Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 334 - New Spiders' Lair

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Chapter 334: New Spiders’ Lair

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[LowlyLordGloom: It’s in progress and won’t be abandoned.]

[CallMeSwindlerBaiqi: Randomly give out horses.]

[FatHara: What is with the bug of returning the weapons?]

[SmilingNangong: I’m not cheating. I threw the weapons in the wilderness so that I’ll have a surprise in the future.]

Sherlock’s post garnered many responses. The gamers were excited and happy over the updates.

Sherlock was used to his job of maintaining order in the game, creating new gameplays, designing new Plots and scenes, and negotiating new collaborations. He felt a sense of satisfaction after seeing the excited and surprised gamers.

It wasn’t the time to be complacent, as Sherlock had many things to do. Firstly, he had to clear the gamers from the Spiders’ Lair so that he could deploy the new Spider Queens.

A Spider Queen wasn’t a Spider with a human body. It was twice as large as a normal Underground Spider, especially its belly.

Compared to Sherlock’s body, it wasn’t really large. Normally, Sherlock would reduce the size of his body.

Sherlock had a simple way to clear the gamers from the Spiders’ Lair.

[The Spiders’ Lair is undergoing maintenance. All gamers who are performing missions, please vacate the lair within ten minutes.]

When the system notice appeared before the gamers, all of the First Beta and Second Beta Gamers left immediately.

Only a few Third Beta Gamers were stubborn and remained in the Spiders’ Lair.

Ten minutes later, all of the gamers in the Spiders’ Lair were forced offline. Then, Sherlock piled them up together and deployed ten Spider Queens next to them.

The unrestrained Spider Queens regained consciousness and started gnawing on the gamers.

Sherlock was going to set them free.

The size of the Spiders’ Lair was greatly expanded, so Sherlock could still deploy ten Spider Queens. Soon, the lair would be populated with various Underground Spiders. In fact, there might even be more Underground Spiders than there were previously.

The gamers from Victoria City and Eternal Kingdom could use the lair as their playground.

Sherlock was pleased with his plan.

“Class is starting! Class is starting! Lancelot’s combat training is starting!”

In Victoria City, the gamers weren’t bothered by the rumors surrounding Raintea. They were more concerned about the game content.

An Elf called Great Centenarian rode a large horse, inviting envious and jealous stares from the other gamers.

Lancelot recalled the frightening incident two nights ago while he gazed at the gathering Humans, Fairies, and Elves.

“Coach! Class is starting!”

“Class is starting!”

The gamers’ shouts interrupted Lancelot’s thoughts. He suppressed his fear and began a new round of training.

“Today, I’m teaching basic combat techniques…”

A fat Hamster ran on a grass patch, while a group of Humans with green words above their heads were dragging a large wooden log to a designated location.

The fat Hamster walked through the crowd, ignoring their stares, and went straight to the green Castle.

He pushed open three main doors and ran to a pink room.

Two other Hamsters were standing by the room entrance. One of them was carrying a basin of water, while the other Hamster was soaking a towel in the water.

The Hamster that ran over placed both his hands in the water and wiped his head, tidying up his messy hair.

“Big Boss, Miss Lilo has just cleaned up. She’s now changing clothes,” said Second Boss, who was cleaning the towel.

“Can we go for our meal?” Fat Otaku was carrying the basin of water.

“Come in.” The voice of Lilo was heard coming from the room.

Big Boss braced his body and knocked on the door, then opened the door and walked in.

“Miss Lilo, I have completed the morning routine. I’m here to report to you!” Big Boss said as he walked in.

Lilo sat in her chair and nodded. Second Boss and Fat Otaku stepped in with a towel and a meal cart.

Second Boss placed the towel in front of Lilo and removed the hair from the towel while Fat Otaku pushed the meal cart to her.

Lilo started eating her breakfast.

“Two hundred citizens are logging the East Forest, five hundred citizens are excavating in the West Mine, and the remaining citizens are constructing Miss Lilo’s new city.”

“Hmm, it’s very good.”

Lilo nodded, and Big Boss said, “They are in awe of Miss Lilo’s aura, and none of them are slacking. I saw an exhausted Human who was near death, but he continued working before collapsing to the ground,” Big Boss said excitedly.

“That Human performed ten missions that required carrying logs. It’s hard to imagine how he did that. It must be due to Miss Lilo!”

Lilo caressed the head of Big Boss and said, “Hmm, that’s good. What about the Teleport Portal? Is it completed?”

“Don’t worry, Miss Lilo, the Teleport Portal is completed. We can be teleported directly to… er, the Spiders’ Lair!” Big Boss said.

Second Boss asked curiously, “Why did we create this Teleport Portal?”

“Because it will provide food for us?” Fat Otaku’s face was full of radiance.

“Of course not. According to Sherlock, it is for the citizens to relax. Since it’s completed, we’ll go according to plan.”

Lilo stood up and pushed the meal cart away as she said to Fat Otaku, “I had my fill. You eat.”

Fat Otaku was excited and gulped down the remaining breakfast.