Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 282 - Ogres’ Counterattack

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Chapter 282: Ogres’ Counterattack

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A gamer excavated a valuable item.

Arthur and his companions ran in the direction of the exclamation, where a group of gamers surrounded a large black chest that was half-buried in the ground.

Everyone was astonished by the chest that had the size of a building. If it contained treasure…

“Who excavated it?” NotWearingPants ran hurriedly over and asked the gamers.

“It’s Veteran Hemp Rope. They are really cool. They managed to locate the chest after doing a soil analysis. When they excavated, they really found it!” a gamer replied quickly.

“I think the game is really cool. Even the Archaeology content is so realistic.”

“Let’s not discuss it further. I’m fully in awe of ‘Dungeon’. I journeyed three days and excavated for a few days, and yet I don’t feel bored…”

The gamers discussed loudly. They cursed at the game producer while praising the game quality.

“Where is Hemp Rope Technology?” Peasant shouted at the crowd.

“Don’t shout. He’s doing Archaeology work.”

When the crowd saw Arthur and his companions, they gave way and allowed them to enter. Arthur was the top rich gamer, they had to show him respect.

When Arthur and his companions reached the front, they saw Hemp Rope Technology holding a small custom-made shovel. The game official adopted his suggestion to create the custom shovels.

There were many gamers with small shovels at the side who were excavating carefully. Some gamers wanted to help but were stopped.

“Don’t move. You can’t excavate this relic. We’re excavating carefully and waiting for Sherlie to take a look. Don’t touch the Rune Mana Formation. We will be in trouble!”

BurningChestHair asked curiously, “Gosh, since when did you learn about the Rune Mana Formation?”

“I didn’t learn about the Rune Mana Formation. I was told by an NPC.”

Hemp Rope Technology pointed to a squatting figure who lifted his head. BurningChestHair discovered that the face in the cloak was a skull.

Everyone recognized that he was Brainiac.

The gamers weren’t sure what mission Hemp Rope Technology had received, but he obtained lots of knowledge from Brainiac, who had traveled all the way from Winterfell.

“D*mn, when was the Plot Animation? I didn’t catch it. It feels like I’ve lost a billion yuan!”

Peasant screamed, but Hemp Rope Technology said, “Don’t scream, nobody saw the Plot Animation. Brainiac just appeared at midnight and excavated with us for half a day. After excavating the chest, he only said not to touch the Rune.”

The gamers didn’t feel anything was amiss as Brainiac seldom interacted. If he talked too much to Hemp Rope Technology, that would be strange.

When an NPC appeared, it indicated the development of a Plot, so the gamers worked harder. As the chest was slowly excavated, a gamer shouted, “The Ogres are attacking. There are many of them!”

The gamers were shocked. Someone screamed, “Get your weapons and fortify the walls!”

“Yes, get up on the walls!”

Someone shouted, “Why get onto the walls? Let’s charge out and kill the Ogres for their equipment! We are fools to hide behind the walls!”

“D*mn! Who shouted just now? I was almost duped into getting on the walls!”

“Charge! Don’t let others get the equipment!”

The gamers charged outside the walls.

Arthur and his companions followed.

Only Hemp Rope Technology and a few gamers were still doing the Archaeology work. Compared to fighting with a BOSS, Archaeology was more interesting.

Brainiac remained silent. He looked on, lowered his head, and pondered.

Cherry King remembered the insult of being defeated by the green-skinned creatures. He led his large Ogre army and appeared outside the Orc village.

His army spanned beyond the horizon. He gathered several thousand Ogres from ten tribes.

Cherry King thought that the green-skinned creatures couldn’t possibly outnumber his large Ogre army.

Cherry King surveyed and calculated that there were at most a thousand green-skinned creatures.

Each of his Ogres was a skilled warrior who was extremely brutal and violent and could kill hundreds of green-skinned creatures. His previous defeat would never occur again!

Cherry King wanted to witnessed personally how his Ogre army would crush the green-skinned creatures!

“Cherry King, are these the green-skinned creatures that you talked about? Were you defeated by these tiny little hands and feet? Hahaha. Being defeated by the Orcs is better than being defeated by these little creatures.” A leader of a large tribe teased him mercilessly.

Cherry King gritted his teeth and kept his wits.

In the Ogre world, strength and capability ruled everything. Half of Cherry King’s troops were killed in the previous conflict, and their Superior Equipment was taken by the gamers.

Cherry King’s power was greatly diminished. Without the backing of Andrew, Cherry King wouldn’t be called a King.

The tribes agreed to avenge Cherry King because of the Great Devil’s relic. Who didn’t want to possess the relic?

Previously, Cherry King’s tribe was the strongest. And with Andrew’s support, all the other leaders kept quiet. But now…

They were going to show Cherry King their wrath!