Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 376 - Rumors of Dragonborn and Softie

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Chapter 376: Rumors of Dragonborn and Softie

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The Stronghold of the Pioneer Alliance in Eternal Kingdom.

Peasant was placing a large blood-stained piece of armor in a water jar to clean it. It was obtained from Specter College’s Troops Training Grounds. The previous owner was the final BOSS, a Half-Giant Skeleton.

It was sent to Simba for reforging, but he hammered Peasant’s face and looked at the endless queue. Simba, who had dark rings around his eyes, shouted, “Clean it properly first! Are you looking to contaminate the Large Furnace?”

Peasant brought back the armor to clean. Recently, many gamers committed suicide in the Large Furnace, causing changes to its contents. This had affected the forging process adversely.

The game system published daily notices:

[Gamers are prohibited from jumping into the Large Furnace. Flouters will be fined.]

Regardless, there were many gamers who wanted to experience the excitement of jumping into the Large Furnace.

“Gosh, did you hear about it? There was an unexpected Plot in Victoria City yesterday! Thousands of bandits attacked the City, and they sent them several hundred horses!” Peasant spoke with envy and jealousy as he washed the armor.

“That’s nothing to be envious of. They had to depend on the bandits to obtain the horses. If we work hard, we can obtain the Darting Birds,” NotWearingPants said as he supported his chin and sat by the side.

“I don’t feel like spending money to buy Darting Birds, nor do I want to work. I mean, I’m not even getting enough sleep.” Sylvanas frowned as she complained.

“I don’t think your Gnome face needs any beauty sleep.”

Sylvanas locked her legs around BurningChestHair’s neck, and there was a sickening crack of the bones.

“That’s nothing to be envious about. We are also going to attack other Dungeons. Morgan has declared war on us. Before long, we’ll be involved in this Plot War.”

Arthur sharpened his black weapon using a whetstone.

“Recently, there have been many updates to the Plot. We haven’t challenged the Ogre Fortress or touched Lilo’s hand, yet we’re fighting a Dungeon War,” Peasant said as NotWearingPants was frantically trying to rescue BurningChestHair.

NotWearingPants said, “Isn’t that good? The game content is getting more interesting, and I’m having lots of fun!”

“I’m dying! I’m dying!”

BurningChestHair slapped Sylvanas’ arms, but she didn’t relent.

Arthur glanced at them and said, “Stop fooling around. If he dies, he’ll lose Reputation Points.”

“Oh, I know.”

Sylvanas released BurningChestHair and sat obediently at one side.

“Arthur Bro, we have to work hard during the Dungeon War. I believe Arthur Bro will be the first gamer to ascend the enemy walls!”

“Dragonborn was in the headlines yesterday night! I saw a lot of screenshots of Dragonborn in the forum. His combat skills have improved. The standard of Lancelot seems higher than Moroes!” Peasant said indignantly.

“Who’s Moroes?” BurningChestHair asked in surprise.

“He’s our Beginner’s Combat Trainer who claimed to be a professional Gnome Gladiator!” NotWearingPants said.

“Is he that Winterfell security guard?” Peasant asked.

“The game settings are bullsh*t. Dragonborn will never be as awesome as Arthur! My Arthur Bro is the best in the world!” Sylvanas said furiously.

She was trying to show her anger, but it failed with her Gnome appearance.

“He’s really strong. The BOSS, Edward Scissorhand, had a piece of Orange Legendary Equipment, the Crimson Sword! The attributes are similar to Arthur’s Sword!” Peasant said exaggeratedly.

“Gosh, really? Which post is that on the forum? Let’s take a look!” NotWearingPants asked.

Peasant said immediately, “The popular post [Rumor: Our Guild member Softie gifted the Legendary Crimson Sword!]”

Just as Peasant finished speaking, Arthur and the other three comrades fell to the ground. They had gone offline.

A post was shown on the computer screen:

[Rumor: Our Guild member Softie gifted the Legendary Crimson Sword!]

