Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 342 - A Guy’s Romance

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Chapter 342: A Guy’s Romance

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After going missing for ten days, Raintea returned to the game, but she went offline soon after. This was because numerous gamers surrounded her and asked her questions regarding her relationships with Arthur and Dragonborn.

With Raintea’s demure character, she fell to the ground in an instant, going offline.

The gamers knew that she was offline, but the happy Little Fairy didn’t know. She only saw Raintea appear at the seedbed, get surrounded by gamers, and then faint. She didn’t even have the chance to hug her arms and say, “Humph! I didn’t help you tend to the plants for the past few days!”

Witnessing this, the Little Fairy spat her saliva like a machine gun, sending the gamers scurrying away like frightened rats.

She then cursed and swore as she carried Raintea into her little treehouse.

Arthur posted on the discussion forum and asked for a resolution to this matter. He didn’t want anyone to discuss it and explained the details to the gamers:

“Recently, there were a lot of rumors. I will clarify that Raintea is dealing with family issues and that it’s not what everyone has been guessing. As for our relationship, we’re only friends. It’s not as complex as the rumors. Please don’t spread rumors.”

Though Arthur had expressed his view, he wasn’t able to stop their curiosity. Their attention was short-lived, however, as there was another incident.

Dragon Raja and the Meat Vegetable Rice Alliance, which were Guilds at odds, fought with each other due to a shop issue, attracting a large number of spectators.

Spectators were also attracted to a newly formed Guild, Chang’an City.

Most of the Guild members of Chang’an City were Third Beta Gamers. With strong financial backing, they created a large group of armed professional gamers. They openly challenged the Pioneer Alliance.

Chang’an City’s chairman, MysteryMan, said, “When we fight, we fight with the strongest. If not, we don’t fight at all.”

The Pioneer Alliance, which had been a peaceful Guild, fought with Chang’an City, even setting a date for a Guild war.

The experienced Pioneer Alliance achieved victory, but the headcount was astonishing.

The Pioneer Alliance killed 210 enemies, while Chang’an City killed 99 enemies!

The Pioneer Alliance was a powerful Guild, but they lost 99 members. As for Chang’an City, they had exceeded 200 members, having reached the member cap of 300!

Besides the Pioneer Alliance, they were the second Guild to have 300 members!

The gamers’ attention was on the Chang’an City Guild.

But this had nothing to do with Sherlock.

At the Dungeon Lord Main Hall in Eternal Kingdom…

“The Hades Devil Kings have fully paid their compensation via the Devil Management Committee, for a total of 2,000,000 Magic Stones. Half of the sum is for death compensation, while the other half is for Sherlock’s mental distress.”

Evelynn carried a thick document and reported the situation to Sherlock. She was in charge of communicating with Winterfell. With Brainiac’s help, Evelynn was able to take over the responsibilities smoothly.

Though Evelynn didn’t have strong capabilities and wasn’t flexible, she was diligent. The tasks assigned by Sherlock weren’t complex, most of them being the reception of Winterfell representatives and the assigning of missions to the gamers.

With Bru’s help, Evelynn wasn’t required to deal with entrusting missions, assigning missions, mission summaries, mission rewards, or points recording. Basically, she only needed to sit in a daze.

“Hmm, how’s the material compensation from the Merchant Alliance?”

Sherlock sat behind the table and listened to Evelynn’s report.

“The Merchant Alliance has transported the materials to Winterfell. They will arrange for the shipment to Eternal Kingdom in the near future,” Evelynn said.

Sherlock nodded. Since he rescued Winterfell from the clutches of Samael, the Merchant Alliance rewarded him with materials for Alchemy and Magical Items.

Though the materials had Mana, the quantity was small, so they could be transported via the Teleport Portal.

Sherlock had arranged for the materials to be used by the gamers to produce intermediate Magic Potions. The materials were also to be used by Brainiac in his creation of Magical Items. Once the Magic Potions and Magical Items were fully developed, and the gamers had mastered the skills, they could be placed in factories for production.

