Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 300 - Damage Inflicted by the Gamers

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Chapter 300: Damage Inflicted by the Gamers

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Arthur’s sword penetrated a Gnome’s head, but it didn’t stop his movement. Peasant hacked with his Great Axe to destroy the Gnome’s body and immobilize him.

Though the gamers were fighting violent battles and occasionally used Mana Skills that created “Pom” sounds, it was a far cry from the battle at the side.

At the Dungeon Lord Main Hall, Sherlock and Samael were locked in a vicious battle. The frequent crashing of buildings made loud impact sounds. A series of Mana Formations appeared in the sky, and crimson lasers covered the ground, followed by sequential explosions.




Such sound effects were heard.

“I’m full of praises, I’m going to give the special effects full marks.”

NotWearingPants climbed down from the buildings. He was clean since he hadn’t engaged in battle.

Arthur was covered in blood, but he hadn’t died yet. Many gamers had perished once. Yoda flew the Airship to Winterfell. Once the gamers revived on the Airship, they could have unlimited replenishment of troops.

“It’s not good to continue fighting. We have to kill the BOSS! The minions will keep coming!”

BurningChestHair, who was covered in wounds, wielded a pair of Daggers. His Breastplate had a gaping hole that required extensive repair. He said excitedly, “Quick, Pants, gather all of our Guild members! Leave the minions to individual gamers and other Guilds. Let’s fight the BOSS!”

“Gosh, fight the BOSS?” NotWearingPants pushed down on BurningChestHair’s head and pointed to Sherlock, who was fighting within the ruins.

“How do you fight the BOSS in that kind of a battle?”

“Don’t we need to perish tens of times when we fight with a BOSS in all online games?” BurningChestHair said.

Arthur nodded his head as he said, “Yes, I think ChestHair makes sense.”

NotWearingPants didn’t rebuke Arthur. He went to call for other Guild members.

There were numerous servants of Samael, but they couldn’t be compared to the unlimited revivals of the gamers.

Tens of members of the Pioneer Alliance were redeployed such that they didn’t affect the outcome of the battle.

A strange thing occurred.

The outer circle was formed by a thousand gamers. They fought with Samael’s servants, who came from all directions.

Nearby was Sherlock and Samael having an immortal battle.

The Beta Gamers of the Pioneer Alliance were outside the circle, preparing to engage the BOSS.

They were sharpening weapons, distributing food, and discussing combat tactics.

The most important thing was combat tactics. In this game, there was only one way to fight a BOSS.

That was to arrange more than ten Tanks to distract the BOSS while DPS inflicted as much damage as possible from behind the BOSS at a distance. As for close combat DPS, they waited for opportunities to conduct suicide attacks.

The Tanks stripped all of their armor and were only armed with shields.

Peasant stripped himself bare. Even his weapons were on the ground. He was only armed with a shield. Yoda was on the Airship, gaping in astonishment. The gamers weren’t bothered. It was understandable for NPCs to become dazed once in a while.

Peasant took up a large Kite Shield that was the size of a Gnome. He was naked as he shouted, “Let’s go! I’ll go first!”

Sherlock and Samael were still locked in a vicious battle. Sherlock had to sustain the Mana to revive the dying gamers as he deflected Samael’s incessant attacks.

After a pair of featherless wings sprouted from his back, Samael’s combat power had risen to a new level.

The spiraling black Pike that had black Mana hit at Sherlock’s body.

A Mana-filled Rune Shield blocked the stabbing of the black Pike.

The Rune Shield appeared in Sherlock’s hand instantly, deflecting Samael’s attacks.

“Sherlock, do consider my suggestion. If you hand over Michelangelo’s relic, I’ll let you off, and you’ll be my loyal servant. I’ll open the Gates of Hell completely and teach those who bragged about…”

Samael opened his mouth, which was filled with long, sharp teeth, and opened his crimson eyes. He discussed his plan excitedly with Sherlock.

He was interrupted by a small voice coming from his back.

Because the power was so small, Samael could almost ignore it.

But he forgot he was in a human’s body.


An arrow landed on Samael’s wing, which had only a few black feathers.

Black liquid flowed out and eroded the arrowhead, and the arrow shaft fell to the ground. However, there was a wound on Samael’s wing.

Samael turned his head and saw a naked Gnome who was wielding a Kite Shield and another armored Gnome who held a Short Bow. That was the Gnome that shot him.

The other naked Gnomes shouted excitedly.

“That was awesome, Sister Vanas!”

“Cool! I thought you were going to kill Sherlie with your arrow!”

“That’s fantastic. Sister Vanas did practice archery daily.”

“The rise of the archers starts with Sister Vanas.”

The gamers whistled while Sylvanas raised her Short Bow and fired at Samael’s face. The bowstring emitted a “Swoosh!” sound.

An arrow flew past Samael’s wing and missed.

“It’s alright, Sister Vanas, buck up!”

“Let me try!”

“Gosh, don’t shoot Sherlie.”

The gamers chattered noisily, and Samael was exploding with fury. When he was shot by these low, weak, and stupid green-skinned creatures, his rationale was almost overwhelmed by rage.

Samael didn’t have the chance to kill those gamers.

While Samael was distracted, Sherlock grabbed his hair and smashed him against the ground.

At the same time, Sherlock raised his other fist and smashed hard onto the back of Samael’s skull.

The gamers charged, ready to inflict maximum damage.