Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 357 - Plague Bearer Polio

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Chapter 357: Plague Bearer Polio

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The Victoria City army assembled within half an hour. At that time, Duchess Lilo started the Plot, saying, “Occupy the Ogre Fortress. Set off.”

It was a short Plot Animation like before.

“Wait a moment, Duchess! The Underworld troops are advancing towards the Ogre Fortress. I even saw a superior Devil! Though the citizens of Victoria City can revive miraculously, they can’t defeat the army of the Devil. We should let the Underworld army and the Ogres weaken each other before we attack. If we go now, we’ll meet our doom.”

Lancelot was covered in injuries, but he endured the pain and tried to stop Duchess Lilo’s order.

“The main objective is to destroy the Ogres. Let’s set off.”

Lilo abandoned Lancelot and led the gamers towards the Ogre Fortress. The gamers comforted Lancelot and said, “Don’t worry, the dogs of Eternal Kingdom can’t defeat Duchess Lilo. She killed Samael with one blow while Sherlie fought with him for half a day. Our leader is a powerful figure.”

“Yes, if we attack the Ogre Fortress together, they won’t allow a Faction War.”

“Perhaps, Eternal Kingdom’s army will stop us from interfering.”

“I’m worried. What if Eternal Kingdom’s army charges at us…”

“Are you mentally ill? Why are you comforting the NPC?”

Lancelot looked in a daze at these chatting gamers. They seemed to know some inside information. Were those Underworld creatures from Eternal Kingdom? Was that the name of a Dungeon? Duchess Lilo killed Samael? Was she hiding her actual identity as an Angel? The information was overwhelming…

Dragonborn led his Guild members and traveled in the middle of the Victoria contingent, which marched in a disorderly manner. Some gamers hopped and jumped around, while a few gamers went forward to scout. There were those who fell behind while they chatted as well.

What mattered was that they arrived at the Ogre Fortress.

The Eternal Kingdom and Victoria contingents marched towards the Ogre Fortress from two outposts. During the journey, they didn’t encounter any enemy attacks.

There were no Ogres on the Fortress walls, and the entire Fortress was dead quiet.

“What’s up? Didn’t the system load properly?”

TakeASpearHit stood at the base of the tall walls while other gamers shouted loudly.

“Ogres! Come and meet your doom!”

“We’re here, Ogres! Open the gate!”

“Open the gate! Open the gate!”

“Lousy game producers!”

There were no responses from within the Ogre Fortress.

As the gamers used various weapons to knock on the walls, Lilo also walked to the wall. A Pike with a helix shaft appeared in her hand, and she thrust it into the wall and cut out a huge hole with a loud explosion.

“Go in,” Lilo ordered.


“Look for Sherlie!”

“The tramps of Eternal Kingdom have entered!”

“Gosh, the Plot Animation was too short!”


The gamers shouted as they charged through the crevice.

Lilo stood her ground while the three Hamsters beside her sniffed the air uneasily. Big Boss frowned and said to Lilo, “My Lady, the scent in the air is evil. Something’s not right.”

Second Boss nodded and said, “The Mana in the air is different. This is a Mana Negation area. Sherlock’s Airship crashed because the Airship Core was disabled when it entered the Mana Negation area.”

“The enemy must be wary of the Magic Cannons on the Airship,” Big Boss speculated.

“The food inside is bad.” Fat Otaku shook his head firmly and said, “But I’m greedy for food.”

Lilo hugged her arms and pondered before saying, “The Mana Negation area is child’s play and won’t have any effect on Sherlock and me.”

“Our lady is invincible!”

Immediately after Big Boss shouted excitedly, there was a series of bellows from the Ogre Fortress. It sounded like wild beasts were being released from a cage.

Sherlock stood in front of the grand Ogre Fortress, listening to the bellows. The gamers beside Sherlock were given a fright, but many courageous gamers dashed inside enthusiastically.

The main gate of the Ogre Fortress was opened. Inside, there were no defenses, and it looked empty.

The gamers entered unhindered and followed Sherlock into its depths.

