Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 311 - Recruitment of Guild Members (Part 2)

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Chapter 311: Recruitment of Guild Members (Part 2)

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At the entrance of the Dungeon Lord Main Hall in Eternal Kingdom, a group of Third Beta Gamers whose characters were green-skinned Goblins were queuing up in front of a booth.

The Third Beta Gamers had received their Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Missions, which consisted mainly of mining ore, the expansion of Eternal Kingdom’s boundary, and construction of new buildings.

Most of the Third Beta Gamers had spent the majority of their time browsing the discussion forum. Though they didn’t have the chance to play the game, they had already played the game mentally after reading the comprehensive Strategy Guides.

Most of them could memorize Eternal Kingdom’s map. To experience the legendary Sacred Knight, they attended tuition classes daily and studied their abandoned textbooks. Besides browsing the forum and working, they used their remaining time to study. Learning was the way to ace the game.

Once the Third Beta Gamers entered the game, they didn’t wander around like headless flies. They were very clear about what they wanted.

Those unaffiliated gamers chose to join existing Guilds that they thought were suitable for them.

Some individualistic gamers preferred to be lone rangers and didn’t join any Guilds.

Then there were those gamers who were ambitious. They wanted to be famous and be a Guild chairman.

The gamers who gathered at the entrance of the Dungeon Lord Main Hall and were looking at the Guild booths had the intention of joining a Guild.

After a few months of testing, the First Beta Gamers proved that “Dungeon” was a group game. Whether it was to challenge an Instance Dungeon, fight in a Battle Campaign Scenario, exploration, construction of houses, trading, or the completion of Daily and Weekly Missions, the gamers required friends to help each other. Social interaction was extremely important in this game. It was like the real world.

The graphic quality, the texture and feel of materials, and the behavior of NPCs were almost like reality, with the exception of the pain threshold adjustment.

The longest queue was at the Pioneer Alliance’s booth. This Guild was set up in the Second Beta Testing. Now, the Guild had decided to recruit an ambitious 500 members in the Third Beta Test!

Currently, the largest Guild only had 500 members. After recruiting 500 members, the Guild land had to be expanded, which required Magic Stones and game coins. In addition, there was a monthly management and rental fee. That was another considerable sum of Magic Stones and game coins.

Even Dragon Raja and the Meat Vegetable Rice Alliance didn’t have such ambitious plans. They only planned to recruit 300 to 400 members. An additional recruitment of 500 members would cause a huge increase in rental fees.

To the Pioneer Alliance, it wasn’t a big problem. All of the rich gamers were in this Guild.

“Veteran! Veteran! Are there any benefits in joining the Guild?”

“Veteran! I want to join the Guild!”

“Veteran! Please invite me!”

“I’m sincere. I’m different from those cheapskates who just ask casually!”

The new gamers had formed a long queue in front of Peasant. To join the Guild, the gamers tried to persuade the veterans who were checking their qualifications vigorously.

At an adjacent booth next to the Pioneer Alliance, a few Gnomes who were wearing maid costumes and Tuxedos held hands as they danced. Their names had the Guild title “FriendlyLiloAlliance”. Perhaps due to the Guild name and their equipment, which looked inferior, the number of new gamers making inquiries at the booth was negligible.

That didn’t stop their passionate and diligent dancing.

It looked like dancing.

Peasant recovered his attention and continued nervously with his recruitment of new blood.

Besides the recruitment of new blood, many gamers were doing business.

As the Commercial Area was well developed, all of the trading stalls were concentrated in the Commercial Area. But now, there were a lot more gamers gathered at the entrance of the Dungeon Lord Main Hall.

A few small Guilds couldn’t afford the large rental like the large Guilds. It was difficult for the small Guilds to spend 10 to 20 Magic Stones, as working in Winterfell for a month would only earn 10 Magic Stones.

Therefore, those who could do business wanted to use the chance to sell goods.

For example, Springfield Flower Kindergarten was a classic Guild that required money.

Even though Dragonborn was the runner-up of the Dark Rider Tournament and was second only to Arthur, Dragonborn wasn’t rich. From his current investment in the game, he wasn’t rich.

Dragonborn only spent a few hundred Renminbi buying bronze coins and Magic Stones. To depend on working to earn Magic Stones and bronze coins was too slow.

This amount was considered paltry in the eyes of the Guild members.

The other Guild members were also not rich. After accumulating 20 Magic Stones, they rented a 10-square-meter booth. They wanted to earn back their costs, so they also sold some goods at the recruitment booth.

“Selling Dagger, selling Dagger! The best Dagger in Winterfell!”

TakeASpearHit carried a large advertisement and shouted loudly, but his specially prepared sales dialogue didn’t garner good comments. Those new gamers weren’t interested in his goods.

“Why are they not interested in my Daggers?” TakeASpearHit, who felt discouraged, turned his head and asked SealHeadLingChong.

“Because they feel you’re crude! Eh? What? Selling silver coins? Yes! I’m selling silver coins! One silver coin for 500 Renminbi. This is the cheapest in the entire Dungeon!”

SealHeadLingChong sold two silver coins to a naked Third Beta Goblin. Why did he look for SealHeadLingChong to buy silver coins? Nobody knew.