Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 351 - Appearance of the Ogres

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Chapter 351: Appearance of the Ogres

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[UnknownThree: It’s no good without a new BUG.]

[SakuraIdleChat: Don’t think that you’re safe because of the NPC status. The Winterfell Dungeon Lord has to become part of an Instance Dungeon eventually.]

[GreenSpinach: Predestined third Winterfell crisis.]

[NotDaytime: Are the Ogres not dead yet? Andrew has been killed, so why are they still alive?]

The response of the gamers was enthusiastic. Bru was surprised when he saw Sherlock’s updates and curiously asked, “Lord Sherlock, do you intend to let the gamers from Victoria City participate in this battle?”

“Hmm, I think that it’s a good chance for the two factions to meet. It’s a good opportunity to test and do research for future management,” Sherlock said directly.

“Hmm, this is a good chance. But Lord Sherlock, how do you intend to go about it?”

“First, we have to capture an Ogre.”

Sherlock stood up and chose an old and tattered cloak, then said to Eggface, “I’m leaving for a few days to capture an Ogre. Take care of the Dungeon, Eggface.”

The eyes of Eggface lit up, and he said, “Ah? Lord Sherlock is going out? Remember to wear more clothes, drink more warm water, and take care of your health. Come back early, remember to come back early.”

Sherlock was about to leave, but he paused and looked at Eggface and the computer, saying, “I feel that I have to find some work for you.”


Victoria City had occupied half of the designated location. In actual fact, the city only occupied a small spot in the middle of the forest, with the wooden walls constructed at the boundary of the forest. According to tradition, the gamers gave the woods a nice name—Moonlight Forest.

“Is it because there is moonlight shining on the forest?”

Sherlock walked in the woods with three dazed Ogres following behind him. They were Ogres that Sherlock brought from the Ogre Stronghold.

It was a simple process, in which Sherlock found the main gate and snuck in. Then, he captured the guards at the gate, which were the three Ogres.

Bru answered Sherlock’s question quickly, “No, I feel that they want to clear the woods by the end of the month.”

“Is that so…”

Sherlock pondered for a while, but he didn’t intend to probe further.

He stood in the woods and surveyed his surroundings.

“This location is good. I’ll set up a few direction indicators.”

A small black Dung Beetle was pushing a small ball of feces to the leg of a wooden bed, and next to the bed was a man wearing metal shoes. In the dim room, one could see the deep eye sockets with dark rings on his face, which made him look like a Panda.

Lancelot sat on the side of the bed and sighed.

So tiring!

“Pom, pom, pom!”

Hasty door knocks were heard.

“Lord Lancelot, Lord Lancelot, it’s time to get up and work! We’re starting work!”

A commotion was heard outside the door.

“NPC, come out and work!”

“Why isn’t he working?”

“This is cracking me up. In this game, the NPCs have to go to work.”

“Haven’t you seen how Simba from Eternal Kingdom threw improved equipment into the furnace and announced improvement failure so that he could leave work on time?”

“Wait, what about the shattering effect? Isn’t there a special effect for immediate smelting?”

“Why would I deceive you? The discussion forum members were shocked.”

“That’s so funny, hahahaha!”

Lancelot sighed. He thought his job was merely to teach these construction gamers a few combat techniques and how to play war games, but he discovered he was too naive.

These citizens weren’t construction workers but lunatics.

They didn’t feel pain and exhaustion while working every day. Besides working, they would look for him to learn combat techniques. Even when they were wounded during training, they didn’t request a rest. Instead, they trained harder until their bodies could no longer take the damage… then they changed to a new one.

Lancelot witnessed trainees identical to those who had just died appear from the Teleport Portal, and it wasn’t only one incident but many incidents. They seemed to have the ability to revive from death. Their corpses would simply transform into Mana and vanish.

Lancelot would feel that they were Devils with human faces, but when he saw them learning diligently to become Sacred Knights, he dismissed such thoughts. Devils couldn’t possibly learn knowledge from the Sacred Light.

But how did they manage to revive frequently?

Perhaps it was what the Grand Priest Baldhead had said, that they were God’s chosen ones, and what happened to them were miracles!

Lancelot couldn’t explain the strange happenings any other way.

“Pom, pom, pom!”

The frantic door knocks were heard again.

Lancelot wore his full body armor and hung his sword by his waist before walking out.

Outside the door, the sun had just appeared above the horizon, and the rays were gentle. In the empty space in front of his house was a group of gamers who were bursting with enthusiasm, waiting there in anticipation of a new class!

They were the ones who knocked frantically on his door.

Lancelot rubbed his Panda eyes and patted his face as he walked towards them.

Lancelot was familiar with his work. He didn’t teach them advanced fighting techniques and instead taught them basic combat postures, vital parts of the body, dodging, and parrying.

These techniques weren’t complex, and they could master it within an hour. Whether they practiced and became familiar with the moves would be up to them.

Before Lancelot ended the first class, he heard someone shout, “Gosh! An Ogre! I saw Ogres in the forest!”

His voice was like a spark that ignited a barrel of explosives. Victoria City was bursting with excitement as the gamers quickly gathered and followed that man into the forest to look for the Ogres.

Lancelot wanted to stop them, but it was too late. Thousands of gamers had gathered and walked towards the woods, with even his trainees joining the fray. Lancelot had no choice but to run to the Castle to find Duchess Lilo.

Ogres were an Underworld race, and the appearance of such a race indicated that the tunnel connecting both worlds was discovered by the Ogres!

The vile and evil Underworld creatures could be assembled there, waiting to charge out!

Since Victoria City was the closest to the cave, it wouldn’t be spared the calamity.

Not just Victoria City, the entire Human Kingdom could be exterminated!

As Lancelot ran to the entrance of the Castle, he encountered the three Hamsters, who were the assistants and spokesmen of Duchess Lilo. After all, the mysterious Duchess Lilo seldom walked out of her small Castle.

“What are you doing here, Sir Lancelot? Shouldn’t you be following your trainees to fight against the Ogres?” Big Boss Hamster walked out and asked with a frown.

“They are Ogres! The Underworld creatures must have discovered the tunnel, and if there are Ogres, there will be other vile creatures. I suggest we leave this place immediately and seek help from the Duke of York’s Castle!” Lancelot said gravely.

“Asking the Human Lords for help? I don’t think…” Second Boss hugged his fat tummy and laughed. Before he finished speaking, he was punched in the stomach by Big Boss, stopping him.

“Apologies, Sir Lancelot. Though your suggestion is constructive, our great Duchess Lilo will never abandon her territory and citizens!”

Though Big Boss spoke righteously, his helium voice diminished the importance.


Lancelot was about to respond, but he was interrupted by Big Boss, who said, “No buts. Sir Lancelot, we’re now going to the location of the Ogres. We have to fight them instead of fleeing!”

Big Boss announced this loudly.

“Wait, aren’t we supposed to eat?” Fat Otaku asked, bewildered.

Lancelot was puzzled and asked, “Wait, only three Ogres? You already knew about them?”


Big Boss was taken aback, while Second Boss stammered, “O-Of course not, how could we know beforehand? It’s… Duchess Lilo! She’s a great Magician, and her prediction skill is powerful!”

“Yes, that’s right!” Big Boss said quickly.

“Can we go for our meal?” Fat Otaku looked on in anticipation.

Lancelot felt that the three Hamsters were behaving suspiciously, but the important thing to do was to deal with the Ogres. After pondering, he followed the three Hamsters and ran deeper into the forest.