Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 341 - New Guild

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Chapter 341: New Guild

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Edward Scissorhand awoke with a fright in the darkness.

In his mind, he saw images of the battle last night. The screaming, blood, inferno, and those terrifying “monsters”…

Edward shook his head as a bandit came to the door and knocked, saying, “Chief, the Sacred Kingdom’s Slave Merchant is here.”

“Good, bring that Hoodlum over.”

Edward Scissorhand sat up and washed his face before walking out.

A Human wearing rich noble clothing and a golden ring stood in the main hall with a few servant escorts.

That Human looked nervous, and he said to Edward Scissorhand, “May the Holy Lord bless you, Edward.”

“Same to you, my dearest partner.”

Edward Scissorhand was familiar with this Human. After a simple greeting, a few bound prisoners were brought in. One of them was the wounded Hoodlum.

Hoodlum looked attentively at the scene while he took screenshots in his mind. How could he miss such an exciting Hidden Plot?

“Hmm, why is there a handicapped Human?”

The Slave Merchant looked at Hoodlum curiously.

“I caught him the previous time. He is tight-lipped and unyielding, and while he has serious injuries, he is unwilling to betray his comrades. Though he’s deformed, with such willpower, I feel that his handicap is insignificant,” Edward Scissorhand explained.

“I see…” The Slave Merchant nodded and walked to a mother and her daughter. His eyes lit up, and he smiled as he said to them, “The little girl is quite a looker. Don’t worry, when you arrive at my home, you’ll help me wash clothes!”

“That’s scary. Fancy letting her wash clothes at such a young age.”

“Oh my god, it’s inhumane.”

“A mother and her daughter washing clothes together. Oh my god, why can’t I have such a good thing happen to me?”

The bandits chatted excitedly. It wasn’t until Edward Scissorhand dry coughed twice that they became quiet. Edward Scissorhand then said to the Slave Merchant, “I’ll sell all of them to you according to previous prices.”


Hoodlum sat in a wavering carriage that was on a long journey.

If not for the handcuffs and the fully armed guards, it would have been a perfect tour.

Hoodlum was feeling excited, full of anticipation for the following Plot…

“Can you give me some space to lie down?”

As the carriage was crowded, Hoodlum was unable to lie down.

The two armed guards looked at each other and laughed.

“Shall I release you from your handcuffs and give you a cup of iced orange juice?”

“Behave yourself. Do you think you’re on a tour?”

Hoodlum was impatient and said, “No, I have an urgent matter. My mom is calling me. Gosh! Oh gosh!”

Hoodlum shouted suddenly and struggled violently. It felt as though he was being lifted. Then, he fell from the carriage.

“Stop the carriage! A slave is escaping!”

The convoy that was carrying slaves became chaotic.

The strange adventure of Hoodlum continued while the gamers of Victoria City were being stretched to the limit.

The gamers were getting online, carrying bricks, fighting in the Spiders’ Lair, being tortured, carrying bricks, and getting offline.

The gamers of Victoria City had limited Plots.

What about exploring the wilderness?

The gamers tried exploring the surrounding woods, but there were no wild beasts. There weren’t even animals larger than their palms!

The Surface World wasn’t really safe. The problem was Lilo, who was a Fallen Angel. She disguised her identity with the Doppelganger Precious Pearl, but primitive animals could feel the primal fear and thus fled. As for animals that were as large as a palm, they were threatened by Lilo and the environment, so they chose to wait for their deaths at their current locations.

The gamers weren’t aware of this fact and thought it was part of the game design.

There were gamers like Marco Polo, who went adventuring. But who could bear walking alone without anyone in sight for three days?

Victoria City also received big news—Dragonborn was changing factions!

Though Dragonborn wasn’t a rich gamer, he could defeat most of the rich gamers. Only the super-rich gamer Arthur was his match.

Hence, Dragonborn had high prestige among the gamers. Most of the powerful gamers depended on their superior equipment. If they learned combat skills daily, they wouldn’t be that bad. Hence, the quality of equipment became the deciding factor in their combat prowess.

But Dragonborn didn’t spend a lot of money, depending mostly on his combat techniques to defeat many rich gamers. It was like a person without any protection using a wooden stick to defeat fully armed warriors. As a result, he was popular among the gamers.

“I feel that my current faction is the correct choice…”

TakeASpearHit looked at his strong physique. As a Human, it was far better than being a Gnome. Most importantly, he could be handsome.

Whether he was strong or not was another matter. Looks were a matter of a lifetime.

Victoria City only had the metal coins currency, unlike Eternal Kingdom, which was using both metal coins and the Magic Stones system. All the fees in Victoria City were paid using metal coins.

Therefore, changing factions required a hundred gold coins.

Comparatively, it was cheaper to set up a Guild in Victoria City.

Dragonborn didn’t even have to fork out any money, as many unaffiliated gamers in Victoria City had accumulated money in hopes of having Dragonborn form a Guild. They had even thought of the name.

It was a mystery why they chose such a lame Guild name, but with the encouragement of TakeASpearHit and SealHeadLingChong, they registered the new Guild with the three Hamsters—For that night with Sherlock.