Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 370 - Man of Steel

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Chapter 370: Man of Steel

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In the dark Theater, only the stage was illuminated.

A tall superior Devil wore a Skeleton cloak and stood in the middle of the stage. A fireball was seen burning above his palm as he shouted, “Ah! The billions of Angels in Heaven, I, Michelangelo, shall lead my Hades army and crush you all!”

Sherlock and Evelynn were seated in the middle of the Theater. Those were the best seats for watching the performance. However, the drama on the stage was lackluster. The dialogue was long and mundane, and the costumes of the actors were too exaggerated.

Though the acting left much to be desired, the Theater was full. It could be considered a successful performance just based on the number of people in the audience.

“Lord Sherlock… do you like it?”

Evelynn was feeling awkward. The standard of acting wasn’t high, so she was worried and regretful, thinking Sherlock might not like it.

But Sherlock liked it.

“Hmm, not bad. I’m happy to watch the performance with you.”

“Lord Sherlock…” Evelynn was touched.

Bru said to Sherlock, “Lord Sherlock, are you sure? You’re happy with such a low standard? I thought we shared the same high standards for art!”

“Do you expect me to embarrass a lady by saying awful words? I’m indifferent to drama. I can see that Morgan is willing to splurge. He is a proud and egotistical Devil.”

“What? Lord Sherlock, what do you mean?”

Sherlock quickly said, “I’m not passionate about drama. Even Evelynn isn’t impressed by the acting and the props. Nevertheless, it’s a full house. As the second successor to Eternal Fire, he could have paid the audience to come.”

“Yes, that is highly possible, Lord Sherlock.”

“Perhaps Evelynn and I are the only real audience members… No, there’s another one.”

Sherlock turned his head to look at the Theater entrance.

Evelynn was telling Sherlock about the volcano in her hometown.


The Theater door was opened and attracted the attention of the audience, though the performance continued uninterrupted.

Weak rays of light seeped in from the door and created a figure’s silhouette.

Evelynn found the silhouette familiar. When her eyes adjusted to the light and saw the face clearly, she jumped from her seat in shock and exclaimed, “Miss Lilo?”


The surrounding audience members gestured Evelynn to keep quiet, and the entrance door was shut. Lilo was wearing her signature lolita tutu skirt, and she held her head high as she walked towards Sherlock, not caring about the gazes from other creatures.

Lilo walked past the rows of seats and arrived at Sherlock’s location, gazing at a Vampire who was sitting beside Sherlock.

The Vampire felt an unknown pressure, and after resisting for less than a second, he stood up.

Lilo nodded at the Vampire before sitting down.

“Er, Miss Lilo, are you here to watch the performance?”

Evelynn was watching intensely.


Lilo nodded.

Since Lilo wasn’t willing to continue the conversation, Evelynn asked with hesitation, “Er, that seat…”

“It’s not mine.” Lilo looked at Evelynn and said, “I didn’t buy a ticket. I’m late because I had to deal with the guards outside.”

“Deal with the guards outside…”

Though Lilo replied casually, Evelynn felt she had heard something extraordinary.

“So, are the two of you dating?” Lilo looked at Evelynn and asked.

“Date, dating? Er, date, dating…”

Evelynn stammered nervously, and Lilo said mercilessly, “It doesn’t seem like a date. Then I’ll have a date with Sherlock.”

“What!” Evelynn exclaimed in shock.

A few audience members behind her gestured for Evelynn to keep quiet.


“Apologies for interrupting both of you. Have you considered my opinion?” Sherlock smiled as he looked at Evelynn and Lilo before saying, “Apologies, Miss Lilo, but I was invited by Miss Evelynn to watch a drama performance. According to your understanding, it’s a date, so Miss Evelynn and I are greatly inconvenienced by your intrusion.”

Lilo lifted her head and stared into Sherlock’s eyes, then nodded and said, “I see, I understand your intention. If I kill the main actor who is actively jumping around on the stage, will your date end?”

Sherlock opened his mouth and was about to speak when Evelynn sprung from her seat. The audience members behind her gestured for her to keep quiet, but she glared at them, and they were intimidated.

Evelynn said to Lilo, “Miss Lilo! Please do not say such horrible things!”

“Killing another creature is a horrible deed. Finally, we have a creature with common sense,” Bru said to Sherlock in his mind.

“Even if you kill the main actor, my date with Lord Sherlock will not end!” Evelynn shouted loudly.

“Tsk, what’s up with both of them? Lord Sherlock, perhaps it’s time to extract yourself? Neither woman is in a proper state of mind!”

Sherlock ignored Bru’s suggestion.

The performance on the stage came to an end, and the group of actors left the stage as the audience clapped loudly, and the curtains came down.

Sherlock looked behind the heavy curtains and noticed the smiling Morgan gazing at him.

“The performance has ended, so let’s go home.”

Sherlock stood up and clapped his hands as he said, “Both of you, stop bickering.”

“Lord Sherlock! Let’s have some tea!” Evelynn grabbed Sherlock’s hand and shouted.

“Let’s watch a Gladiator Fight,” Lilo grabbed Sherlock’s other hand and said.

“Oh no!” Bru said as he took delight in Sherlock’s dilemma.

Peasant held a Shield and followed his comrades on the way to the 15-member Instance Dungeon of Specter College.

This time, they brought along Superior Equipment and Minor Healing Potions. Most of the Minor Healing Potions were made by members of the Pioneer Alliance and were sold at cost price to members. A small portion was obtained from outside their Guild since the Potion Factory wasn’t constructed, and very few members knew how to make them.

Though the Little Fairy had started teaching Potion Concoction, very few gamers were being taught. Only the top 50 Daily Mission gamers were able to make it to the second day of the class. Some had to purchase the spots using Magic Stones, and the Little Fairy also had to find them pleasing to the eye.

There was only one gamer whom the Little Fairy found pleasing to the eye—Raintea.

Even though the Pioneer Alliance had 500 members, less than 10 members knew Potion Concoction.

“I discovered that the game is making fools of us.”

Sylvanas examined her Short Bow for defects while she complained.

“The date of Evelynn and Sherlie was interrupted by Fallen Angel Lilo of Victoria City. Isn’t she the leader of the opposing faction? Isn’t Winterfell an ally of Eternal Kingdom? Why isn’t Lilo blacklisted?”

“That’s nothing. The most exciting part is Sherlie rejecting both Lilo and Evelynn.”

NotWearingPants found it funny, and he said, “There are screenshots on the forum. A gamer snuck into the Theater and witnessed the entire incident. Sherlie told them that he was going back to play computer gamers and rejected both Evelynn and Lilo’s invitations.”

“I believe that Sherlie and Brainiac are official CP,” BurningChestHair said as he nodded.

“ChestHair, you’re very GAY!”

Peasant laughed heartily, and the other gamers nodded.

Arthur sharpened his Sword and counted the number of Minor Healing Potions hanging from his waist. He said, “I’m prepared. This time, we’ll conquer the Instance Dungeon!”