Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 337 - Reforming the Commercial Area

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Chapter 337: Reforming the Commercial Area

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Sherlock was refreshing the forum pages continuously, but he didn’t see the content that he was interested in.

According to his experience, after spending large sums of money to create the new Spiders’ Lair, the gamers should be enthusiastically discussing the Strategy Guide and heaping praises!

On the third page were some insignificant posts about the Underground Spiders, but they garnered pitiful responses.

The previous three pages had similar content to the first post on the first page.

[Rich gamer and powerful gamer fought against each other. Raintea was hospitalized due to illness. She is the faction goddess!]

The content was about Raintea being ill and hospitalized.

It wasn’t known when Arthur visited her and met another mysterious, powerful gamer, but a conflict broke out, and they fought with each other.

The post hinted in many ways that the powerful gamer was Dragonborn!

The post garnered incessant replies.

“What’s up with the gamers? I spend so much effort to improve the Spiders’ Lair, and they don’t show any appreciation. Yet they show a great deal of concern for an insignificant gamer?” Sherlock frowned as he asked.

“Even the Humans in our world will focus on the King and not a princess.”

“Lord Sherlock, don’t be bothered. It’s a matter of excessive hormonal secretion,” Bru said. “The effect of the new map is very good. The gamers lost a huge amount of equipment due to their deaths in the lair. According to the long queues at the Blacksmith Shop, we are reaping a handsome profit.”

“Good, follow my plan to continue construction. My goal is to expand the Living Quarters,” Sherlock ordered.

“I understand, Lord Sherlock. As your loyal servant, I have a good suggestion. We have a large space in the Commerce Area, but we don’t have any shops. This isn’t good for our business operations. I suggest letting the gamers buy the shops via auction so that they can sell their own goods. We have to stop the trend of the gamers setting up impromptu stalls and selling their goods, designating a specific location for their stalls.”

Bru said, “Of course, whether it’s a commercial shop or an impromptu stall, we have to charge processing fees, management fees, Dungeon beautification fees, duties, utility fees, breathing fees, tolls, and other miscellaneous fees!”

“Hmm, you’re right. Won’t they protest?” Sherlock nodded and asked.

“I’m sure they’ll be unhappy. However, as the number of gamers has increased dramatically, there is hardly any space to walk in the Commercial Area. We have to put some measures in place to prevent the situation from worsening!” Bru said forcefully.

Sherlock nodded and decided to use Bru’s suggestion.

Sherlock didn’t feel a need to create an update for the shops and impromptu stalls, only needing to add details to the original post. After that, he would let the gamers carry out the plan.

Eggface was sleeping in his nest. Yesterday, he played computer games for a long time while Lord Sherlock was out.

He had to pay the price. Before he could rest, Sherlock called him up.

“You played games through the night while I was away?”

Eggface didn’t panic. Due to his black skin, his dark eye rings couldn’t possibly be seen.

“No, I didn’t! I slept soundly last night!”

Eggface didn’t know that Bru was whispering to Sherlock, “He went offline at 3 am.”

“I’m giving you a mission, Eggface.”

Sherlock pointed to a few barrels of dye in the Dungeon Lord Main Hall and said to Eggface, who was trying to open his eyes widely, “Get some green-skinned creatures to draw lines.”

Eggface stood at the plaza outside the Dungeon Lord Main Hall, next to numerous barrels of dye. He chose a few gamers from a gathering crowd and brought them to the Commerce Area.

The chosen gamers cheered, while those who weren’t chosen complained and went to perform other missions.

On the way to the Commercial Area, the gamers behind Eggface chatted incessantly.

“Sylvanas busted the rumors. She said that Arthur visited Raintea but didn’t fight with Dragonborn.”

“Gosh, it’s for real? That’s not busting rumors, it’s confirming the truth.”

“How did Arthur know Raintea’s location? How did Dragonborn know?”

“How do I know?”

“Wait for the latest 818!”

Eggface didn’t understand what they were saying and wasn’t interested. He wanted to complete Sherlock’s mission and go back to sleep!

“That… let me take a look…”

Eggface sat on the ground and placed his long tail behind his back as he grasped Sherlock’s diagram and examined it.

“Start drawing the line from here,” Eggface said as he walked, “All the way to that spot. Then leave a space of two meters before drawing another line. Hmm, that’s it!”

The gamers obtained the barrels of dye and the brushes from Eggface before starting work.

The work wasn’t complex. In fact, it was relaxing with good rewards. The gamers were working diligently, and before long, they drew out thousands of boxes.

They were aligned closely to the walls of the Commercial Area, appearing like car parking spaces.

After the job was completed, Eggface ordered the gamers to paint on the wall.

After the drawings were completed, Eggface clapped his hands and said, “We’re done. In the future, you can only set up stalls here. If you flout the rules, you’ll be subjected to penalties!”

Eggface spoke as the gamers gaped in surprise.

A gamer shouted, “Gosh! There’s news on the official discussion forum. The game is updated! This time, it’s about setting up shops and stalls!”