Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 366 - Hidden Mastermind

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Chapter 366: Hidden Mastermind

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Sherlock’s schedule was fully booked.

His main schedule was inspection. Though the gamers were diligent in their work, Sherlock had to inspect the Dungeon to see if there were needed improvements. He also had to check whether the gamers flouted construction rules and created trouble.

Besides the Dungeon, he also inspected the Winterfell Eternal Kingdom Adventurer’s Guild, which was a diplomatic gateway to Winterfell. The Winterfell residents who sought the help of the Adventurer’s Guild were full of praises for Eternal Kingdom.

“Ah, that Gnome is really good. My toilet bowl was clogged, and he helped to clear it! I’m very touched!” an elderly Sludge Monster granny complimented.

But they weren’t the most important things. The most important was the factory that was under construction!

Eternal Kingdom’s factory location was outside the Marsh Inkspewer Town. After clearing a large piece of land, the building materials were ample based on the resources of both the Surface World and Underworld, whereas specific rare materials could be obtained from Winterfell. As for the design, it could be obtained from the forum. Sherlock was very familiar with this.

“Lord Sherlock, this is a fully automated factory with the best technology and efficiency. Mana consumption is higher, but it requires fewer workers to operate and can mass-produce various Magic Potions. Of course, the operators have to know Potion Making. With the Mana facilities, the requirements have been kept at the lowest level.”

Eternal Kingdom’s Mana Engineer Yoda was introducing the factory. He was the principal worker and the facilities procurement officer, project supervisor, financial controller, employee insurance manager, materials manager, warehouse manager, and foreman.

“Hmm, very good. Magic Stone investment isn’t a big problem. What’s most important is having high efficiency and attaining the qualifications of an advanced Mana facility. Let’s try to start production of the Minor Healing Potion within a month, as our Dungeon has a large need for this. I will send over more workers with good Potion knowledge. After that, we’ll set up a second production line.”

Sherlock nodded, pleased to see thousands of gamers working hard at the construction site. With the mission system, the gamers’ productivity was controlled by Sherlock. Gamers who didn’t complete missions were a minority. After all, not every gamer was as rich as Arthur.

“I understand, Lord Sherlock, but the Minor Healing Potion…” Yoda spoke with hesitation.

Sherlock took out a vial filled with a black colored potion and said, “This is the one.”

“Lord Sherlock, don’t worry, I’ll complete your assigned mission. However, there’s one more issue. Hemp Rope Technology and his people are manufacturing a Gundam Mana Robot. I feel it’s worth investing in. From the prototype, it looks very promising!” Yoda suggested solemnly.

Sherlock pondered for a while before nodding.

“Hmm, since you said so, I will provide an investment fund for this research. As for the amount, we’ll discuss it later. Are there any pertinent issues?”

“No, Lord Sherlock.”

Yoda bowed respectfully, and Sherlock reciprocated before leaving the worksite.

“Lord Sherlock, don’t we need to prepare for the Merchant Alliance’s matter? Why did Alexandria release Polio from prison? I suspect Alexandria is plotting against you!” Bru said with concern as Sherlock was returning to Eternal Kingdom.

“Don’t bother with the Merchant Alliance, as they’re just a bunch of businessmen. Since Winterfell is ruled by Nicholas, even if there’s opposition in the Merchant Alliance, they can’t intervene. Isn’t it a good thing for Alexandria to release Polio? Because of Polio, the gamers have another entertainment outlet. I’m more concerned about another matter…”

Sherlock was in a daze as he said, “That intelligence agent, Bond.”

“Bond? Ah, he’s the one who accompanied the gamers to obtain intelligence about the Ogres and later fled. He’s lousy,” Bru said with disdain. “His name says that he’s awesome.”

“He’s not normal,” Sherlock said. “It’s alright though, I’ve arranged for an investigation.”

A tall figure with a masked face who was wearing a large windbreaker stood in a dark alley. Bustling streets of Winterfell were outside the alley.

The figure walked unsteadily and looked as though he would collapse at any time. He braced himself not to fall.

As the three Hamsters walked into the depths of the alley, voices filled with helium were heard coming from the clothing.

“It was here just now. Why did it disappear?”

“The scent is still around. It shouldn’t be far off!”

“I smell delicious food!”

The tall figure suddenly collapsed, and three Hamsters squirmed out from the clothing.

The rightmost Hamster used his paws to tidy his fur before sniffing around.

“That’s right, the scent is still thick.”

“Big Boss, this Gnome, Bond, is strange, just like Lord Sherlock said!”

“Ai? Why?”

“He disappeared all of a sudden. Only a problematic person would be like that.”

“Can we go for our meal?”

Big Boss and Second Boss chatted excitedly and ignored Fat Otaku’s request. Fat Otaku caressed his stomach before searching around. He came to a wall, and his eyes lit up with the temptation of food. He placed his paws on the wall and sensed a fragrance coming from the other side. It was then he felt the wall vanish. He went through the wall and entered a narrow tunnel that was illuminated by Magic Lamps on the sides.

Fat Otaku looked around. He was fully focused on the fragrance of food, which suppressed his fear. His mind went blank as he advanced along the tunnel.

The tunnel appeared to have no end. Perhaps it was Fat Otaku’s desire for food that distorted his perception of time. Soon, he arrived in front of a room, where he heard voices.

“No response? Nicholas is indeed allied with Eternal Kingdom, meaning we’re unable to instigate Winterfell to fight against Eternal Kingdom.”

“Though we can’t do that, there are elements in the Merchant Alliance who are unhappy with Eternal Kingdom. After all, Sherlock recommended Nicholas to be the Dungeon Lord, which hurt the interests of many parties.”

“So what? Nobody will antagonize the successful Eternal Kingdom just because of Winterfell. Though we don’t know the background of Sherlock, he was able to defeat the Hades Devil King Samael, and the other six Devil Kings compensated him accordingly. Do you really think that the Devil Kings of Hades have become soft after a long period of peace?”

“What should we do? If the Merchant Alliance can’t weaken the power of Eternal Kingdom, how can we rob Sherlock of Michelangelo’s power?”

“Don’t worry, even without the Merchant Alliance, I’ve made arrangements. Someone else will help us weaken Eternal Kingdom. That silly dude is easily instigated.”

“I see, you were saying…”

There were two creatures talking in the room, but Fat Otaku only managed to eavesdrop on that bit of the conversation. Since he was led to the door by the fragrance of food, he pushed it open listlessly when he arrived.

Bond was standing in the room with a dark figure who flashed out of the room immediately. It was as though the dark figure had no physical body. He vanished.

“Who’s that?”

Bond was surprised, and he unsheathed the Dagger from his waist.

Impossible! Why was that foolish looking Hamster able to find his secret base? He had made proper precautions. The wall entrance had the protection of many Mana Runes, so nobody could enter with ease!

What was with this Hamster?

Fat Otaku ignored Bond. He looked in the direction of the dark figure with disappointment, screaming, “Ah—! There goes my delicious food!”

Bond didn’t care, charging at Fat Otaku with his Dagger. Two figures pounced on Fat Otaku, and they fell to the ground. They were Big Boss and Second Boss.

“Silly brother, you almost died!”

“Not bad, Fat Otaku, you helped us find the entrance!”

Big Boss and Second Boss hollered while Fat Otaku was still screaming, “Ah—!”