Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 322 - I‘m Telling You a Secret

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Chapter 322: I‘m Telling You a Secret

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Lord Sherlock’s letter?

Professor Bacon was surprised by the letter. He opened it to see the words:

“Dearest Professor Bacon:

Greetings, it’s Lord Sherlock from Eternal Kingdom. It has been quite some time since we met, and I am missing you.

Recently, Eternal Kingdom went through an expansion phase. Everyone in Eternal Kingdom wants to help Specter College in the graduation examination. There’s even a portion of a new friendly race that would like to extend their help.

If you are free, please come to Eternal Kingdom for a detailed discussion.

—Lord Sherlock”

Bacon grabbed his things and took the letter to the Principal’s Office.

He was smiling gently. He could tutor those poor students again.

Arthur and his companions didn’t manage to find Raintea.

In a small little house, they found Raintea’s Goblin body and were relieved.

Before the commencement of the Third Beta Testing, she moved her body to the little house.

If her body was still around, it meant that she hadn’t changed factions. The Victorian faction found a post that was suspected to be from Raintea, but it was confirmed to be false.

Dragonborn was extremely concerned about the continual disappearance of Raintea.

“Do you think that Raintea quit the game?”

Dragonborn tapped a large rock using his tool. His mission was to process the stone slabs into standard sizes, as the processed stone slabs would become good construction materials.

“I don’t know. If I was growing crops and vegetables every day, I’d definitely quit the game,” TakeASpearHit, who was sitting next to Dragonborn, said firmly.

“But that’s Veteran Raintea!” SealHeadLingChong, who was sitting on the other side of Dragonborn, said with uncertainty, “Wait, if she’s into growing plants, isn’t it better to grow them in real life?”

“Perhaps she’s a plant lover and an internet addict?” TakeASpearHit speculated.

“This combination is too rare.”

SealHeadLingChong and TakeASpearHit started debating. Dragonborn said worriedly, “I’ll message her using Wechat. I’m a little worried that she hasn’t been online for the entire day.”

SealHeadLingChong and TakeASpearHit, who were bickering, stopped and looked bewilderedly at Dragonborn.

“Gosh, since when did you have Raintea’s Wechat contact information?”

“No, I should rephrase. Why did you ask Raintea for her Wechat info?”

Dragonborn was shocked and immediately explained himself. “Don’t be mistaken, we’re just friends who exchanged Wechat info. I brought seeds to her every time, so we got to know each other.”

SealHeadLingChong and TakeASpearHit were suspicious of Dragonborn’s intentions, and they both started asking questions.

“Is Raintea pretty?”

“Is her voice sweet?”

“Is she a gal?”

“Is she rich?”

“Is she a wheelchair-bound vulnerable pretty gal?”

Dragonborn had no intention to answer the deluge of questions. He said, “I don’t know.”

He evaded all the questions.

Dragonborn reminded them, “Don’t talk nonsense. A lot of people asked Raintea for her Wechat info but didn’t get it. I gave her a lot of seeds, so she gave it to me.”

TakeASpearHit patted his chest and proclaimed, “Don’t worry, I’m tight-lipped and won’t spread rumors!”

The efficiency of the gamers was high. Within two days, they had prepared all of the raw materials for building Victoria City.

The Eternal Kingdom gamers weren’t told that they were gathering materials for Victoria City. Instead, they were told that the materials were for war preparations!

Over a hundred Beetlemons helped to complete the transportation of materials. It was only a matter of time before they set off.

TakeASpearHit stood beside a Beetlemon, having been fortunate enough to receive a mission:

[Mission Title: Escort the War Materials

Mission Description: Warriors, the war materials that you prepared will be used by the Non-Existing Intelligence Organization to build a reliable Stronghold in Victoria City. As the mission duration is about a day and a night, only those gamers who can stay online for a long period of time were assigned this mission.

Mission Objective: Follow the small Black Dragon and escort the war materials to the designated location. Then follow the small Black Dragon back to Eternal Kingdom.

Mission Reward: 200 Eternal Kingdom Faction Reputation Points.]

Though the mission duration was long, very few gamers would give up this mission as the Faction Reputation Points were high. Moreover, there were no more material preparation missions. This was the only mission that would earn Faction Reputation Points.

They didn’t know the use of the Faction Reputation Points, but they knew the points would be very useful.

TakeASpearHit felt that his luck wasn’t bad as he waited merrily for the Beetlemons to set off while he chatted with his companions.

A Gnome stood beside TakeASpearHit and chatted with him. Only fifty gamers received this mission, and each gamer would escort two Beetlemons. However, the Beetlemons were gentle creatures, so they didn’t require much supervision.

“Nobody knows how to change to the Orc race.”

The Gnome was part of the Pioneer Alliance, but he wasn’t a First Beta Gamer but a Second Beta Gamer.

“Aiya, I’m happy being a Gnome. Someone will eventually find out how to become an Orc, then I’ll become one.”

“That’s true.”

The Gnome nodded. TakeASpearHit hesitated for half a day before he blurted out to the Gnome, “Hey, I’m telling you a secret…”