Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 338 - Little Fairy's Request

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Chapter 338: Little Fairy’s Request

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“Creating new shops and stalls?”

Lilo looked outside the window. There was a huge amount of construction going on, and more and more lands were being cleared. Rows of houses were built according to the gamers’ designs.

Lilo gazed at another part of the forest that hadn’t been cleared.

“Arrange the shops and stalls over there.”

“First shop along the street. Auction begins.”

Brainiac grasped a small hammer and knocked down with a “Pom” sound. The gamers immediately started shouting.

“Ten Magic Stones!”

“Twenty Magic Stones!”

“Fifty Magic Stones! Everyone else should get lost. The first shop belongs to Dragon Raja!”

“Ha! Do you think you’re invincible? Sixty Magic Stones! Only the Meat Vegetable Rice Alliance deserves the first shop!”

“One hundred Magic Stones,” a Black Armored Knight walked out and said.

“Gosh, it’s Arthur!”

“Arthur has returned!”

“Arthur, what illness does Raintea have?”

“What about Dragonborn? Is that brat competing with you for the woman? Just a word from you, and we’ll make his life unbearable!”

The gamers were excited, but the Black Armored Knight left quickly.

Brainiac observed the incident and recorded it quickly in his journal. He was researching the emotions of the green-skinned creatures.

Then, he took out his small hammer and knocked down with a “Pom” sound. He looked without emotion at the gamers and said, “We’ll auction the subsequent shops.”

The gamers from Eternal Kingdom and Victoria City were having a fun time. Another gamer was also having fun, twice the amount.

That was the imprisoned Hoodlum.


Hoodlum, who had a deformed spine, was taken out of the metal cage and thrown to the ground. A bandit stepped on his stomach and said viciously, “Because you’re unwilling to talk, we were scolded by the Chief. It’s your fault!”

“I’ve told you many times, I’m a gamer of Victoria City. We’re all gamers of Victoria City, all 5,000 of us. Then there are 5,000 gamers in Eternal Kingdom. The leader of Victoria City is Lilo, a Fallen Angel, while the Dungeon’s leader is Sherlock, a superior Devil. We’re building a new city! I’m also the leader of the Hoodlum Yoga Association, Victoria’s Natural Fighter!”

After he spoke, he was stomped and kicked.

“Do you think we’re fools? Even a fool wouldn’t believe you!”

After the bandits beat up Hoodlum, they took out bandages and a magical potion to heal him.

They adjusted their pants, stood up, and exhaled.

“Great, come again next time.”

“Okay, I’ll come again next time.”

Seeing the bandits leaving, Hoodlum took out a small metal strip discreetly and felt for the lock. He then started lockpicking. Hoodlum felt confident as his hands touched the lock.

“I’m a locksmith, so how can you stop me with such a primitive lock?”

“Humph! I’m looking for you not because I’m asking about that insignificant Goblin!”

Sherlock didn’t expect the Little Fairy, who was hugging her arms, to look for him.

“Is the insignificant Goblin Raintea?”

Sherlock’s face was hidden in the shadows. Both his hand supported his chin.

“Yes, it’s that Goblin! Humph, I’ll never yield to you!” the Little Fairy shouted.

Eggface, who was using the computer to “work”, peered at the noisy and small Little Fairy.

The Little Fairy was frightened by Eggface and jumped, but she quickly calmed down and looked at Sherlock with fortitude.

“Ah, I have some impression of that Goblin. I intend to kill her,” Sherlock said casually.

“Humph! Don’t lie, your servants don’t die. I don’t know what evil spells you have used to manipulate and control their souls, but Raintea is different. She wouldn’t be helping such an evil Devil like you!” the Little Fairy yelled.

“Why are you shouting so loudly?” Eggface complained as he was given a fright by the Little Fairy. His hand shivered, and his computer game character almost died.

“Find the Lord Overseer if you’re unhappy!” the Little Fairy rebuked.

“What kind of Fairy are you? Such an uncultured…” Eggface mumbled unhappily, but he didn’t speak.

“All the more reason I should kill her. She’s useless and upsets my citizens. She has even caused fights to occur. Why should I retain her?”

Sherlock sat in his chair and spread out his hands as he said, “I’m setting up a Dungeon, not a charity organization.”


The Little Fairy gritted her teeth and hesitated for almost half a day before saying, “If you let Raintea go, I’ll consider working for you. I’ll produce intermediate potions for your vile servants!”

“But I don’t get any benefits. If you help me produce the potions, I can’t earn many Magic Stones. To be honest, I’m not lacking Magic Stones, and I’m not interested in your Magic Stones!” Sherlock said casually.

The Little Fairy gritted her teeth and finally relented, saying, “I understand. I’ll help you produce Magic Potions and teach those vile green-skinned creatures how to make them!”

“No problem. This is a fair deal, I accept.”

Sherlock snapped his fingers, and a paper and pen floated in the air. The pen wrote the contract on the paper, which floated slowly to the Little Fairy.

“Of course, we have to sign a contract. These days, we are all particular about the upholding of contracts. We can’t just take each other at our words. Don’t you agree?”

The Little Fairy didn’t hesitate. She signed her name and said, “Deal!”