Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 375 - The Rise of Dragonborn

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Chapter 375: The Rise of Dragonborn

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Edward Scissorhand was confused, but with his superior combat skills, he managed to suppress his confusion. He raised both his Longsword and Scissors and screamed at the charging Dragonborn, “Come and meet your death, you death scammer!”

Both of their weapons collided. Sparks flew, and the clanking of metal filled the air.

Dragonborn knew that he was unable to defeat Edward Scissorhand alone. But it was alright, as the gamers didn’t fight BOSSES alone.


TakeASpearHit wielded his Shield and charged at Edward Scissorhand as he shouted, “I’ll curse your mom, and I’ll be your dad!”

Edward was angered by TakeASpearHit’s words, unable to take the insult.

He decided to use the most brutal way to kill this filthy-mouthed man.

TakeASpearHit’s handling of the Shield was amateurish, and Edward was able to dodge it easily. While TakeASpearHit charged forward, Edward stabbed TakeASpearHit’s stomach and lifted him up before smashing him to the ground. Before long, TakeASpearHit became motionless. As for the other gamers, they were being stopped by the bandits.

Though there weren’t many gamers, more reinforcements were on their way. Edward knew that he shouldn’t stay for long. However, he was pestered by Dragonborn, who charged at him again.

Though Dragonborn was skilled, he couldn’t be compared to the battle-hardened Edward, who could handle Dragonborn easily.

In a few rounds of engagement, Dragonborn’s arms were amputated. Edward didn’t waste precious time and ended Dragonborn’s life decisively.

Edward didn’t hesitate, leading his bandits and charging out of the siege.

However, they were surrounded by a dense layer of torches.

“Boss! We’re surrounded!” the bandits shouted in panic.

“What? How did we get surrounded?”

Edward felt chills on his scalp. He had just handled a group of Victorians when another came to replace them. This must be a trap!


When Edward tried to force his way into the crowd, he discovered that the leader of the crowd was a Knight with Superior Equipment—Lancelot!

Lancelot wasn’t the same as the other gamers!

Edward took out his Bow and aimed it at Lancelot.

The other bandits took out their Bows and took aim as well. Lancelot cursed at his despicable opponents and raised his Round Shield, prepared to be injured.

Edward didn’t expect a Human Shield to be formed in front of Lancelot.

The arrows landed on the Human Shield.

Edward and the bandits were astonished. What was happening?

“Kill them!”

“For our horses!”

“Protect Lancelot! Gosh! If he dies, we won’t have a Beginner’s Trainer!”

“Don’t kill my Lancelot!”

The gamers screamed for blood and charged, so Lancelot wasn’t able to stand at the forefront.

“Brothers! Let’s charge and kill them!” Edward shouted furiously as he led the bandits in a charge. A brutal battle ensued.

Edward was having a wild time cutting both the armored and naked gamers like vegetables. Lancelot would engage him occasionally, but he would be pushed back by the crowd.

The warriors of Victoria City were wary of Lancelot fighting in battles, so they used all ways and means to prevent him from being hurt.

As the battle progressed, most of the armored gamers became naked gamers with weapons. In the end, they weren’t even using weapons.

They were like cannon fodder, standing naked and using their fists to pummel their opponents. It was no different from committing suicide.

As the battle dragged on, Edward felt his power depleting. His bandit followers became fewer and fewer, and he couldn’t even find a single horse.

He remembered seeing hundreds of horses in the beginning, but now there wasn’t even a dead horse that could be found on the ground.

Those perverted and naked Humans, Fairies, and Elves started shouting.

“Start inflicting damage on the BOSS! MT, pull Aggro. Long-distance damage is limited! Reload the arrows!”

“Leaders of the Hoodlum Yoga Association! The Scissors and Sword were sold, but you’re welcome to reserve the other pieces of armor! The auction is starting from 10 gold coins! Fifty gold coins for a straight takeaway!”

“Looking for individual gamers to form a group! The BOSS is dying!”

“Gosh! The equipment of the BOSS is being allocated according to the participating groups? The group that inflicts the highest amount of damage will obtain the best rewards? How can poor gamers like us survive?”

“I protest! The group that inflicts the highest amount of damage or deals the fatal blow should be rewarded!”

“If the group that inflicts the highest amount of damage gets the loot, how can individual gamers play the game? We aren’t entitled to loot?”

“Yes, if individual gamers don’t top up their accounts with money, how can you get stronger?”

“Bro, there’s no way to top up in this game…”

What were these fellows shouting? Were they waiting for me to die?

Edward had a very bad feeling about this.

Edward swung his Longsword and cut down a Human. Dawn was breaking, but very few of his enemies were charging at him. Most of them were naked, and they held Shields, which they knocked on noisily as they insulted him.

Edward was numb to their humiliation.

He couldn’t help but recall his life as a bandit, how he happily kidnapped and killed people with his comrades. He remembered forcing a prisoner’s wife and daughters to his room and torturing them for an entire night!

Such happy and memorable times. It was a pity…

He was going to die.

He was a Bandit King with dignity. He knew he couldn’t escape, and he had no intention to. Before he died, he had to kill a few more!

A naked Human wielding a Short Sword appeared before him.

Edward’s pupils contracted. The naked Human was Dragonborn, whom he had killed twice!

He was the leader of the Humans!

Dragonborn charged at Edward. In his daze, Edward felt the Short Sword cutting his body.

Edward’s life flashed in his mind. He nodded as he finally understood that it was his dream. He had a real nightmare…

Edward saw the sky spinning while his body collapsed. The severed neck spurted blood as the body fell to the ground. His ears were buzzing as his eyes were filled with darkness…

The gamers cheered in the woods, and there were ten groups who obtained Edward’s loot. Even Edward’s underwear was allocated as a reward.

Though the gamers were suspicious about the combat value of the underwear, many gamers made a high bid. It was the only pair of underwear from the powerful BOSS, and they were sure it would fetch a high price in the future!

It was a correct analysis according to the history of other games.

Dragonborn dealt the fatal blow to Edward, so his team obtained the allocation of loot from the system:

[Congratulations to Dragonborn’s team for defeating the BOSS, Edward Scissorhand. You are randomly allocated Edward’s weapon, the Crimson Sword. Please collect your loot from the Hamster Logistics Officer within two days. You have to redeem the Sword with 500 Reputation Points.]

“Gosh! We have to spend Reputation Points?” TakeASpearHit shouted indignantly.

“It’s normal, I’m not surprised anymore. It’s good that we don’t have to pay with coins. Though, 500 Reputation Points is equivalent to five hours of carrying bricks!” SealHeadLingChong said.

Dragonborn’s team consisted of only 40 of his Guild members, so the allocation of equipment wasn’t troublesome. The loot would be auctioned, and the money would be evenly distributed.

Though Dragonborn would like to own the Crimson Sword, he wasn’t a rich gamer. There were a few rich gamers who joined Dragonborn’s Guild based on his reputation. One of them was called Softie, who played the role of a female Human. She spent more than 50 gold coins and bought the Crimson Sword. Everyone was jealous of her.

All 40 participants obtained more than a gold coin, which would allow them to buy a full set of Standard Equipment, so they had no complaints.

After the auction, Dragonborn didn’t expect Softie to run to him and say shyly, “Dragonborn, I’m giving the Crimson Sword to you. Can you teach me Close Combat Skills? How’s that?”