Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 333 - Version 0.31 Update Log

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Chapter 333: Version 0.31 Update Log

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“What! Raintea was hospitalized?”

“What! Raintea was hospitalized because she was pregnant?”

“What! Raintea was discovered to have a malignant tumor while being hospitalized for pregnancy?”

“What! Raintea was hospitalized for a malignant tumor, was discovered to be pregnant, and will soon die?”

“What! They are holding Raintea’s funeral?”

“Lord Sherlock! It seems like the gamers are extremely concerned about Raintea. From the online analysis, Raintea is dying. We can consider a memorial event and create a specialized coin called the Raintea Coin. Each gamer will be entitled to a limited edition coin for the price of a Magic Stone or a gold coin. This Raintea Coin will be used to exchange for plant seeds. The best way is to employ an NPC that looks like Raintea. As the cost may be too high, we’ll just settle for the memorial coin.”

While Sherlock was browsing the forum, Bru suggested this seriously.

“I know Lord Sherlock can’t understand, but believe me, these gamers are nostalgic. If we organize a memorial for Raintea, it will boost the prestige of the game developers. Perhaps they won’t complain about the game producers anymore.”

“They’re unhappy with my game planning?”

Sherlock wasn’t bothered until he heard the last sentence.

“Of course not, Sherlock’s plan is perfect and flawless, so nobody will feel unhappy with Lord Sherlock,” Bru said immediately.

“Hmm, so we don’t have to do such a thing. I think that the information isn’t reliable.” Sherlock pointed at the computer screen and said, “[The servers will be conducting Fourth Beta Testing. Please take a look if you want to have a Fourth Beta Testing status.], [Latest pet eggs from Sherlie’s Strange Encounter Mission.], [Selling a thousand gold coins, confirmed and reliable gold coins. I will kill swindlers and their entire families.]. I have seen the posts, and while the creators sound authentic, they’re fake.”

“Er, it does happen frequently.”

“Before confirming the information, I don’t intend to organize any activities. Even if Raintea died due to illness, I don’t intend to do anything. Do I look like a philanthropist,” Sherlock said.

Bru replied thoughtfully, “Lord Sherlock, I’m too emotional. You’re an unfeeling Devil.”

“Yes, that’s what I thought.”

Sherlock nodded and continued to type on the keyboard. He was updating new game content:

[Version 0.31 Update Log.]

“We added new Victoria City gameplay, Random Bandits: During the initial development of Victoria City, the surrounding area is unstable as there are many evil forces watching us. Those terrifying bandits who were forced to commit crimes and kill other people are wandering around Victoria…

There are many bandits in the vicinity of Victoria. Take up arms and defend your honor!

We refined the new scene, Underground Spiders’ Lair: Due to the bravery of the citizens of Eternal Kingdom, the Spiders’ Lair is no longer a threat. But those evil and vile creatures with multiple legs won’t give up. Many Spider Queens have arrived in the Spiders’ Lair, and they aren’t only a threat to Eternal Kingdom…

We added a new Victoria City scene, Teleport Portal Main Hall: The gamers of Victoria City will be able to travel via the Teleport Portal to the Underworld Spiders’ Lair and participate in the battle against the Underground Spiders. Brave warriors, while you fight for your faction, don’t forget that a group of Spiders is watching you.

We added a new ride, Horses: Different horses have different quality. There are only horses in the Victoria City Faction, but it doesn’t mean gamers from Eternal Kingdom cannot ride them. Gamers can have any ride if they obtain control of the reins.

The appraisal of horse quality requires one silver coin.

We added a new future plan, a Specter College Dual Faction Instance Dungeon: The Specter crisis isn’t only Eternal Kingdom’s problem. It’s also Victoria City’s problem. In the future, both factions can choose to fight against the Specter forces.

We added a new future plan, Neutral City: We plan to create a new city at the Dark Crossroad. This neutral city will allow gamers from both Eternal Kingdom and Victoria City to live together. There will be new missions, Reputation Points, new maps, and, most importantly, a new factory!

We are in the development phase, and the plan won’t be abandoned.

We added a new BUG, Return of Weapons: The gamers of Victoria City obtained many weapons during the fight against the bandits. Please return the weapons voluntarily. Otherwise, your Reputation Points will be set to zero.

Don’t try to be smart, we can track every weapon, even those that are hidden in the wilderness.

We have left a wild card, which I will add once I think of it.”

Sherlock published the update once he checked through it.

He had to implement every item in the updates.

The first was the Spiders’ Lair, followed by the Dual Faction Teleport Portal.

Sherlock was concerned about the development of the Spiders’ Lair because it was a Training Ground for beginners. As there were no tunnels that lead to anywhere, it was an ideal location for a sealed Training Ground for beginners.

Underground Spiders were also extremely affordable food, so Sherlock could save on buying food.

If both factions could enjoy the same entertainment ground, then Sherlock didn’t have to build a new entertainment outlet.