Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 314 - Lancelot’s Misgivings

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Chapter 314: Lancelot’s Misgivings

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“Ah, you’ve discovered it so fast?”

Sherlock didn’t panic when Lilo discovered her loss of Mana. He said calmly, “Lilo, this is the crux of the conquest of the Heavenly Kingdom! You thought I cheated you of your investment, fled, and set up a Dungeon?”

“Yes.” Lilo nodded.

“No, of course not!” Sherlock said firmly. “When have I deceived you?”

“The previous time, when you secretly coveted Satan’s treasure,” Lilo said without thinking.

“That was an accident. I feel that I explained it to you in detail,” Sherlock said.

“Let’s not talk about the past. But Lilo, this time, we have a powerful army that can help us defeat the army of the Heavenly Kingdom! This army requires your unbridled supply of Mana.

“Don’t feel that I’m treating you like a Mana storage device. You’re a leader like the title that I have given you, the great Duchess Lilo! You’ll be their leader and create a strong foundation on the Surface World. Victoria will be our stepping board, a powerful Stronghold for us to launch our attacks at the Heavenly Kingdom.

“Of course, before we accumulate enough power, we have to disguise ourselves. Before the time comes, you have to perform your role as a Duchess and learn about the knowledge and etiquette of the nobles, if you have the time.

“I recruited four talents to help you manage the city. A spirited Rider and a wanted criminal. He is also an excommunicated non-believer who is extremely decadent. I feel that he is extremely suitable for the job. The Elf is a vegetarian and protector of the environment and animals. He is exiled and hard to get along with. But believe me, he’s suitable for us. The two Dwarven brothers are middle-aged creatures who, in addition to repaying their housing loan, have to support their grandparents and children. If they lose their jobs, they will pretend to go to work. These honest Dwarves are easy to manage, though I feel that you won’t be asking them to do things for you.

“As for the Grand Priest, don’t worry, he’s a fanatic believer and the easiest to control.”

Lilo paused for a while and asked, “Are there any other things for me to take note of?”

“Just perform your role well, and don’t reveal your identity. That’s all. Leave the rest to me.”

Sherlock looked at the time and said, “Ah, I have many newcomers, and I’m giving them a speech. The newcomers have to swear their allegiance to the Dungeon Lord.”

“Contact me via the crystal ball if there are any issues. I’ll be using this Mana channel.”

The images in the crystal ball vanished. Lilo looked at the noisy Humans, Fairies, and Elves and pondered. Then she muttered to herself, “Swear allegiance…”

Hoodlum was a young lad with a bright future. In the game, he had violet hair and average looking features.

And unruly behavior.

His spine was distorted. Even when he was standing, he was hunchbacked. His thigh was level with his head. When he ran, it was very awkward for him. With such distortion, he was unable to run fast. He could only waddle like a duck.

Why did Hoodlum create such a character?

Hoodlum was a professional at creating characters.

“Gosh! Are you a fan of the ugly club? You created a hoodlum! That’s hilarious!”

“What about great centenarian? Jasmine girl? Logan?”

“The shops in Victoria are doomed.”

“That’s cracking me up!”

What was the situation? Lancelot had never encountered such strange Humans, Fairies, and Elves.

The creatures were either super beautiful with excellent figures or as ugly as the legendary Ancient Gods. Otherwise, they had severely distorted figures.

Were they construction workers? What about their tools? Safety helmets? Supervisor? They didn’t have construction materials or machines!

There was a lot of wood around, but there were no rocks! And there were no rock mines nearby. Did they intend to build a Freedom City based on wood?

The strangest thing was that they chatted enthusiastically after coming out of the Teleport Portals. They didn’t mind the thin clothing that they had. Did they not feel cold in this weather?

Why were the three races of Human, Fairy, and Elf so familiar with each other? And they could chat so happily?

Lancelot was unable to get along well with the nagging Grand Priest, let alone Fairies and Dwarves.

What were the green words above their heads?

Lancelot was full of doubts. According to his contract with Sherlock, he couldn’t grab them and ask. Moreover, it was impolite.

Though he was excommunicated and exiled, he was inherently a Knight.

While Lancelot’s mind was filled with questions, the number of Humans, Fairies, and Elves had breached one thousand.

Without a leader, once the numbers breached the limit, then it could cause chaos. In fact, chaos was starting to rear its ugly head. Lancelot noticed a few of the creatures arguing, and such conflicts were increasing. When someone came forward to lead, it could lead to a bloodbath!

Lancelot was getting worried. It was then that a door opened on the second level balcony of the castle. Duchess Lilo and the three Hamsters walked down.

The crowd started shouting.

“Oh my gosh! That’s my wife, the great Angel Lilo!”

“Is that the greedy Fat Otaku? The three of them look alike?”

“Shh! Stop talking! The Plot Animation is beginning!”

Wait, how did they know them?