The continuous supply of products would become Sherlock’s wealth!

“Hmm, very good. Taking stock and sorting out the documents will be done by Brainiac. It’s hard on you, Evelynn, you don’t have to be bothered with them. Once you find a job, you may leave. Do more for your personal life. I’ll feel embarrassed if you neglect your development.”

Sherlock looked at Evelynn and felt embarrassed.

“It’s nothing, Lord Sherlock. I’ve stayed in the Dungeon without paying for rent and food. I’m the one who should be embarrassed. Ai, I have been trying to find a job, but I’m unable to find employment.”

Evelynn looked “disappointed” and said to Sherlock, “I’ll have to impose on Lord Sherlock for some time.”

“I like helping other people,” Sherlock said while shaking his head.

Evelynn was touched. Lord Sherlock was a good creature!

“Salary is being paid. Hurry and get your salary.”

Simba walked past the Carpenter Workshop and shouted to Mufasa, who was preparing meals.

“Ah? Cousin, help me get my salary. I’m unable to leave now.”

Mufasa held a large ladle, stirring the contents of a large cauldron. He threw the Spider Legs that were placed on the ground into the cauldron, which emitted loud bubbling sounds.

Numerous gamers queued up behind the Carpenter Workshop, some even tapping on their bowls and shouting.

“I have no energy! When is mealtime? I’m carrying bricks after eating!”

“Make haste, make haste!”

“It’s mealtime. I want to buy some clay to eat!”

The gamers were getting impatient.

“If you holler some more, I’ll destroy all of your equipment!” Simba roared at the noisy gamers who became quiet instantly. They looked innocently at Simba.

Simba returned to the Dungeon Lord Main Hall.

Brainiac, who was standing outside the Teleport Portal Main Hall, watched the commotion emotionlessly. He then gazed at Simba, who was walking in the direction of the Dungeon Lord Main Hall.

“Brainiac, we have finished with the transportation!”

The voice of Peasant came from behind Brainiac.

Brainiac turned back and saw the empty Teleport Portal Main Hall that had just been full of boxes.

A few blood-stained Gnomes, who had obviously gone through a vicious battle, chatted merrily over there. Who knew how they managed to carry the materials.

“A total of 1,523 boxes of materials were transported and checked.”

Brainiac verified the records and looked at the excited gamers.

They fell into a momentary daze before walking off and chatting at the same time, not greeting Brainiac.

“Aiya, this mission was too simple.”

“If only we had such simple missions daily.”

“What was inside the boxes? There were tentacles poking out that cut me while I was carrying the boxes.”

“I don’t know, but the boxes weren’t heavy.”

“Gosh, why were my boxes so heavy?”

Brainiac waited for the gamers to leave before he recorded a few things in his journal:

“565: Each of them has a person who can give orders and assign missions in their mental world.

566: With so many materials for Magical Items, my workload has increased again.

567: They are very afraid of Simba.

568: It’s payday.”


Sparks were flying around in the Mana Hall.

Mana Engineer Yoda was manufacturing a 5-meter tall robot with a group of Goblins, Gnomes, and Houndhead Men. The leader was the Goblin called Hemp Rope Technology.

Yoda only helped to solve the Mana propulsion problems and in contacting Winterfell for processed spare parts. Most of the manufacturing work was done by the Goblins, Gnomes, and Houndhead Men.

Though they were very decadent with their calculations and diagram planning, Yoda felt a sense of achievement when he saw the robot about to be completed. He felt it was a huge leap in technology for such a product. Hemp Rope Technology said, “We will sit in the pilot cabin of this 5-meter robot. With basic controls, we can control the robot to carry heavy items. If we install a drill, we can excavate with great efficiency. In the future, we will transform the robot into a combat robot with Mana propulsion and super durable materials. Then, we can easily crush Sherlie’s head!”

Yoda wasn’t sure who was Sherlie, but he sounded like a powerful creature.

Yoda felt that it was super cool, though he couldn’t understand how awesome the robot was. After witnessing the robot prototype, he had a thought—this was a guy’s romance!