Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 290 - Seeking Help From Lilo

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Chapter 290: Seeking Help From Lilo

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It was another peaceful day in Winterfell.

There was a news report: “Shocking! An Orc village was attacked. Why was the Winterfell Dungeon Lord not doing anything? Lord Sherlock led his brave warriors and saved the Underworld once again!”

Because of this news, even though the newspaper was full of advertisements, the volume of sales was extraordinary.

Were the Winterfell residents worried about the Orc village? No, no, no. They were concerned when Lord Sherlock and Andrew were going to fight. It would be a battle of the century and even more exciting than the Sole Survivor Gladiator Fight at the arena.

TinyMeatball was the Captain of the Winterfell Garrison Guards. He wasn’t involved in the expedition to defeat the Ogres at the Orc village, so he didn’t have the chance to appear in the news.

As a Garrison Guard Officer with 70 to 80 guards, there were only about 100 Officers who had a higher rank and position than him.

TinyMeatball had never been in such a high position. He swelled and placed his legs on the table.

He was only happy for a few days before he received big news.

A group of creatures from Eternal Kingdom, led by a small Black Dragon, were in Winterfell looking for a person.

“Who are they looking for?” TinyMeatball asked.

“A Fallen Angel called Lilo.”

Looking for the Fallen Angel? What were they trying to do?

TinyMeatball squinted his eyes. His acute intuition told him that there were hidden secrets. He lit up a metal stick and put it in his mouth. The stick sizzled as smoke rings floated up.

He stood up and picked up his large windbreaker.

He had to investigate personally.

Eggface received the mission to rescue Lord Sherlock. He brought along the gamers and Evelyn to Winterfell, but they couldn’t find that Fallen Angel!

Though Evelyn was familiar with Winterfell, Lilo had just arrived in Winterfell. Besides knowing that she lived in a manor outside Winterfell, Evelyn didn’t know anything about her.

The situation was tricky. Thankfully, the gamers were around.

What? Looking for someone? The Lilo Fallen Angel? She appeared in the forum before? No problem! Let’s go!

The gamers used their resources to complete this Hidden Mission.

By asking NPCs.

The NPCs referred to the Winterfell residents. The gamers were going to inquire, but it was actually harassment.

The method was foolish, but it was still effective. The night they arrived in Winterfell, Eggface used the gamers’ insane method of inquiry to locate Lilo’s residence.

It was a manor outside Winterfell.

“Is this Miss Lilo’s residence? It’s huge…”

Evelyn lifted her head and surveyed the large manor, which was surrounded by walls and a large metal gate. It was private property, after all.

“This is the Fallen Angel’s manor. Where are My Magic Stones?” an Orc who was driving a Beetlemon shouted at the gamers.

A rich gamer gave the Orc a bag of Magic Stones. He bought those Magic Stones from other gamers.

After receiving his reward, the Orc left the manor, driving the noisy Beetlemon towards Winterfell.

“This mission is complete. When are you giving me my title, Eggface?”

The rich gamer received the Strange Encounter Mission from Eggface, who promised titles and legendary equipment. Eggface asked them to do lots of work, but the rewards…

“Of course, I’ll reward you with titles. I’m the King of Black Dragons, the Master of Devil Flames. Since when did I deceive anyone? After we save Lord Sherlock, you can have anything you want.”

Eggface walked to the metal gate and shouted loudly, “Hello! Is anyone there? Is anyone there?”

Eggface shouted a few times, and the gamers joined in. There were about a hundred of them, and they filled the seats on the Beetlemon.

Soon, a few Gnomes and a Sludge Monster came out. The Sludge Monster wore a black suit, and he looked like a butler.

“Who are you?” The Sludge Monster eyed the gamers and the Black Dragon warily.

“Black Dragon puppet? Another sales stunt? I told you we don’t need breakfast milk, including Black Dragon milk. Please go back.”

The Sludge Monster misunderstood the gamers and Eggface.

“Wait! We’re not here to sell breakfast milk, we’re here to find Miss Lilo,” Evelyn shouted when she saw the Sludge Monster and Gnomes leaving.

“You’re looking for Miss Lilo? Do you have an invitation?” the Sludge Monster asked politely.

“Er, what’s that?” Eggface asked, bewildered.

“Apologies, Miss Lilo said she will not meet anyone unless there is an invitation,” the Sludge Monster said to Evelyn and the gamers.

“Please go back, no matter what it is, Miss Lilo will not meet you.”

“We’re here to save the Underworld!”

“Yes, yes, let Miss Lilo meet us.”

“We’re different from other visitors. We’re not common creatures!”

“We can sing, dance, RA…”

“Get lost! I’m going to sue you for harassment!”

The gamers started shouting noisily. The Sludge Monster didn’t bother with the gamers and started to leave. However, he stopped when he heard a name.

“We’re here because of Lord Sherlock. Please let us meet Miss Lilo! She knows Lord Sherlock,” Evelynn shouted. She knew that Lilo was fond of Sherlock.

She hit the right spot.

“Lord Sherlock? That superior Devil? Aiya, you should have told me earlier. What did Lord Sherlock say? Our lady is very concerned about Lord Sherlock’s situation,” the Sludge Monster said as he opened the gate hurriedly.