The creator of the post was Anonymous. The post was short, but it looked as though it was written by an abandoned and angry lady:

“I am a gamer in Victoria City, and I am sharing a piece of shocking news.

This matter starts with a weapon. The picture below is the screenshot of the weapon:

[Crimson Sword (Orange Legendary Equipment)]

Damage: 0–200

Weight: 10

Durability: 10

Forger: Unknown Master

Weapon Source: BOSS, Edward Scissorhand

Required Reputation: Victoria City Reputation Level 5 (Basic)

The Sword came from Edward Scissorhand. The hilt was engraved with a magical crimson stone, so it was named the Crimson Sword. The Sword was Edward Scissorhand’s favorite weapon, and he used it to defeat numerous opponents. According to legend, the souls of those killed by the Crimson Sword couldn’t ascend to Heaven. Instead, they were trapped within the precious stone. Basically, it’s bullsh*t.

This is a weapon with a damage value of 0-200! What kind of a Sword is that? Arthur’s Black Legendary Weapon has a damage value of 150 at most, and the White Standard Weapons only have a damage value of 0-10!

It is indeed a Legendary Weapon!

Any weapon that clashes with the Crimson Sword will be damaged, which is a small matter. As for the White Standard Weapons, they will be directly broken.

Such a weapon, if auctioned in Eternal Kingdom, would fetch millions of Renminbi due to the demand of the rich gamers. Perhaps, the record for the First Beta auction would also be broken!

Since Dragonborn struck the fatal blow on Edward Scissorhand, his team was able to hold the auction for the Sword. The final bid price was 55 gold coins, and Softie obtained the loot.

Don’t ask how I know the details. There were 40 members in the team, and any of them could divulge the details.

The most important detail is that Softie gifted the Crimson Sword to Dragonborn!

Let us calculate the cost.

According to the gold coin pricing in Victoria City, it’s about one million Renminbi!

Softie must be a rich gamer to afford one million Renminbi for a legendary weapon. She didn’t bat an eyelid when she gifted the Sword to Dragonborn!

If it’s not true love, I won’t believe it. According to rumors, Softie is the daughter of the owner of a publicly listed corporation. Her wealth is comparable to the rich gamer Arthur.

If such a rich lady is willing to give an expensive weapon to Dragonborn, they must have known each other already. But this possibility is low. Otherwise, they must have some unknown relationship!

I’m dying with jealousy. I don’t want to work hard anymore! Just give me a rich Lilo, okay?

Okay, I will analyze how Softie falls in love with Dragonborn from my daily observations…”

Sherlock finished reading the post, which depicted how the writer followed Softie. Only a stalker would do such a thing.

“There are many rich gamers nowadays, Lord Sherlock. When I was wandering on Earth, they didn’t have that much money. Before the advent of computer games, they didn’t know the meaning of violence!” Bru said with nostalgia.

“Computer games? Violence?”

Sherlock was taken aback, as he couldn’t relate computer games and violence with one another. What relationship did they have?

“No, I’m referring to the meme of an American President. Lord Sherlock, don’t be bothered by it,” Bru explained.

“Hmm, I’ll not be concerned with the matters in Victoria City. How are the preparations of the gamers of Eternal Kingdom?” Sherlock asked as he pushed the computer to the side.

“Don’t worry about the war preparations, Lord Sherlock. I made arrangements for them to do defensive construction and produce Minor Healing Potions, Bladder Bombs, and new weaponry. As for Yoda and Hemp Rope Technology, they are making great progress in their collaboration since you have invested quite a bit of money. Hemp Rope Technology is very experienced with Robots. With the help of Mana, it’s not difficult to produce a prototype,” Bru said.

“Isn’t Lord Sherlock going to collect intelligence on our opponent?”

“I have already obtained intelligence,” Sherlock said without emotion.

“Oh? When was that?” Bru asked in surprise right as a flaming letter sprung out from the Dungeon Core.

Sherlock opened the letter and smiled as he said, “Now.”