main Hall and ask. I don’t understand why the NPC invested in my research.”

Hemp Rope Technology felt that it was strange and said, “Sherlie provided all of the raw materials and signed a research agreement with me. All the fruits of my research belong to him, while I will obtain his full support and a set of Legendary Equipment.”

Arthur was speechless. Was that the power of knowledge?

Hemp Rope Technology’s new inventions consisted of the almost completed Prototype Robot, the Rune Mana Formations that were transcribed on organic bodies, and new weapons that made use of Mana and steam technology. For example, a Magic Wand that could fire Magic Missiles, a Bow equipped with an aiming scope, and a simple steam-operated slingshot.

These new weapons were still in the transition process from the experimental laboratory to the mass production stage.

To sell these new weapons, Hemp Rope Technology bought a prime shop in the Commerce Area. It wasn’t owned by any Guilds. Instead, he had sole proprietorship. He had even thought of the name—Future Technology Private Limited.

Arthur walked out of the Mana Engineering Project Hall, where NotWearingPants and Sylvanas were bickering while waiting for him.

Both of them walked towards Arthur, and Sylvanas was very happy and shouted in her shrill voice, “Arthur Bro! I asked around and found out that you were at the Mana Engineering Project Hall. I waited for you for a long time.”

“Wah, you are a guy disguised as a girl. You’re a rich gamer too, so can you stop your endearing behavior?” NotWearingPants teased Sylvanas mercilessly.

“I don’t care what you think, and I’ll say whatever I like!” Sylvanas stood akimbo and shouted in frustration. Then she became gentle as she said to Arthur, “Arthur Bro, we agreed to challenge the 15-member Instance Dungeon after becoming Orcs. Did you forget about it, Arthur Bro?”

“Yes, we’re all waiting for you. Let’s make haste,” NotWearingPants said.

Arthur nodded. As he was about to leave with them, a public notice appeared before them.

[The Dungeon War will commence in three days’ time. You have been automatically assigned the Dungeon War Chain Missions.]

It was followed by a new mission.

[Mission Title: Eve of the Dungeon War

Mission Description: The evil Andrew was defeated by Eternal Kingdom, but his malevolent brother, Morgan, wants to avenge Andrew’s defeat and is leading his army to destroy Eternal Kingdom. The Devil Management Committee has approved of the Dungeon War, so the battle is inevitable. The war is about to start…

But do not fear, warriors. You may not be the most powerful, but you possess indomitable willpower. You will help Eternal Kingdom tide through this crisis!

Mission Objective: We have to prepare for war. Polish your weapons and armor, and install Bows and Arrows at the Dungeon Walls. The enemy is powerful, and we must depend on our limited advantages to resist their attacks!

Arrow production: 0/100

Mission Reward: During the Dungeon War, all gamers will gain Reputation Points at a slow rate.

Mission Penalty: Closure of the game]

“Why is the Mission Penalty so severe?” NotWearingPants started complaining, saying, “Have you seen such willful game officials?”

“Get used to it. It has always been like this.” Sylvanas waved her hand indifferently. She then said, “What’s your mission? I’m carrying Diamond Seam ore.”

“I’m producing Arrows,” NotWearingPants answered.

Arthur said, “I’m training to operate the… Prototype Robot.”



A horse carriage carrying a few guards passed by a muddy road. They were looking at a metal cage that held a deformed and ugly Human.

Above his head were the words “Hoodlum”, with “Hoodlum Yoga Association” below his name. The guards didn’t know and weren’t bothered by the green symbols.

The carriage came to a grand castle, and a castle guard opened the gate by pressing a button. The huge castle gate lifted with the deafening sound of steam engines.

“Hi, sending a new toy again?”

The gate guard and the guards on the horse carriage knew each other well, so he lifted his hand and joked with his friends.

“I can guarantee that the toy is different this time,” a guard on the horse carriage said with a strange expression as he looked at Hoodlum.

“Ah? What’s different? I’m unable to watch the show today since I’m on shift! Can you tell me?” the gate guard asked as he followed the horse carriage for a while, but his friend didn’t tell him.

His friend merely smiled and said, “Give me an Empire gold coin, and I’ll tell you.”

“I’ll only charge 50 silver coins,” said another.

The gate guard waved his hand and stopped following, shouting, “As you wish. Anyway, the prisoner is bound to die, which means you must be trying to fool me. After all, you said it was different last time, and the prisoner was dead within ten minutes. It’s not fun!”

The gate guard then returned to his post.

The guards on the carriage laughed, but they discovered Hoodlum glaring at them and stopped laughing.

From Hoodlum’s gaze, it was as though the guards were the prisoners, and they were like animals.

He was such a terrifying Human.

The guards felt fearful.

“Wait, why didn’t you answer the gate guard’s question? I don’t mind your compliments,” Hoodlum said as he looked at them.

The guards didn’t answer Hoodlum’s question. It wasn’t the first time Hoodlum asked such a brainless and strange question.

The carriage stopped outside a building, and the guards disembarked and opened the cage. They then led the heavily cuffed Hoodlum out of the cage and down the carriage.

A man with a small black hat came by. He looked nervous as he said, “The Duke of York is very unhappy. You were supposed to bring the man here a month ago.”

“Apologies, Pastor. Our master gave him some training sessions, and I can guarantee that the training sessions were necessary. The Duke of York will be pleased,” a guard said in trepidation.

“I hope it’s as you’ve said. Otherwise, your master won’t be able to come to the Duke of York’s Castle ever again.”

The Pastor opened the huge door behind him, then said, “Follow me, the guests have waited for a long time.”

The guards looked at each other as they pushed Hoodlum into the building.

The entrance hall of the building was huge. There was a spiraling staircase going up, but they took the spiraling staircase that went down.

The Pastor prayed in front of a statue, then pressed a secret mechanism, which caused the statue to move. A tunnel was revealed underneath the statue.

Hoodlum was quickly pushed into the secret tunnel.

The journey was long. With passing time, the whispering of people became clearer.

Hoodlum was placed in the middle of a round arena, and a spotlight shone on his body.

“Ladies and gentlemen!”

A tall figure stood in front of a high platform and held a microphone looking object as he shouted loudly, “Welcome to tonight’s secret meeting!”