Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 335 - Plot

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Chapter 335: Plot

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In a rusty cage, a Human, Hoodlum, who had a deformed spine, lay within. Below his name were the words “Hoodlum Yoga Association”.

A fierce-looking bandit holding a basin of steaming water walked over. He approached the cage and splashed the steaming water all over the Human.

A few bandits stood by the cage while Edward Scissorhand crossed his hands and gazed at the prisoner that he was going to interrogate.

The body of the Human was emitting steam. The splashing of the steaming water was just a prelude, and the temperature just right. It provided stimulation but wouldn’t harm him. However, the deformed Human didn’t wake up.

“Dead?” Edward asked curiously, and the bandits by the side shook their heads. They didn’t know what happened. A bandit checked Hoodlum’s neck for a pulse.

“Chief, he’s alive.”

“Get another barrel of water. Ice cold!” Edward ordered.

A few bandits carried a barrel of freezing water and splashed it on the Human, but Hoodlum didn’t respond.

If it wasn’t for his breathing and his beating heart, they would have thought that he died.

Feigning death? Was he hiding from reality due to fear?

Edward didn’t believe that the deformed Human would faint. After all, they hadn’t interrogated or tortured him for the past two days. They didn’t even talk to him. Afraid that he might freeze to death, they found dry clothes for him. They treated him like their dad.

And he passed out?

It seemed like this Human was due for a beating! Edward had many ways to deal with an uncooperative prisoner!

“Strip him! Break his will!” Edward roared, and the eyes of the bandits lit up.

They stripped his clothing and started to tickle him.

They were very familiar with such a procedure.

Edward was in disbelief when there was no reaction from the Human.

Edward thought that the Human might have really passed out.

As Edward was considering killing him and throwing his corpse in the wilderness, Hoodlum gradually woke up.

He opened his eyes and discovered that he was stripped of his clothes. He then saw an ugly bandit sitting on his stomach while a few bandits restrained his hands. Hoodlum was agitated and shouted, “Gosh! Is there such a thing in this game? How did it pass censorship? Is this LGBT!”

Edward Scissorhand dashed forward and covered his mouth, his scissor hand positioned at his throat.

“I don’t know what you’re saying, but let me tell you, I’m Edward Scissorhand. I’m not a person to be fooling around with. If you make a fool of me, I’ll remove all of your hair, even your nostrils!”

Edward intimidated him, and the bandits gasped in shock. Some bandits even pretended to cry and said, “Oh god, even the nostrils…”

“Shhh, don’t talk.”

Edward looked pleased at the reactions of the bandits. Then, he saw Hoodlum gaping. He was probably scared stiff, or at least, that was what Edward thought.

“Tell me your name,” Edward demanded fiercely.

“Liuhao, no, I’m Hoodlum!”

“Where are you from?”

“Victoria City”

Edward grasped Hoodlum’s collar and slammed him against the cage. Hoodlum’s head smashed against the metal grille and emitted a loud “Pom” sound.

Edward looked viciously at Hoodlum and said, “Victoria City? The Kingdom doesn’t have the Victoria name! Do you think you can fool me?”

“It’s the truth! You’re cutting my nostrils, so why would I deceive you? For my nostrils, I’ll not lie. I swear upon my hair.”

Hoodlum’s shoulders trembled, and his face became maroon in color.

Edward relaxed his grasp. This Human was too weak. Edward didn’t use that much force, but he was unable to take it.

Edward was starting to believe him, so he asked, “What were you carrying?”

“Diamond Seam rocks, weapons, and equipment. I don’t know about the rest.”

“Where is this Victoria City?”

“I don’t know the exact location because I followed three Hamsters. If you take me back to the cave, I can try to backtrack and locate the city.”

Hoodlum’s eyes lit up.

“Don’t think I don’t know what you’re up to!”

Edward threw Hoodlum into the metal cage before shutting the metal door. He ordered the bandits, “Continue to interrogate him. I want more information on Victoria City!”


They were going to beat up Hoodlum.

The gamers were curious about the new maps.

The Spiders’ Lair wasn’t considered a new map since the gamers had already fought against the Spiders. However, the official website claimed that it was a revamped map.

Before the new map was officially opened, the monsters attacked the Dungeon.

A few Underground Spiders appeared at the entrance of Eternal Kingdom and attacked the gamers in a frenzy. Before long, the fully armed gamers defeated the Spiders. As they were about to distribute their loot, they discovered that they couldn’t move the Spiders.

Sherlock came out from the Dungeon and looked in surprise at the Underground Spiders. He muttered in astonishment, “How can this be? These Underground Spiders, they aren’t the same as before!”