Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 378 - War Preparation

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Chapter 378: War Preparation

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Within one night, almost half of the gamers became Orcs.

Though the Orcs had fresh faces, Yoda felt like he knew them. They said familiar things.

“Hey, have you finished your Daily Mission? If not, let’s do it together!”

“Require a leader for ‘Specter College: Training Grounds’. The other four members are ready. We were booked before, and there is no refund!”

“Winterfell cafe is recruiting employees. Aren’t you applying? Ten Magic Stones per month!”

“I’m not going. I have a Blacksmithing Daily Mission with generous rewards! A large number of gamers have become Orcs, and they require the reforging of their equipment. I have to make use of the chance to make more money!”

“Gosh, if only I had learned Blacksmithing. I’m regretting it now.”

“There are a few tall trees left in the forest. Extremely high difficulty. Looking for Mathematics research students. Hurry, only limited places left.”

“Did you know that Sylvanas killed a team member with an arrow yesterday?”

“What? Impossible! Isn’t Sylvanas’ archery the best in the world?”

“Selling gold coins from your trusted brand—Birthdate. Make sure you do business with Birthdate!”

The Orcs weren’t only prevalent in the streets of Eternal Kingdom, the situation was the same elsewhere.

There were Orcs queuing up outside the Blacksmith Shop.

There were Orcs queuing up at the Sacred Light Worshiping Chapel to become Sacred Knights.

There were also Orcs at the Teleport Portal Main Hall, Living Quarters, Commercial Area, Industrial Area, and Yoda’s Mana Engineering Workshop.

Overnight, there were an additional 1000 Orcs. It was a shock to the NPCs.

Brainiac also noticed this phenomenon. He wanted to ask, but he was bound by Sherlock’s contract, so he couldn’t ask unless Sherlock voluntarily informed him. However, this didn’t mean that he couldn’t do research.

He had to determine if these Orcs were the same as the previous Gnomes, Houndhead Men, and Goblins and whether they could be revived.

The most direct method was to conduct a physical examination.

The gamers were cooperative with Brainiac’s experiments, and they started queuing up outside the Lich’s Burial Hall.

The appearance of Orcs created a wave of excitement, but the gamers didn’t feel strange about it.

Everyone proceeded with their chores. For example, Hemp Rope Technology continued with his goal and made final adjustments to the Prototype Robot.

Hemp Rope Technology knew that the Prototype Robot depended on Rune Mana Formations and the Mana Core arcane technology for propulsion, and he was extremely interested in researching the arcane technology.

To Hemp Rope Technology, all things had rules, and everything could be researched.

If he couldn’t understand, that was quantum mechanics. Wrong, it was Mana!

Hemp Rope Technology looked down on Mana initially. Compared to science, Mana was just a special effect created using mathematics. After all, the entire world was a game.

However, he and Yoda went deep into research of the Prototype Robot, and he came to understand the mechanics of the Airship and the basics of Mana. That was when Hemp Rope Technology discovered that it wasn’t so simple.

Mana could create propulsion even though it couldn’t be seen.

In reality, there was a similar dark matter.

After understanding Mana, Hemp Rope Technology discovered the governing laws. Even if he explained it for days and nights, he couldn’t finish all of the detailed information.

Considering the ultra-realistic rules in the game, Hemp Rope Technology was contemplating the possibility of Mana being one of the governing laws. Perhaps contemporary scientists hadn’t discovered it. That or nobody published their research on it.

The game capsule, which allowed 100% simulation of reality, was a Mana arcane technology. It was possible that such Mana arcane technology had been discovered and that the game producers implemented the technology into the game!

This idea appeared many times in Hemp Rope Technology’s mind. However, research wasn’t done in one or two days. Moreover, he didn’t have a good research entry point. To discover science principles in Mana was strange.

But Hemp Rope Technology was still tempted. While constructing and understanding the Prototype Robot, he learned more about Mana.

He managed to duplicate a Mana Rune. After infusing it with Mana, he was able to create a large amount of energy.

However, his body was unable to withstand the strong power and Mana energy, so he had to commit suicide and change to a new body.

After this experiment, Hemp Rope Technology discovered many new weapons.

The new discoveries required voluntary laboratory rats. Besides using himself, he chose a few gamers to conduct experiments on.

Arthur was one of the volunteers for Hemp Rope Technology’s new weapons.

“This Rune allows an increase in power. Goblins are unable to withstand the power, but it may work for an Orc.”

Hemp Rope Technology looked at the Orc, Arthur, and his arms, which had new Rune Mana Formations drawn on them.

“Focus your attention on the Rune Mana Formations and infuse them with your Mana…”

Hemp Rope Technology guided Arthur in feeling and getting used to the Mana Rune Formations.

Arthur infused some Mana into his right arm, and he felt a power that he hadn’t experienced before. His muscles were bulging from the effect of Mana, and combined with the Orc’s muscular body, Arthur looked menacing.

Arthur grabbed a rope that was attached to a huge rock. He raised the rope and lifted the rock single-handedly.

It was all thanks to the Rune Mana Formations, as Arthur was very sure that he couldn’t achieve such a feat using his personal strength.

The duration of the burst of power was less than a few seconds. Arthur felt the power dissipating, and he placed the rock down. After that, he was unable to control his shaking arm.

“This is normal. After exerting such tremendous power, it’s a miracle that your muscles weren’t destroyed,” Hemp Rope Technology said as he looked at Arthur.