Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 360 - Version 0.33 Update Log

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Chapter 360: Version 0.33 Update Log

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In the Winterfell Garrison Guard Main Hall, Garrison Guard Captain Cherry was pacing in his office.

Recently, there were fewer crimes in Winterfell because there were fewer citizens of Eternal Kingdom present. According to news, those creatures were at the border fighting the Ogres.

Cherry was befuddled. In his eyes, those creatures with green words above their heads were criminals. But now, they were the first in line to protect Winterfell, and it wasn’t the first time they protected it.

Cherry was sighing, regretting his misunderstanding of the citizens of Eternal Kingdom when he heard a knock at the door.

“Please enter,” Cherry said.

The door opened, and a Gnome walked in. Cherry was taken aback at the sight of the Gnome. He stood up excitedly and walked forward as he asked, “Bond? Why are you here? Didn’t you leave Winterfell a few years ago?”

Bond shook his head. He shut and locked the door before surveying the surroundings warily. He then took out a strange device and activated it. The device emitted beeping sounds. After checking his device, he put it away and sat down with a grave expression.

“No, I didn’t leave. In fact, I joined the Winterfell Intelligence Unit.”

Bond said in a low voice, “It was top-secret, so I didn’t tell you. Instead, I told you that I was leaving Winterfell. Apologies, old friend.”

“I see.” Cherry nodded and sighed before asking, “Have you retired?”

“We don’t have the concept of retirement. I’m not here to catch up with you, Cherry.”

Bond said solemnly, “Today, I need your assistance in a mission. I can’t use the resources in the Intelligence Unit or the name of the Dungeon. The only capable candidate who is an outsider and can handle this matter is you.”

Cherry became nervous since it seemed that Bond was going to give him an important mission.

“This is a mission assigned directly by the Merchant Alliance’s higher management, one that bypasses Dungeon Lord Nicholas,” Bond said.

“Visit the location occupied by the Ogres and investigate Eternal Kingdom!”

On the official discussion forum, the gamers discovered a new monster card and a new background story.

[Monster Name: Ogre

Monster Introduction: The Ogre is one of the ancient races of the Underworld with high intelligence, and a small portion of them have natural Mana affinity. They will voluntarily fight against most creatures and live together in tribes that are extremely competitive. Their food source is intelligent creatures. As such, they are a widely hated race. If you encounter an Ogre alone, there is no chance of escape. Please fight bravely and die as a hero.

Level: 10-15

Possible loot: Magic Stones, Ogre equipment, and other inventory

Note: Most pieces of Ogre equipment can be reforged at the Blacksmith Shop.]

Besides the Ogres, there were other wandering beasts in the Sighing Wilderness. The bestiary was updated, and everyone was shocked by the rapid updates. Firstly, there was customer service for them to vent their frustration. Was the game going to be officially released now that the updates were so frequent?

Next were the details of the updates:

“Ogres are one of the most ancient Underworld races. Unlike the other peace-loving Underworld creatures, they are born to kill. 100,000 years ago, the Ogres were the most loyal force of the Void army. After we defeated the Void army, these Ogres started rising up…

Now that the Ancient Gods are getting restless, the Ogres have appeared in the world again. Under the leadership of Polio, the Ogres have increased in number over time. The attacks of Victoria City and Eternal Kingdom ended in failure.

The Ogres are almost unstoppable. The world is falling into darkness…”

“The developer’s words: Dearest Gamers, greetings! I’m the developer, Sherlie. ‘Dungeon’ is going to the second game version, ‘Ogre’. In this second version, the gamers will compete with the evil Ogres for the territory of the Sighing Wilderness. Your outposts may not be safe, as the Ogres may launch attacks on them when the odds are favorable.

In this version, we have allowed Faction War gameplay and created new content, Honor Points. We will set up a Faction Logistics Officer in each faction. You may use the Honor Points to purchase various items.

You can learn more through personal exploration.

‘Dungeon’ was released for Beta Testing half a year ago and was widely supported. I would like to thank everyone. We know that we’re lacking in certain areas, and we’ll obtain everyone’s feedback with humility. Please don’t worry.

Please take a look at the updated content! I wish everyone a good gaming experience!”

[Version 0.33 Update Log, new game material “Dungeon: Ogre”]

“We added a new scene, the Sighing Wilderness: Located at the Winterfell border area, it was named the Sighing Wilderness by the citizens of Eternal Kingdom. It used to be a peaceful area, but after the appearance of the Ogre Fortress, various evil Underworld creatures like Dire Wolves and Underground Spiders started appearing there.

Added a new character, Ogre Leader Polio: The powerful Polio and the Ogres have occupied the Ogre Fortress. They were powerful enough to defeat Duchess Lilo and Lord Sherlock. If Polio occupies the entire Sighing Wilderness, the world will be destroyed!

Added a new 5-member Instance Dungeon, the Ogre Fortress: The sturdy Fortress used to be a Winterfell Stronghold, but now it’s an evil nest. Polio occupied the Fortress and wants to make it a breeding ground for the Ogres. We cannot allow the Ogres to do what they want. We have to attack!

The conditions for challenging the Instance Dungeon:

1. Complete the prerequisite mission—Beginning of Ogre Fortress.

2. Eternal Kingdom/Victoria City Reputation Level 8

3. Close Combat Weapon Level 6

4. Completed the mission—Lord Sherlock/Duchess Lilo’s affirmation: Submission of 10 Magic Stones or 100 silver coins

5. Random Mission: I will add when I think of it.

Added new exchange points, Honor Points: After killing gamers from the opposing faction, you will receive Honor Points, which can be used to purchase items or equipment.

Added new equipment exchange system, Opposing Faction Equipment Exchange: After killing gamers from the opposing faction, you may obtain their equipment. Do not reforge the equipment. Instead, submit it to your Faction Logistics Officer and obtain Honor Points based on the quality of the equipment.

The gamers who lost their equipment due to Faction Conflict can redeem their equipment from the Faction Logistics Officer using Reputation Points.

Added a new Eternal Kingdom Logistics Officer, Black Dragon Eggface: Eggface will be the acting Logistics Officer.

Added new Victoria City Logistics Officer, Big Boss Hamster: Big Boss of the three Hamsters will be the acting Logistics Officer.

Added a new BUG, Equipment Damage: During Faction Conflicts, the equipment of the gamers may be damaged. If your equipment is damaged, you will have to repair it. Equipment can be damaged beyond repair.

I will add a wild card… I will add it when I think of it.”