Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 331 - Developing the Spiders’ Lair

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Chapter 331: Developing the Spiders’ Lair

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[SeekingMysticalWhite: Selling horses! Selling less than 50 horses! Those with the buying power, leave a note in the post. Limited to buyers in the Victoria Faction.]

Darkness engulfed the forest.

Edward panted heavily, his eyes blood red and his shoulders full of teeth marks. He grasped the prosthetic of his left arm, which was tugged off. Without the protection of armor, a chunk of flesh was bitten off the back of his hand.

Edward didn’t know what had happened to him, he only knew that he was high spirited and wanted to enslave all the Humans, Fairies, and Elves.

Before he finished laughing, he was swallowed by the terrifying horde.

When more than 30 of the bandits fell, without Edward’s order, the bandits had retreated.

Edward didn’t notice that though many bandits perished, none of the horses were hurt. Even when the gamers were trampled by the horses, they couldn’t bear to harm them.

Edward had never suffered such a severe setback. He looked at his body, which was full of injuries, unable to express his deep pain.

“Chief…” the adjutant behind Edward walked over and said softly.

Edward thought that he was going to console him, but this setback had left him disheartened, so he waved his hand and said, “Don’t say a word. This is my mistake, I’ve let down my brothers. I’ll fast tomorrow to mourn the dead.”

“Chief, I’m not talking about this. We caught a prisoner.” The adjutant pointed to the back, after which, two bandits escorted a deformed Human to Edward. The Human was in an incredible pose, his spine looking very distorted. There was also an unknown word above his head—Hoodlum.

The gamer, Hoodlum, could only make muffled sounds because he was gagged!

“Bring him back for interrogation!”

Edward waved his hand, and the bandits brought Hoodlum away…

[Meili_Invincible: Gosh, were you so vicious while going after the horses? You even killed your own comrades?]

[NaiShenYe: Will a kind-hearted person give me a horse?]

[Enrico Pucci: While the citizens of Victoria City are suffering, I’m in Eternal Kingdom showing off in front of a Darting Bird.]

[AskVoidPriest: Continue bragging. A Darting Bird requires doing Daily Missions and two Monthly Missions. You have exchanged for two Darting Birds, but the Mash Inspewer’s Reputation Points started less than four months ago?]

Sherlock browsed the posts on the discussion forum and found that the gamers were discussing the attack of the bandits last night. There weren’t many problems since it was only a group of bandits. However, Sherlock took notice of a post:

[I have successfully infiltrated the bandits’ hive.]

Sherlock looked through the post and found that the content wasn’t complex. It was made by a gamer called Hoodlum. In the battle last night, he was captured by a few bandits and imprisoned in a cage. They were torturing and interrogating him, but he said he was alright and that his life wasn’t in danger. He would continue to observe them, to see if there were any subsequent missions.

He could practice lock picking during his free time.

“They are really free. Lord Sherlock, do you intend to let the gamers of Victoria City participate in the daily teachings of Specter College?” Bru asked with concern.

“There’s nothing wrong with that. They can have entertainment at Specter College while they hone their combat skills. Most importantly, we can obtain Magic Stones as a reward. Is there a more profitable business?”

Sherlock countered with his argument.

“Indeed, there’s not. However, if the Underworld gets to know that Lord Sherlock is that close to the Surface World, there may be leaks of the Doppelganger Precious Pearl…”

“If you’re worried they may try to steal the Doppelganger Precious Pearl, don’t be. They would have to attack the Dungeon Core of Eternal Kingdom since the Doppelganger Precious Pearl has been fused into the Dungeon Core.”

“Lord Sherlock, I’m worried about this problem!”

Sherlock wasn’t bothered by Bru’s concern. He said, “Instead of worrying, think of how to develop and strengthen the Dungeon. Are all the required materials here yet?”

“They have all arrived, Lord Sherlock,” Bru said respectfully.

“You’ve purchased 100 Spider Queens. Did they cost a lot?”

“No, it’s the requirements for 10,000 gamers.”

[Mission Title: Excavate the Underground Spiders’ Lair

Mission Description: We conquered the Underground Spiders’ Lair, but we didn’t locate the Spider Queen, who could be hidden deep in the Underworld. Warriors, let’s find her!

Mission Reward: Reputation Points and game currency.]

When Peasant received the mission, he took a shovel and a pickaxe and boarded a Beetlemon at Entrance No. 1. There were many gamers like him who were going to the Spiders’ Lair.

Peasant couldn’t help recalling the past. When he first joined the game, he followed tens of gamers and entered the Spiders’ Lair timidly. He remembered the nervous feeling when he saw the ugly Underground Spiders.

The First Beta Gamers used a lot of effort to overcome that sense of fear.

He hadn’t entered the Spiders’ Lair for a long time as it was a specialized Training Ground for beginners. Peasant, being a veteran, was at the marshland of the Marsh Inkspewers to hunt for Large Lizards. There were also Dire Wolves and Underground Spiders at the marshland.

When he returned to the Spiders’ Lair, many places had changed.

A group of gamers was very bored, so there was a constructed Beetlemon shelter at the entrance of the Spiders’ Lair. According to the gamer who constructed it, he wanted the gamers who were waiting for the Beetlemon to be protected from the elements.

The walls and ground were full of graffiti and symbols.

After it upgraded to Level 3, Eternal Kingdom’s Dungeon Core had consolidated the Spiders’ Lair within its boundary.

The greatest change was the Teleport Portal that was under construction at the entrance!

The game was replacing the Beetlemon train system with a Teleport Portal!