The paths in the Ogre Fortress weren’t complex since it was previously used as a Winterfell Border Fortress. Because of that, the interior couldn’t be made into a labyrinth.

After walking down a long corridor, Sherlock led the gamers to the deepest part of the Ogre Fortress, where a throne was located.

On the throne was a bald and tattooed Ogre whose eyes were emitting yellow light. He was alone.

“I was exiled for a thousand years and imprisoned for another thousand years. I regained my freedom, and you dare to intrude into my territory! You’re seeking doom!”

The bald and tattooed Ogre leaped high up and smashed his Mace on the ground, the impact creating a tremor in the hall.

“You can’t stop me! The entire Sighing Wilderness will become the Ogres’ breeding ground! Ogres will rule the world!”

With the shout of the bald and tattooed Ogre, the eyes of every Ogre glimmered with yellow light as they surrounded the gamers.

“Warriors, resist those Ogres! I’ll deal with their leader!” Sherlock shouted and charged towards the bald and tattooed Ogre, who fled through a small door by the side.

Only the gamers were left in the Ogre Fortress to fight with the Ogres.

Sherlock pursued the tattooed Ogre closely until the Ogre escaped into one of the rooms.

Sherlock rushed to the entrance of the room. When he saw how dark it was, he proceeded slowly into the room.

A pair of shiny eyes fixed their gaze on Sherlock, and the master of the eyes asked him, “Lord Sherlock, what drink would you like? Bloody chrysanthemum tea?”

A fat Hamster asked him this as he brewed a cup of tea.

“I’ll have a cup of tea.”

Sherlock walked into the room and sat down.

Another Hamster lit up a lamp to illuminate the room.

The bald and tattooed Ogre that fled just now was inside the room, as was a young lady who sat on a sofa. She was Fallen Angel Lilo.

Behind Lilo was a fat Hamster who stared at the Ogre and salivated until his chest hair was wet.

“Sherlock, I feel that before you drink your tea, you should explain the situation.”

Lilo looked at Sherlock and asked, “Why are these Ogres controlled by you. Didn’t we agree to make this a Troops Training Ground?”

“Ah, I have to explain from a jailbreak incident.”

Sherlock sat down, and Big Boss passed the brewed bloody chrysanthemum tea to him. Sherlock sipped the tea and said, “Polio escaped from Bankazia. That’s right, he’s the Ogre right in front of you. Or I should say he controlled this Ogre.”

“Is Polio the 69th Devil God of Michelangelo’s 72 Devil Gods? The plague bearer?” Lilo looked at the Ogre, who stood at the side. She frowned and asked, “Aren’t the 72 Devil Gods of Michelangelo superior Devils? Since when did they become Ogres?”

“Miss Fallen Angel, please don’t be mistaken, I’m not a filthy Ogre. It’s merely a mental control technique,” the Ogre said in a hoarse voice.

“Where is your body?” Lilo asked.

“Polio doesn’t have a physical body,” Sherlock said. “He can exist in any form. Previously, he was in charge of intelligence gathering, infiltration, subversion, and conducting trojan horse operations.”

“So, you’re the Great Devil Michelangelo and not the Devil Sherlock that studied with me for 90 years?” Lilo frowned and looked at Sherlock.

“No, I can explain.” Sherlock made a hand gesture to the Ogre “Polio”.

The Ogre leader collapsed to the ground, then a black weapon seeped out from the cracks in the room.

“I just became Michelangelo recently. Do you remember that I obtained Michelangelo’s metal chest? I opened it and obtained all of Michelangelo’s relics. Now, I am like the boss of Michelangelo’s 72 Devil Gods.”

Sherlock explained briefly and said, “After I came to know of Polio’s jailbreak, I started planning for all of the events at the Ogre Fortress. As one of the 72 Devil Gods, he would definitely look for me. How could I miss such an opportunity?”

“What opportunity? Invasion of the Heavenly Kingdom?” Lilo asked in anticipation.

“No, I can earn more Magic Stones and set up a new Instance Dungeon,” Sherlock said with a smile.