Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 281 - Archaeology

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Chapter 281: Archaeology

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“What are you doing?” Sherlock stood behind Eggface and asked.

“I’m fighting for the freedom of the Milky Galaxy…” Eggface said halfway and stood immediately.

He moved obediently to the side and said earnestly, “I’m helping you to test the game. I found a good game company with many great titles. Lord Sherlock, you can give it a try.”

Eggface had mastered the communication technique with Sherlock. He was young but had great learning skills. He was only two years old, but his intelligence was fully developed.

“It’s only a small ball with so many runes and words. What’s so fun about it?”

Sherlock frowned, but Eggface explained excitedly, “That’s what I thought, but after understanding its background and gaming for 30 minutes, I’m hopelessly addicted. Come, Lord Sherlock, I’ll explain it to you in detail…”

Sherlock sat down suspiciously.

Two days later.

Arthur walked out of the Pioneer Alliance house and proceeded to the Teleport Portal Main Hall.

After the gamers defeated the Ogres, the gamers had fully occupied the Orc village.

The gamers had a new Daily Mission, Archaeology.

It wasn’t a simple job of excavation.

Arthur wasn’t professionally trained in Archaeology, so he could only excavate. For Hemp Rope Technology, who was technically trained and skilled in civil engineering, he had different missions.

Though Hemp Rope Technology explained everything in detail on the discussion forum, nobody understood the professional terms and knowledge.

It was about locating the relic position according to the surrounding soil layers and rock placement.

The gamers didn’t have a treasure map, but Archaeology didn’t require maps.

Arthur wasn’t sure of the scientific reasoning. Science was as mysterious as Mana.

Even in the gaming world, the science knowledge learned by the gamers could be used miraculously. What more could they say about the excellent game production?


When Arthur arrived at the location of Michelangelo’s relic via the Rune Mana Formation, an ugly Gnome, Sylvanas, ran happily to him.

“You’re here. Everyone’s waiting for you. I haven’t started the archaeology work. Let’s begin together.”

Sylvanas wore a yellow safety helmet and held a small shovel daintily. If her voice wasn’t hoarse, she wound sound very gentle.

“D*mn, I feel like vomiting. You are flirting with Arthur again.”

Before Arthur responded to Sylvanas, another Gnome, NotWearingPants, came over.

Behind NotWearingPants were Peasant and BurningChestHair. They were the fantastic five.

“Join us quickly. There are many people doing Archaeology work, and we have to queue up. We also have to challenge the Instance Dungeon later. It has been a few days since we fought. It’s bad if we get rusty,” BurningChestHair said.

“Have you completed your Archaeology work?” Arthur asked as he looked at NotWearingPants.

“No, Sister Vanas said to wait for you. We’re all waiting for you,” Peasant said, and Sylvanas charged and wrestled with Peasant.

“Why did you say that I’m waiting for Brother Arthur? Who are you waiting for? Ah?”

Everyone was used to the bickering, and nobody stopped Sylvanas from strangling Peasant.

NotWearingPants walked to Arthur and pulled him as he said, “I talked to Hemp Rope Technology. His team members are the main workforce for excavating the relic. Though other Guilds are bribing him, he is willing to share the results and rewards with us first.”

“What’s the price?” Arthur nodded and asked.

NotWearingPants showed one finger and winked.

“This number.”

“How many figures? Six? Seven? Eight?”

Arthur looked at NotWearingPants, who smiled and said, “Just a single figure. He wants you to help him build a large scale laboratory in the game. Isn’t the old district under Sherlie? When the old residents relocated, the land was sold to Sherlie. The Adventurer’s Guild can’t possibly use all the land. They were talking on the forum about how the land would be used by the gamers. Perhaps we can buy the land and set up shops in the future.”

“So Hemp Rope Technology wants to create a laboratory in Winterfell? Why didn’t he choose Eternal Kingdom or the Marsh Inkspewer’s marshland?” Arthur frowned and asked.

“The Winterfell location is convenient and has raw materials! Many Magical Items can’t be transported via the Teleport Portal. Winterfell is also safer. After some experiments that cause explosions, the system can rebuild itself. Didn’t the system rebuild Winterfell after the Ancient Gods’ war devastated it?” NotWearingPants said.

“I understand. The cost isn’t cheap. As long as he gives the Michelangelo’s mission rewards to us, setting up a laboratory is no problem. But I can’t guarantee the time.”

NotWearingPants nodded.

“I understand. We are earning very few Magic Stones, and the laboratory setup requires lots of Magic Stones. I think Hemp Rope Technology will understand.”

A fight broke out nearby. It was a battle between Guilds.

As the gamers were away from Eternal Kingdom and Winterfell, the restrictions on the gamers were lifted. Hence, they were able to attack each other. Eternal Kingdom and Winterfell were safety zones.

“I discovered—!”

A loud exclamation was heard.