Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 362 - Meeting

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Chapter 362: Meeting

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He discovered the Humans on his first day. The evil and decadent creatures were forming groups to hunt the Underworld beasts. It was the first time he felt pity for the Underworld beasts.

The Surface World’s decadent creatures were also fighting viciously against Eternal Kingdom’s warriors.

Cherry was unable to understand why there were only small skirmishes instead of full-scale war. Of course, they killed each other in the skirmishes.

Why did Eternal Kingdom not exterminate the outpost created by the Surface World? If Eternal Kingdom was worried that they might not defeat them, why did Eternal Kingdom not inform Winterfell? This territory belonged to the Merchant Alliance, so Winterfell would definitely intervene if the Merchant Alliance came to know of the Human invasion.

Did Eternal Kingdom keep the Human output for some other special reason?

Cherry wasn’t sure. He had to obtain more detailed intelligence to form a proper conclusion.

Cherry felt that it was difficult to obtain intelligence in the bare wilderness that was infested with wild beasts.

He was fortunate to encounter a lone Gnome. He knocked the Gnome out, and while he didn’t obtain any useful information, he stole all of the Gnome’s food.

What about the unconscious Gnome? Cherry placed him at a hidden and safe spot and made sure that the Gnome wouldn’t recognize him.

Cherry had encountered hundreds of citizens of Eternal Kingdom. From the size of the outpost, he estimated that there were thousands of warriors, and the number wasn’t coincidental.

After meeting them, Samael invaded Winterfell. In order to protect Winterfell, Eternal Kingdom incurred 100,000 casualties.

How did Eternal Kingdom incur tens of thousands of casualties when it was newly constructed six months ago? Where did Eternal Kingdom obtain that many creatures?

Lord Sherlock was deep and unfathomable!

Cherry’s surveillance was going to be a long ordeal.

Cherry didn’t know that Lord Sherlock, whom he felt strongly about, had used invisibility to follow him.

In fact, Sherlock had followed him for quite a bit of time.

“Lord Sherlock, this Winterfell Garrison Guard Captain doesn’t look like he’s touring. I suggest capturing, torturing, and interrogating him. Hand him over to the gamers, they have a million ways to make him spill the beans. Believe me,” Bru suggested earnestly.

Though Bru’s suggestion was good and the most direct way, Sherlock didn’t intend to use his method.

“Cherry is an experienced Garrison Guard Captain. According to my investigation, he was almost recruited by the Winterfell Intelligence Unit. Due to personal reasons, he became a Garrison Guard. Even if we torture him, we’ll not get anything. Besides…”

Sherlock paused for a while and said, “If I was senior management in the Merchant Alliance and observed a developing Dungeon saving Winterfell twice with tens of thousands of casualties—and if the Dungeon was located in the most desolate part of the Northern Underworld—I would definitely investigate this cheap and dilapidated Dungeon that claimed millions of Magic Stones and tons of raw materials.”

“Lord Sherlock, I have to correct the term cheap and dilapidated Dungeon. I was merely waiting for the destined Lord Sherlock,” Bru said poetically.

“Whatever it is, I have no enmity towards the Merchant Alliance, so attacking Cherry isn’t the best choice. Besides, he will be able to take back the information that I wish to provide. After all, we’ve had too high a profile during this period of time.”

Sherlock continued following Cherry and said, “Find a few good actors from both factions. They have to be obedient, so you may give them greater rewards.”

“I understand, Lord Sherlock.”

NotWearingPants was a little happy, as he and his comrades had received a Special Mission.

[Mission Title: Faction Conflict

Mission Description: The conflict between Victoria City and Eternal Kingdom has reached a boiling point, but there is a common goal of dealing with the Ogres. Brainiac has been in contact with the Hamsters, and you have been chosen to accompany Brainiac in his quest to secure the future of both factions.

Mission Objective: Follow Brainiac, and do not stray from the group. The mission duration may last for an hour, so please make the proper arrangements.

Mission Reward: You will obtain the favor of Lord Sherlock, and there may be more Hidden Missions in the future. If you fail, your name will be struck off the Dungeon Lord’s list.]

This Special Mission was assigned to gamers from both Victoria City and Eternal Kingdom.

Each faction would bring five gamers, a fact that NotWearingPants had confirmed on the discussion forum.

The other gamers came to know of NotWearingPants’ mission, and they hoped to join them in this mission, but they were rejected by Brainiac.

The rejection method was direct and violent, and it wouldn’t be elaborated.

The emotionless Brainiac led the way. In accordance with Lord Sherlock’s instructions, he led the gamers of Eternal Kingdom and followed Sherlock’s scent.

The journey wasn’t long. They had walked for less than an hour when Brainiac saw the destination. A few Humans and Elves walked towards them upon their arrival.

Brainiac took out a piece of paper and examined it several times. Then, he turned his head and said to the gamers behind him, “We are meeting the citizens of Victoria City. Please keep quiet. If communication breaks down, there may be a conflict. Don’t be merciful, and go for the kill, but do not harm the Hamster.”


Peasant was stunned. There was too much information in Brainiac’s speech, and they couldn’t absorb the content.

Before they recovered from their shock, a fat Hamster came over.

The factions met behind a huge rock. Cherry was sleeping in his dull gray sleeping bag. He intentionally stacked many rocks to camouflage his location, making it hard to detect the sleeping bag from afar.

Brainiac and the Hamster brought five gamers each for a negotiation. Their voices made Cherry wake up in fright.

Cherry looked around and located the source of the voices. Once he had, he crept carefully forward.

He felt that he was pretty lucky to discover such a situation during his sleep. A Lich from Eternal Kingdom was meeting a Human from Victoria City in such a desolate wilderness!

Cherry had intentionally chosen a place to rest that was far away from both outposts!

Obviously, there was a great conspiracy!

Cherry was very quiet as he crawled behind the rocky slope and listened intently to the group. They didn’t disappoint him.

Big Boss Hamster spoke first in his helium voice, saying, “You’re here, Brainiac, according to our agreement.”

Big Boss looked at his A4 paper before he said, “We can’t afford to fight with each other with the Ogre threat increasing every day. We have to cooperate!”