Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 374 - It's a Conspiracy!

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Chapter 374: It’s a Conspiracy!

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It was quiet and late at night. Two crimson moons hung in a corner in the night sky. The time was 3 am. In the dark woods, Edward Scissorhand and his large group of bandits went over the City Walls stealthily.

They met a few crazy construction workers who were building the City Walls at such unearthly hours. Did they not sleep?

To prevent them from sounding the alarm, the bandits ended their lives with arrows from a distance as they approached Victoria City silently.

As they fumbled in the dark, the original 20 minutes of walking on the path took double the time. Along the way, they met some scattered Humans, Fairies, and Elves who were looking for things. If Edward wasn’t sure that his plan hadn’t been leaked out, he would have suspected a mole on his side.

All of these Humans, Fairies, and Elves were silenced.

When Edward arrived at Victoria City with his bandit army, he witnessed a chaotic scene.

There were moving torches and shouting.

“Don’t stop me. I want to be the first one to surrender! I want to become a slave! I’ll follow Veteran Hoodlum’s footsteps!”

“Nonsense! I’ll be the first one to become a slave!”

“Don’t be like that. The game is very realistic, so if you surrender and Victoria City and Duchess Lilo are captured, what will we do? Gosh! I’m excited just thinking about it.”

“You defecting trash, our For that night with Sherlock Guild will never yield!”

“For Victoria City! Buck up!”

“I want a white horse! I’ll reserve a white horse!”

Edward gaped at his bandits. Who was the one who betrayed him?

Victoria City was well prepared. If he continued, he would be discovered. The stealth attack plan had failed. Though Edward was indignant, he had no choice but to order a retreat.

He waved his hand and whispered, “Convey my orders. The rear will now lead. We’re retreating!”

Before his adjutant had the chance to convey his order, he patted Edward’s shoulder and pointed at the ground in front as he said softly, “Boss, something isn’t right…”

Edward turned his head and saw several figures in the woods. They were two Elves, two Humans, and a short Fairy.

The five looked at them from afar, and one of them walked closer and said, “Sell us to the Slave Merchant, or we’ll sound the alarm. We aren’t threatening you, we’ll bring the troops from Victoria City!”

Edward lifted his hand, and the bandits aimed their Bows at them. He then swung down his hand, and the five of them became like hedgehogs. Edward was emotionless as he let his bandits retreat slowly. Just then, he heard someone shout from behind, “In the woods ahead! We were killed by their arrows! In the woods ahead! Hurry and charge!”

“Quick! Inform the rest on the forum. Call back all of the wandering members at the boundary! Don’t let our horses escape!”

“Great Centenarian! Get your horse out and give chase!”

“What? My horse is extremely valuable!”

“I want to be a slave! Nobody can stop me!”

Edward gnashed his teeth. Did they not say that there was nobody around at 4 am? Were they not supposed to be at the Sighing Wilderness? How did they know he was coming?

Were those people that he killed before the bait to trap him? This was a conspiracy. Even if they lost tens of their members, they wanted Edward to fall into their trap! How terrifying!

Edward Scissorhand had thought of all possibilities. They were expecting his attack. The dying man’s words were to lure him into attacking at this time. Edward Scissorhand understood why the dying man was full of smiles. This was now apparent!

That smile was his conspiracy!

Edward didn’t know when they were discovered. Seeing the wavering torches, there was no need to remain hidden. He mounted his horse and pulled the reins.

Edward tried to lead the way and charge out, but there were too many of them, and they were well prepared. If Edward and his bandits were trapped, then it would be their end!

“Quick! We’ll attack! We can win! All the slaves and wealth will be ours!” Edward kept his wits and shouted.

With Edward’s order, the bandits charged towards the torches. However, Edward stayed back and grasped the reins of his horse. If the bandits charged out first and acted as his protection, it would be easier for him to escape.

That was Edward’s plan.

As the bandits charged past him, the entire area was filled with torchlight and more shouting.

“Boss! We’re surrounded!”

“What! How did we get surrounded?” Edward roared. It was the same situation they had been in two months ago. They were surrounded once again.

How did the enemy plan all of this?

Edward felt immense fear. He could give the excuse that they had only 200 bandits the previous time. But now, they had 2,000 bandits. Despite that, the enemy had anticipated his every move. Who was such a genius? Was it Lancelot?

Though Lancelot was an excellent Knight, Edward didn’t believe that Lancelot would be so intelligent. Who was it?

Edward chose a direction with the least activity and shouted to his bandits, “Follow me! There are enemies over there. Let’s kill them!”

Edward shouted, only needing a small portion of his bandits to follow him.

He led his small contingent and charged out.

As Edward charged out, he saw waves of the enemy dashing out. There were only about 100 of them, so Edward was confident he could deal with them.

He charged over, and his scissors ended a Fairy’s life. The Fairy’s wings and the body were cut in half.

A naked Human wielding a Large Shield charged forward and screamed, “Ahhh”. Edward controlled his horse and charged head-on. With his speed, if the Human wasn’t a fool, he would give way because the horse would maim him!

The naked Shieldbearer didn’t care about his life. He held on to his Shield and collided with Edward.

The Human was sent flying, while Edward’s horse fell to the ground. Edward lost his balance and fell heavily to the ground.

Edward lifted his head. Everything was happening out of his expectations.

Edward stood up, and his loyal bandits rallied around him.

Before the fallen white horse had a chance to stand up, the bleeding Human crawled to its with the intention to caress it. At the last moment, he perished, killed by the impact.

“Boss, are you alright?”

“I’m alright. Prepare to charge out! We have to get out of here,” Edward said to his bandits, though some of them were already charging out.

Behind those 100 enemies were tens of other reinforcements. They were heading towards Edward, and the woods were filled with the movement of torches.

Edward unsheathed his Sword and screamed as he charged forward.

His enemies were right before him.

Edward swung his weapon skillfully. With his superb combat skills, he was like a wolf among sheep. Each slash created bloodshed, and nobody was his match.

The enemies suffered serious casualties, but they weren’t scared and had no intention to flee. It wasn’t the first time Edward had encountered such a situation, but he felt shocked and intimidated.

Why was their willpower so strong?

Edward didn’t know. He only knew that he had to get out.

He decapitated a Human and slashed at a person at his side, but his Sword was parried by a Shield.

Behind the Shield was a face that Edward found familiar, the leader that he had killed yesterday! The Human called Dragonborn!

Wait a moment, wasn’t he supposed to be dead?