Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 292 - Hidden Conspiracy

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Chapter 292: Hidden Conspiracy

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The conflict between the gamers wouldn’t change with Sherlock’s disappearance.

The conflict between Guilds was one of the main themes in online games.

A group of strangers called each other brothers and used their keyboards to defend their camaraderie. For “Dungeon: Eternal Kingdom”, the keyboard was no longer used.

It didn’t stop them from killing each other until the Heavens cried.

The Winterfell reporters and the Garrison Guards were frightened. Did the battle with the Ogres make them insane?

Whatever the case, it was big news.

While the gamers were interacting with the NPCs, Dungeon Lord Andrew was trying to find out news regarding Michelangelo’s relic.

As there were many creatures surrounding him, Andrew didn’t have the chance to investigate.

As time passed, weird sounds appeared in the crowd.

“Your Dungeon Lord, Andrew, is a wicked creature. He got the Ogres to attack this place. His goal is to find Michelangelo’s relic!”

“What? Why is Michelangelo’s relic buried here? How do I know? Our Sherlock went missing. Most likely, he was kidnapped by Andrew.”

“What? Lord Sherlock is so awesome. How could that happen? Nothing is impossible. After the penniless warriors cleaned out the chief’s house, they gathered their comrades to defeat the Devil King. What’s impossible in the game… gosh, why did I tell the NPCs so much?”

“What? You said Andrew is a wicked creature? Why did you open the gates? Do you think I, TakeASpearHit, am a righteous person? No, I’m evil! If you bribe me with Magic Stones, I’ll tell you everything. I told you a lot, please pay up.”

There were similar conversations going on everywhere.

Then the Winterfell reporters went to ask Dungeon Lord Andrew questions.

“Dungeon Lord Andrew, did you betray Winterfell, the Merchant Alliance, and the Underworld?”

“What? Betray? No, no, no. How could that be? I’m the Dungeon Lord assigned by the Merchant Alliance!”

“What explanation do you have for Eternal Kingdom’s accusations, Dungeon Lord Andrew?”

“Explanation? Those are baseless accusations from the green-skinned creatures. I mean, the citizens of Eternal Kingdom. They are nutcases. You have seen how 200 of them killed each other. I believe the Ogres used mental-related Mana Skills against them. There aren’t many Ogre Magicians, but they are good at such Mana Skills.”

“If it’s not caused by Mana Skills? What if it’s real? Lord Sherlock is really missing. We sent many letters to Lord Sherlock in Eternal Kingdom but didn’t get a reply. Why didn’t you rescue the Orcs that were attacked by the Ogres? Why was Eternal Kingdom the first one to help them?”

“Er, this problem…”

“Dungeon Lord Andrew, you are unable to answer us. Is there any hidden conspiracy? Did you come to Winterfell because you had already hatched a scheme!”

“Conspiracy? What? Don’t think of creating…”

“Don’t say anymore! Dungeon Lord Andrew, we have deduced the truth about the entire incident!”

The problem had gotten out of hand.

Andrew didn’t understand why it happened since he did a good job of keeping it a secret. Besides the Ogre leaders, none of the Ogres knew about his plan. Did the Ogre leaders betray him? No, why would they do that? What benefits could they obtain?

The Winterfell reporters believed the crazy accusations of the green-skinned creatures. Though the accusations were true, they weren’t willing to believe him. Why? Was it because they were from Eternal Kingdom? Was it because Lord Sherlock was Winterfell’s hero?

Andrew was feeling jealous and angry. Why did Sherlock become so popular while he became notorious? Andrew was carrying out his great plan, but the green-skinned creatures had to obstruct him. If he knew the whereabouts of Michelangelo’s relic, he wouldn’t waste his time with them. They would have been killed!

As long as he had Michelangelo’s relic, the entire Underworld would be his!

Andrew thought about his plan, but he said, “No, there must be a misunderstanding. How can I be an evil Dungeon Lord? As the Winterfell Dungeon Lord, I’m always for the residents!”

Nobody believed him, especially the gamers, who provided evidence of Andrew’s crime.

“At a location around a day’s journey from here, Michelangelo’s relic was found. Our Lord Sherlock disappeared over there! We can bring you there. Everyone has to pay ten, no, a hundred Magic Stones!”

Those brave reporters instantly agreed to the request. They followed the gamers to the location of Michelangelo’s relic.

The gamers didn’t think that the location was a big deal. They happily chatted amongst themselves.

“Gosh, these Strange Encounter Missions are so good. I just divulged the contents of the discussion forum and earned tens of Magic Stones!”

“This AI design is impressive and awesome. This is a Benefit Mission that rewards gamers with Magic Stones.”

Andrew’s eyes lit up when he heard the gamers.

Outside Winterfell, TinyMeatball lowered his hat. A hundred Houndhead Men and Gnomes were packing their luggage and placing it on a Beetlemon’s back. A small Black Dragon was directing them.

Not far away, a Fallen Angel sat quietly in a carriage, while a Sludge Monster butler was talking to the Gnomes and Houndhead Men outside.

TinyMeatball narrowed his eyes.

These criminals were in cahoots with the Fallen Angel, who had arrived in Winterfell recently! There must be a hidden conspiracy!