Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 355 - Tattooed Ogre

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Chapter 355: Tattooed Ogre

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The Ogre troops carried various weapons and shouted crude language as they marched past the exit of the Fortress.

Lychee was a strong Ogre who had loved to eat the toughest clay and drink the filthiest water since young. His favorite tidbits were melamine, Sudan Red, plasticizer, leanness-enhancing agent, swelling agent, and waste oil.

Because he ate well, his body was very strong, especially his right hand. Being single, he had enough time to focus on his combat skills. His right hand wielded heavy weapons, so it was twice as thick as his left hand. The other Ogres were envious of his physique.

Lychee’s eyes were firm, long used to such envious and jealous gazes. While he could depend on his looks to earn a living, he wanted to prove his capability.

As the Captain of the Ogre troops, he was ordered to lead a 500-strong battalion to attack the recently constructed outposts near their Fortress.

Lychee was full of confidence, having planned in great detail for the battle.

He wanted to eat all of his enemies.

The reason the Ogres didn’t go all out against the two outposts was that they were complacent and didn’t have a clear strategic goal except to occupy territories and expand rapidly. They wanted more types of Underworld creatures for their meals, that was all!

Lychee set off towards one of the outposts with his battalion of Ogres.

All the wild beasts avoided the Ogres, fleeing in haste once they smelled their pungent scent.

Lychee didn’t know and wasn’t interested to know when these wild beasts appeared.

When he saw a few scattered Goblins surrounding a Dire Wolf warily, he laughed.

What were they doing? Was it a joke? How dare they set up an outpost in Ogre territory! Were they offering themselves as meals?

No, these fellows didn’t have much flesh. Lychee laughed hysterically as he recalled how the 100 defectors had disintegrated into Mana particles before vanishing.

“Kill them all!” Lychee ordered his Ogres.

The Goblins that were fighting the Dire Wolf noticed the charging Ogres and fled immediately, though they weren’t afraid. Instead, they were smiling merrily. When Lychee got close to them, he heard them talking.

“Oh gosh! My goodness! The monsters are attacking!”

“D*mn! Why are you running so fast?”

“If I can run faster than my friend, I won’t have to die!”

“D*mn! Hahahaha! Shouldn’t we go through thick and thin together?”

Lychee felt a surge of anger rush into his head. Were they trying to humiliate him?

The battalion of 500 Ogres attacked the outpost. There were no tall walls to protect the gamers, but their numbers had doubled. Though most Goblins didn’t have much combat power, it wasn’t much of a problem for them to harass the Ogres as cannon fodder.

Lychee was killing with pleasure. These weak Underworld creatures were Goblins with poor armor. Even the Gnomes with Superior Equipment couldn’t fend off the overwhelming power of the Ogres.

Soon, Lychee and his battalion met with trouble.

Flashes of Sacred Light illuminated the crowd. A naked Goblin wielding a huge Hammer was in the lead, his body surrounded by blinding light.

That was Sacred Light!

Since when did Goblins have Sacred Light?

In front of Lychee, an Ogre’s head was crushed by the Goblin Sacred Knight, and a bloody mess splattered all over the place. The Goblin roared loudly, “For our belief! Technology is the most powerful!”

Fortunately, this insane Goblin Sacred Knight lost his Sacred Light after his raving. Lychee lifted his gigantic Mace with his thick right arm and crushed the Goblin in a second.

Another creature held a bladder that was tied to an arrow, and he shut his eyes as he released the arrow. The bladder on the arrow had a fuse that ignited and exploded with a loud booming sound. That insane Archer killed himself in the explosion.

The outpost became a chaotic mess.

Lychee discovered that the Ogres were dwindling but that the Underworld creatures didn’t diminish in numbers.

“Retreat! Quickly retreat! We’re retreating to the Fortress!”

Lychee shouted loudly in an attempt to rally the remaining Ogres. He had underestimated the numbers of these weak creatures. They were like fleas that infested the whole area. But it was alright, he had figured them out.

When he attacked again, it would be their doomsday!

Though Lychee met with a setback, he was still confident. He raised his strong right arm and swept the weak Underworld creatures away like he was cleaning trash. That was when, in the distance, he noticed a swirling dust storm. A group of Humans, Fairies, and Elves were charging towards him under the lead of an armored Knight.

The armored Knight was Lancelot, who was excommunicated but firmly believed in a Knight’s Honor. When he discovered the Ogres fighting with the evil Underworld creatures at the outpost, he understood instinctively that it was the best chance to exterminate the threats!

Hence he led the gamers of Victoria City in the attack. For the freedom of Humans and the Light races!

“Fight to the last moment! Charge—!”

Lancelot screamed as they rapidly approached the outpost. The Victoria City army joined in the fray like a torrential wave.

“Kill all of their horses!”

“Weak calves of Dragon Raja, doom is upon you!”

“Arthur is mine!”

“Sherlie! Find Sherlie! Kill the BOSS!”

“Silly dude, the commander of Eternal Kingdom’s outpost at Sighing Wilderness is Brainiac!”

“Then kill Brainiac!”

“What Sighing Wilderness? Where did you get that name?”


Chaotic shoutings pierced the air.

In the middle of a room, a fire crackled noisily. A tattooed Ogre sat in a chair and broke the armrest with his fist as he shouted, “What? Lychee’s battalion was annihilated, and Lychee died in battle?”

The other Ogres started talking, but the noise stopped when the tattooed Ogre gestured for them to keep quiet.

The Ogre adjutant continued to report, “The outpost had greater numbers than we expected. Lychee’s battalion was about to retreat when they were trapped by a charging horde of Humans, Fairies, and Elves.”

“They allied with the races of the Surface World?” The tattooed Ogre looked at his adjutant in shock.

The adjutant said, “In the group of Humans, there’s even a Grand Priest!”

“What? A Grand Priest joined them? Those Gnomes were able to endure the presence of a Grand Priest?” the tattooed Ogre shouted in astonishment.

“I don’t think they are of the same faction, because when they fought with Captain Lychee, they also fought against each other. It was a brutal fight!”

The tattooed Ogre was in deep thought for a long time. Then, he raised his head and asked, bewildered, “There’s a rebellion?”

“No, Chief, I feel that they don’t belong to the same faction.”

“Yes, Chief, that’s a higher possibility,” the other Ogres agreed and commented.

The tattooed Ogre nodded and was convinced. He had to consider how to deal with his enemies.

While the Ogres were talking, they discovered a strong black aura suppressing them to the point that they were unable to breathe.

A pair of yellow eyes appeared from the darkness and edged closer.

“I thought you had the capability to deal with those troublemakers, but your strength is only so-so.”

“Who are you?” an Ogre walked forward and shouted at the figure in the dark. Another Ogre threw a Mace directly at him, but it didn’t hit him. Instead, the Mace crashed into the wall with a loud thud.

The tattooed Ogre stood up and relaxed his shoulders, revealing powerful muscles. He spoke in a low voice at the threatening dark figure that made him uneasy, saying, “No matter who you are, this is Ogre territory. It’s my…”

Before the tattooed Ogre could finish, a dark shadow engulfed him like a tornado, swirling above his head before entering his body through his orifices—eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and even the buttocks.

The terrifying scene caused all of the other Ogres to back up and shout in fear.

The entire body of the tattooed Ogre was covered with dark shadows, and his eyes became yellow pupils. He walked two steps forward in tandem with the decadent dark attack, and a Dung Beetle that passed by his toes convulsed and collapsed to the ground.

“I am the plague bearer—Polio.”