Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 340 - Underworld Prison

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Chapter 340: Underworld Prison

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“What? Dragonborn is changing factions? I didn’t expect that. Isn’t he the Springfield Flower Kindergarten Guild’s chairman? I remember it’s one of the top ten Guilds, and they had the intention to buy Guild land. Why did he change factions suddenly? Tsk, tsk, is he jealous of Arthur Bro? Is that why he defected to the other faction? The fee is 100 Magic Stones, I don’t think Dragonborn has 100 Magic Stones.” Sylvanas was unhappy with Dragonborn.

“I don’t know what happened, I just saw the news on the official website. Do you know what happened?”

Arthur looked at Sylvanas, but she shook her head and said, “Let’s ask Dragonborn. Though I don’t know if he will be willing to talk to us. He must be very jealous of Arthur Bro.”

“I’ll ask NotWearingPants.” Arthur nodded and left. Sylvanas looked at the back view of Arthur, bewildered.

“That’s very strange, Arthur Bro…”

Darkness, chaos, wailing, and boundless despair.

Bankazia was the most secure prison in the Northern Underworld. It imprisoned the most notorious criminals, like the Ancient Gods believers who plotted against Winterfell. After being pronounced guilty, they were sent here.

There was a new prisoner today—Andrew.

After being the Winterfell Dungeon Lord for less than a month, and as the third successor to Eternal Fire, the prestigious superior Devil had become a lowly criminal.

Eternal Fire didn’t comment on Andrew’s predicament.

Andrew looked glum as he sat at the back of the prison cell, which was constructed with special materials and methods, and chanted Sherlock’s name. Sherlock had become his eternal nemesis.

When Sherlock fought with Samael and saved Winterfell, he became the popular hero, while Andrew became a stone statue. He was like a fool who received no benefits and yet made Sherlock into a hero.

The jealousy in him became a strong, invincible power that was about to explode. However, it didn’t explode out.

“9527! Time to take a breather!”

A fully armed Orc used the shaft of his Pike to hit on the metal grille, snapping Andrew out of his jealousy. Then, two Orcs went in and placed strange handcuffs on him, which disabled his Mana and inherent Devil’s power.

With only his brute force, Andrew wasn’t able to wrestle all of the Orcs to the floor.

“Hua la, hua la…”

Andrew dragged his handcuffs and walked down a long corridor under the escort of a few Orcs. The words on the corridor were:

“Who has not committed mistakes? He who corrects himself is the greatest.”

“Sincere repentance is the gateway to your future.”

“Turn over a new leaf and create a new life.”

These quotes were rather inspiring and provoked deep thoughts, but Andrew had no intention to repent. His mind was full of exacting revenge on Sherlock!

Andrew was dragged to a wind shelter outside the room. It was surrounded by metal railings, and the ground was covered with sand. Many prisoners were standing on the sandy ground.

Who knew how they managed to squeeze so many prisoners in such a small place.

“Go in.”

The prison wardens weren’t concerned. They pushed Andrew to the entrance before shoving him inside, then they shut the metal door.

The prison was home to various races of the Underworld. Everyone was vile, vicious, and took delight in others’ misfortune. Some looked emotionlessly at Andrew, who just came in.

A superior Devil in this prison was a rare sight.

A Vampire stood up. He had the same handcuffs as Andrew, but the prison wardens didn’t put a preventive mask on him.

The Vampire bared his fangs and said maliciously, “Newbie, I don’t care how well you did before you came in, but now that you’re here, you have to listen to me.”

The Vampire nodded to the others behind him. Then, a Gnome walked forward and took out a small tattered exercise book. He said to Andrew, “This is the test set by my big boss. Answer all of the questions correctly, and you’ll be able to join us. If you answer a question incorrectly, we’ll maim you.”

An Orc came over and said fiercely, “Don’t try any tricks. If you cheat, you’ll suffer the consequences.”

The Orc patted Andrew’s chest and adjusted his cornea, then he leaned back and stared at Andrew.

“Who do you think I am? Do you think I’m a nobody? Ah?”

Andrew lifted his head and gritted his teeth. He said ferociously, “I’m the third successor of Eternal Fire, the most promising young superior Devil. All the committee members of the Devil Management Committee know me! I almost obtained Michelangelo’s relic! If not for Sherlock, I would already be the King of the Underworld!”

Andrew spread out his hands and spoke with agitation, as though what he said had become the truth. He shouted at the creatures who intimidated him, “What kind of trash are you? How dare you put such a thing before me! This is an insult! I’ll kill all of you, or I’ll be beaten to death!”

Andrew lifted his hand and flicked the exercise book to the ground. The badly worn exercise book dropped a few of its pages, and the other prisoners gasped in astonishment.

“Oh my god, what decadent trash.”

“He’s too vile, decadent, and cruel.”

“It’s going to be terrifying. The superior Devil is going to have some bad luck.”

The eyes of the Vampire became bloodshot with fury, and he pointed to Andrew as he screamed, “Kill him!”

“Wait a moment.”

Before they had a chance to react, a creature calmed them down. They gave way and revealed a figure in the shadows. The creature opened his yellow eyes and asked, “Did you just say… Michelangelo’s relic?”