Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 278 - Humiliation

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Chapter 278: Humiliation

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As the gamers were talking excitedly, Sherlock said firmly, “The Underworld is facing a crisis! If we let Andrew obtain Michelangelo’s relic, the consequences will be dire. He will conquer the world. We can’t let him succeed. Only we can conquer the world! We have to obtain Michelangelo’s relic! Warriors, investigate the Ogre Stronghold! We have to defeat the invaders!”

“For Sherlie!”

“For Eternal Kingdom Dungeon!”

“For justice!”

“For conquering the world!”

“For the alliance!”

“Die, you alliance dog!”

“You are tribal pigs, I’ll kill you!”

The situation became chaotic.


Cherry King lived like a king.

Previously, Cherry King only occupied a small hill. By a stroke of luck, he obtained a mission—to excavate Michelangelo’s world-destroying relic!

Even if the Ogre King was cruel, foolish, and brutal, he had heard of Michelangelo’s fame.

After defeating the Underworld, Michelangelo challenged the Surface World and resisted the Heavenly Kingdom. He turned the world into an inferno.

Cherry King was fortunate enough to be excavating his relic!

The feeling was like kissing the toe of the Great Devil. It was the ultimate honor!

Cherry King didn’t work for Andrew for free. Andrew promised that Winterfell wouldn’t attack the Ogres and would help him conquer other Ogre lands. Cherry King was building a huge Ogre empire!

Cherry King was very ambitious. After obtaining Michelangelo’s relic, would he hand over the relic to Andrew?

Hehe, wrong!

He would express his gratitude to Andrew. Because of Andrew, Cherry King was able to have his current achievements!

But his good days had come to an end.

“Great King! Great King! A group of naked Goblins, Gnomes, and Houndhead Men barged into our defenses!”

On a sunny morning, after Andrew left, an Ogre ran to Cherry King and made a report.

“What did you say? A group of what? Naked?” Cherry King was taken aback.

“A group of naked Goblins, Gnomes, and Houndhead Men barged into our defenses,” the Ogre said the second time.

This was a common gimmick used by the gamers. They wanted to investigate the defensive layout and the number of Ogres, so they used themselves as cannon fodder.

Since they had a nearby Revival Point, they weren’t afraid to die!

Sneak in? No, no, no. That was too troublesome. It was faster to die. As long as they had the numbers, some gamers would be able to run inside and take pictures. Then they would upload the pictures to the forum for everyone to analyze.

Their plan was perfect, but there were problems.

They hadn’t considered the defensive stone wall erected by the Ogres.

As it was Michelangelo’s relic site, it couldn’t be open to the public.

The Ogres enjoyed the feeling of killing the gamers, but after a long time, the fearless waves of gamers kept coming as if there was no end.

The Ogres intended to kill the gamers for food, but after they died, the gamers vanished and dissipated into Mana.

A more intelligent Ogre thought of not killing the gamers and tied them up. If he ate them raw, he wouldn’t have to worry about them vanishing!

When the gamers discovered the Ogres’ plan, after being captured, they used all types of methods to obtain intelligence. Then they went offline and chose to recreate their characters at a Revival Point.

This recreation of character function was called “Recreation of stuck character” by the gamers. Nobody knew when this function was added to the game interface during the initial game connection.

Perhaps it was in preparation for this Plot mission.

The gamers were happy since they didn’t have to travel for three days to arrive at the Orc village.

I am a normal Ogre.

I love to eat, drink, sleep, and fight. After following Cherry King for two and a half years, everyone calls me Beautiful Chick.

I was a brave Ogre warrior. Whoever challenged me, I would crush their bones.

I followed Cherry King and lived a happy and rich life until we arrived at a desolate Orc village.

We chased away the Orcs and captured their daughters and wives. They reeked of bad odor and weren’t tasty, so we released them.

I thought this would be our new Stronghold.

We dug a lot of salted clay. After cooking, the clay becomes fragrant and delicious, which reminds me of our distant homeland…

But we don’t have time to reminisce about the food.

A group of Goblins, Gnomes, and Houndhead Men appeared at the village. We aren’t sure where they came from, but we are sure that they are nutcases. They charge at us half-naked.

They weren’t afraid to die. They were even suicidal. When we captured them, they would kill themselves. Then they would vanish like bubbles.

When they breached our stone walls, they would run amok and enter each tent to take a look. They showed absolute disrespect to us.

I feel frustrated upon seeing them half-naked and covered with mosaic.

We counterattacked at the first opportunity, killing and capturing many of them, but it was useless. When we opened our eyes again, there were countless waves of naked bodies invading our Stronghold.

I used all of my effort to capture an invader and ask why they were doing all of this. He said, “Gosh, your modeling is so realistic!”

I killed the invader and wished sincerely to leave this cursed place.

Perhaps my wish is coming true, as those naked invaders didn’t appear again.

A few days later, during my patrol, I saw naked bodies charging at us on the horizon.

Finally, I remembered the fear and insult created by them. It was the humiliation of being imprisoned in a birdcage.