Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 332 - I'm Calling for a Meeting

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Chapter 332: I’m Calling for a Meeting

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Peasant swung his pickaxe at the wall.

The pebbles that flew off the wall fell pit-pattering on Peasant’s helmet. The gamers at the side used their shovels to clear the excavated Diamond Seam ore.

The ore was transported outside of the Spiders’ Lair, then transported back by gamers who received specialized missions. Due to the influx of gamers, Eternal Kingdom was facing land scarcity, and it was becoming overcrowded. The usage of resources increased dramatically, and they were running out of Diamond Seam rocks.

Aside from using these rocks to produce equipment, they were also used as construction materials. Eternal Kingdom had an abundant supply of these rocks.

“Did Raintea come today?” a gamer asked as Peasant was working his pickaxe.

“Ah? I don’t know, I didn’t see her.” Peasant thought for a while before replying.

“Did Raintea quit the game? She hasn’t been online for many days,” the gamer said with uncertainty.

Peasant shook his head and said, “I don’t know, but it’s a pity if she quit the game. After all, she’s almost like an iconic NPC. Have you finished excavating for the day?”

“I’m almost done. After this excavation mission, I’m returning to Eternal Kingdom and heading to the Marsh Inkspewer Town for my Daily Mission.”

“Oh, after you finish your Daily Mission, wait in the Dungeon to be a replacement for the expedition team. We’re creating a new expedition group tonight.”

Peasant reminded him, and he said, “Okay!”

They started chatting about other topics. Outside the excavation site, an Underground Spider peeped out and was immediately killed by the gamers. It was normal to kill monsters in the excavation area.


Arthur threw the head of a Large Lizard to the ground.

The bones, skin, flesh, and claws were cleanly sorted out. The skulls of the Large Lizards were to be submitted to the Marsh Inkspewers for completing missions.

“Thank you for your bravery, Arthur.”

Salted Fish expressed his gratitude to the Black Armored Arthur. He had a deep impression of this Black Armored Gnome.

Arthur would submit the heads of these hateful Large Lizards to him daily, and the other gamers mentioned Arthur occasionally. After some time, Salted Fish got to know about the famous Arthur.

Arthur nodded at Salted Fish, while the gamers at the side showed their admiration and said, “That’s cool, the NPC called his name directly. It’s awesome to be the top gamer.”

Sylvanas was proud of Arthur and felt she was being praised as well.

“I have finished my Daily Mission, so let’s challenge the Instance Dungeon! I’ll shout for them to gather!”

NotWearingPants clapped his hands, and BurningChestHair said, “Make haste! We spent an hour just to organize a team the last time.”

“There was no choice, not all Guild members were free. Besides, we added a lot of new members. Many veterans are mentoring the beginners, and the game map is extremely huge,” NotWearingPants said after hearing BurningChestHair’s complaint.

“Hurry and organize the group. Stop talking,” Sylvanas said.

“Wait for a while, Pants,” Arthur shouted at NotWearingPants. When NotWearingPants turned his head back, Arthur said, “I’m not challenging the Instance Dungeon today. Find a replacement for me, I have an important meeting tonight.”

“Ah? Okay, I understand.”

If it was a meeting, then there was no choice. The game shouldn’t affect the activity of real life. NotWearingPants nodded, but Sylvanas looked disappointed. She hesitated but didn’t say anything.

Arthur walked towards the shelter with many Darting Birds. After choosing a huge Darting Bird and getting on it, he said, “I’m going offline. Have fun.”

“See you.”


“See you tomorrow.”

Everyone bade farewell to Arthur and watched him leave the Marsh Inkspewer Town on the Darting Bird. Sylvanas looked unhappy, stamping her feet and muttering to herself, “Arthur Bro doesn’t have a meeting today. He must be investigating Raintea.”

“How do you know?” NotWearingPants asked instinctively.

“I just know!”

Sylvanas left in a huff, jumping on a Darting Bird and not looking back.

NotWearingPants and BurningChestHair looked at each other in surprise.

“What shall we do? What’s this about?” BurningChestHair asked, bewildered.

“How should I know? She’s not a gay but a scary girl.”

NotWearingPants shook his head and said, “You don’t have a meeting and aren’t jilted. Are you game for an expedition?”

In a luxurious hall, a game capsule opened itself slowly.

A young lad sat up in the game capsule while female servants gathered to provide service.

The person who sat up was the rich Young Master Ma.

“Young Master Ma, the plane is ready. The hospital has been contacted, and we can set off at any time,” the Butler said as the young lad changed his clothes.

“I understand. Prepare to leave.”

The young master nodded and walked out of the grand hall.

Looking out of the glass corridor, he saw a huge airport. A guiding vehicle was leading a mid-sized airplane to the runway.

Behind the young master were a hundred servants and bodyguards.

TakeASpearHit stood by the Carpenter Workshop while holding a large ladle, stirring a cauldron. SealHeadLingChong ran over and shouted, “Gosh! TakeASpearHit, did you hear about it? Raintea was hospitalized!”