Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 328 - Edward Scissorhand

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Chapter 328: Edward Scissorhand

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Darkness engulfed a hilltop of the York Territory.

It was late at night, but nobody could sleep.

The hill was a stockade for 200 powerful bandits.

Their boss was called “Edward Scissorhand”, as his wrist was chopped off. The perpetrator of the torture was the Duke of York himself.

Since then, Edward’s hand had been replaced with scissor-like blades.

The history of his escape, his becoming a bandit at the stockade, and how the Duke of York cut off his wrist was condensed into a hundred-word story.

The entire York Territory was fearful of Edward, who had a new target, the group of insane half-naked Humans, Fairies, and Elves who were walking like a parade late at night.

He could sell them off as coolies, while some could even pass as bandits!

“Chief! We have scouted the area. Though they have large numbers, besides a fully armed Knight, nobody else has a weapon!”

A filthy subordinate who hadn’t bathed for many days walked to Edward and said excitedly, “A few of the female Fairies and Elves are gorgeous. They’ll be worth a fortune!”

“Let our comrades enjoy them first before selling them. Get them to wash our clothes too!” Edward said to the bandit behind him, causing the bandits to cheer loudly.

“Fantastic! Those gals look strong, they will make our clothes very clean!”

“We’re in luck. Don’t compete with me, I want the most beautiful, most fragrant, and strongest gal to wash my clothes. Their clothes are so clean, so they’ll definitely do a good job!”

“Oh my god, you’re such a genius!”

The bandits were excited, and even Edward was smiling merrily.

“Chief, take a look! They’re coming out!”

The bandit beside Edward pointed at the cave nearby excitedly as a stream of people walked out carrying goods.

Edward picked up his binoculars and took a look.

“That is… Diamond Seam ore!”

Edward fixed his gaze on the goods that they were transporting. Besides the ore, there was also gold and silver.

“We’re rich! We’re rich! Chief, we’re rich!” Edward’s henchman shouted excitedly.

“Everyone, get ready! We’re about to make a big haul!”

Edward Scissorhand waved his hand and ordered his bandits.

His band of bandits was extremely excited, and they immediately set off once Edward gave the order.

The two hundred bandits were taking on a thousand Humans, Fairies, and Elves. It seemed like the bandits were overestimating their capability, but their targets were unarmed. According to Edward’s experience, he didn’t need to kill that many of them. With the flashing of their weapons, most of their victims would kneel down and beg for mercy. Even if the victims resisted, they wouldn’t cause much harm. Once Edward and his bandits killed off a hundred of them, they would lose the willpower to resist.

Even if there were ten thousand of them, they would be captured obediently!

Even if there were unexpected circumstances, Edward was sure they could outrun their victims on horseback because their targets didn’t have horses.

The bandits roared as they rode their horses towards the parading contingent of a thousand creatures…

Lancelot waited in the Underworld for a while, ensuring that there was nobody nearby before he went outside the cave.

Lancelot discovered that Sherlock was the first line of defense against the forces of evil and that Victoria City was different from the other cities and kingdoms that were creating trouble.

His thoughts were with Sherlock. After all, he was a Knight that had to fight for love and world peace!

Lancelot went to the cave entrance after not finding anything amiss. He knew that the York Territory wasn’t peaceful and that there was a powerful band of bandits roaming about. Nobody knew where their base was, and the passing Merchant Bands were greatly harassed by them.

Lancelot had performed Escort Missions through York Territory before and knew the power of the bandits. Though he wasn’t defeated previously, he was now escorting a thousand vulnerable Humans, Fairies, and Elves without weapons and armor. Though the delivery had some equipment, the armor was of a smaller size, unsuitable for Humans. They were only suitable for Fairies. While they could use the available weapons, they belonged to Victoria City, and Lancelot couldn’t distribute the equipment without prior approval.

Lancelot went through the Teleport Portal that connected the Underworld and the Surface World. When he returned to the Surface World, he felt the fresh air and was perked up.

Seeing the quiet darkness in front of him, Lancelot was optimistic. Though the journey was going to be long, he didn’t think there would be trouble. Just then, he noticed pebbles quaking on the ground. Lancelot felt chills on his head and understood the meaning from experience.

He dropped prone and placed his ear to the ground. There was a loud approaching rumbling sound coming from the ground.

“Enemy attack! Enemy attack! Everyone, pick up a weapon! Prepare for battle!”

As a Knight, fleeing was never his first choice. Moreover, he was escorting the materials. Besides, even if they abandoned the materials, where could they escape?

An honorable fight was his first choice!

He cried out as he ran into the Underworld, shouting to the crowd, “Pick up your weapons! We are preparing for battle!”