Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 323 - Rumors

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Chapter 323: Rumors

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In the Commercial Area of Eternal Kingdom Dungeon…

“Selling swords! Selling swords! The best swords in town!”

“That’s hilarious. Did you watch the news yesterday? The hat flew away when he was hit…”

“Selling a large amount of metal coins. Five yuan for a hundred bronze coins. Hurry!”

“The game coin rate fell again!”

“It’s normal. With the huge influx of gamers, the rate should drop. It would be strange if it rises.”

“Listen to me, accumulate the coins, the rate will increase later on!”

“Gosh, why is that?”

“The Reputation Level of the new gamers isn’t high enough for Green and Blue Equipment. Once they have reached the required level and want to change their equipment, there will be a huge demand for game coins. Will the rate not increase then?”

“Awesome! Bro, teach me. I heard people say that earning money is easy, and some even make large profits. So, why can’t I earn money?”

“Wait until you become a Gnome or become wise like Hemp Rope Technology. If you cut trees, you can become rich.”

“Make haste if you want to log trees, the forest is getting bare.”

“6666, the terrain is being changed by the gamers, it’s awesome.”

Besides doing business in the Commerce Area, the gamers also chatted and bragged about their feats.

A gamer said to another gamer, “Did you know that Dragonborn and Raintea are together?”

“When was that?”

“I don’t know when. I only heard about it.”

“Who said that? Is it reliable?”

“Reliable. It’s from the higher management of Dragon Raja. They even met each other in real life!”

“Gosh, he traveled long distance?”

“Dragonborn was the runner-up for the Dark Rider Tournament, only second to Arthur. Isn’t it normal for him to be with Goddess Raintea?”

“That’s cracking me up. Since when did Raintea become a goddess? Is a Goblin pretty?”

“You don’t know anything. The character is super attractive. If she’s not a goddess, who is?”

“I feel that she’s a green tea b*tch and a pretender.”

“Stop your nonsense. Place your flag at Gate No. 2, I’ll beat you to death today.”

With the chatting of gamers, the creation of posts on the forum, and messaging on QQ and Wechat, rumors spread like wildfire.

When Arthur heard the news, it was already the second day.

“I didn’t expect Raintea to be with Dragonborn.”

Peasant shook his head as he sat on the ground and ate a Spider Leg covered with clay. There were a few gamers sitting by his side resting.

They were a 15-member group in the Specter College Instance Dungeon, and they had defeated the second BOSS.

After a total annihilation, a few wounded gamers committed suicide to return to the Dungeon and were currently running back to the Instance Dungeon. Peasant, Arthur, and a few of them were in good condition, so they sat on the ground and chatted as they waited for their team members.

There was a Giant mixed-blood Skeleton wandering around nearby. It was the third BOSS of the Instance Dungeon.

Arthur, who was sharpening his weapon, was dumbfounded.

A gamer at the side said, “It’s online love, and one of them traveled a long distance to meet the other, though it’s unclear whether it was the guy or gal who traveled.”

“I’m green with envy. I’d like to have an online love relationship.”

“What’s up with this online love?”

“It’s the online love relationship between a guy and a gal. He has been playing Sword Online 3, so he spoke in that manner.”

“I don’t think Raintea performs Daily Missions, does she?”

“She doesn’t play PVE or PVP. Perhaps they farm together?”

“I don’t see Dragonborn farming.”

“You have been in the Instance Dungeon daily, so how do you know?”

“This has got nothing to do with the two-day disappearance of Raintea.”

“I heard Raintea is pregnant. It’s normal for a pregnant woman to be absent from online games. Would you play games if you were pregnant?”


The gamers heard a loud noise and turned their heads to see Arthur in a daze. The weapon in his hand had fallen to the ground.

“Pa da, Pa da…”

A hundred Beetlemons ran along the Underworld tunnel.

Dragonborn was on top of a Beetlemon. Even though it was noisy, he complained to TakeASpearHit, who was on top of another Beetlemon, saying, “Bro, I told you not to tell other people. Arthur was asking about my relationship with Raintea in a private chat. With the widespread rumors in the discussion forum, how am I going to face Raintea in the future? If she sees the rumor, she’ll blacklist me!”

“What? Even Arthur is concerned about this matter? I thought rich gamers didn’t care about 818.”

TakeASpearHit was surprised. SealHeadLingChong, who was at the side, quickly said, “What’s this 818 about? This is just a rumor. How did you spread it?”

“I didn’t say anything. If you don’t believe me, ask that guy!”

TakeASpearHit turned his head to look behind. In the large group of Beetlemons, he didn’t see the Guild member of the Pioneer Alliance.

“Gosh, where is he, that bro from the Pioneer Alliance?”

“He was crushed by a Beetlemon and died a horrible death,” someone joked.

“Enough, stop explaining. Your mouth is as solid as welded steel. I understand now.” SealHeadLingChong waved his hand.

Another gamer smiled and asked curiously, “What does that mean?”

“Steel door,” SealHeadLingChong said. Then he spoke to Dragonborn, “Dragonborn, don’t be bothered. It’s just a rumor and will die off by itself. Everyone thinks that both you and Raintea are a couple. Perhaps it’ll become true. You and Raintea will become the first Faction couple of Eternal Kingdom, isn’t that cool?”

“Yes, you have to thank me then.” TakeASpearHit nodded.

Dragonborn wasn’t angered by TakeASpearHit’s words, and he said, “Why did Arthur ask about this issue in a private chat? Does he like Raintea too?”

“Do you think Arthur would like Raintea and be involved in an online love? Stop joking. Do you think that rich gamers don’t have many girlfriends? Perhaps he’s a groom every night,” a gamer said with envy.

“Stop it, I’m green with jealousy.”

The gamers chatted jovially while Dragonborn was in agony.

Before long, the convoy stopped, and Eggface, who was in the lead, shouted, “Unload all of the goods!”