Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 276 - Pathetic

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Chapter 276: Pathetic

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“Invaders? Kill them. Why are you keeping them? Are you waiting for them to reproduce and their offspring to reproduce? That will be an unlimited food source. That may be a good idea…” Cherry King asked and was pleased.

“We intended to kill them, but they shouted…” The Ogre was feeling awkward.

“What were they shouting?” Cherry King frowned.

“They shouted not to kill them as they wanted to see the King and defect.”

“See me? What do they want?” Cherry King was puzzled, and he said, “Kill them.”

“Wait a moment.” Andrew stopped him and said, “Bring them. Those creatures must be from Eternal Kingdom. I’ll obtain intelligence from them before killing them.”

“Follow Andrew’s instructions and bring them in.”

The Ogre left to bring in the prisoners.

Dragonborn’s hands were broken, and he was half-naked. TakeASpearHit and SealHeadLingChong were like Dragonborn.

They were imprisoned in a cage, the Ogre’s cage.

They were in this dire situation because they received a Special Mission.

[Mission Title: Urgent recruitment of Non-Existing Intelligence Organization

Mission Description: The strange Ogres occupied the Orc Village. We defeated the Ogre scouts and captured some prisoners. We didn’t obtain useful intelligence. It is time for you warriors to sacrifice yourselves for Eternal Kingdom and all Underworld inhabitants. Infiltrate the Ogre-occupied village and obtain intelligence!

Mission Objective: Collect as much information as possible. Find out the identity of the black-cloaked figure.

Mission Tips: Before entering the village, you can give your equipment to Lord Sherlock for safekeeping. You will definitely die, but don’t worry, Lord Sherlock will revive you. Listen to Lord Sherlock’s suggestion. That will reduce the difficulty of the mission.

Mission Reward: Obtain a chance to strengthen equipment to Level 5.]

After a detailed discussion with Lord Sherlock, they stripped themselves of equipment and pretended to sneak into the village.

Their sneaking in was actually dashing into the village half-naked. They shouted, “We’re here to defect! We’re defecting!”

Then they were captured, and their hands were broken. Their legs weren’t broken because they had to walk.

Dragonborn was nervous, as he wasn’t sure whether the mission could be completed. The Ogres looked vicious. They broke their arms without reason and looked as though they were going to eat the three of them.

His worries were uncalled for. An Ogre appeared and brought them in for questioning.

The three of them were led to a large tent.

Cherry King and Andrew were waiting for them. After seeing TakeASpearHit, Dragonborn, and SealHeadLingChong, Andrew’s eyes lit up.

Those were the servants of Eternal Kingdom!

By looking at the strange green symbols above their heads, Andrew identified them.

“I’m here to defect! Don’t kill me, I’m defecting!” TakeASpearHit shouted loudly.

Cherry King grasped the neck of TakeASpearHit, and TakeASpearHit made a “Zi” sound. Then Cherry King broke his neck. The face of TakeASpearHit became dark red, and he vomited blood. He turned his head and stared wide-eyed at Dragonborn and SealHeadLingChong.

SealHeadLingChong started to tremble.

Cherry King was pleased to see the Houndhead Man trembling in fear.

“Don’t make too much noise, you are my food.” Cherry King then stood up and said, “Speak. Tell us what you know, and I’ll consider using a comfortable way to make you into delicacies.”


SealHeadLingChong lowered his head and trembled. He seemed to have farted.

The sound didn’t come from his buttocks but his mouth.

Cherry King grasped SealHeadLingChong’s scalp and pulled viciously, lifting SealHeadLingChong.

SealHeadLingChong was flushed. Tears and mucus dripped out while he pursed his lips. He was restraining himself…

“King, is he trying not to laugh?” an Ogre asked.

“He deserves to die!”

Cherry King was infuriated. He intended to crush the Houndhead Man’s head but was stopped by Andrew.

“Wait for a while, Cherry King,” Andrew said.


The Houndhead Man emitted farting sound again.

“Though their acting skills are lousy, they are still useful,” Andrew said as he gazed at Dragonborn and SealHeadLingChong.

“Gosh! Andrew? Winterfell’s new Dungeon Lord!”

While SealHeadLingChong was stopping himself from laughing, he looked at Andrew and found him familiar. When Andrew walked closer, he recognized him.

He was Winterfell’s new Dungeon Lord, the superior Devil Andrew. During the opening ceremony of the Eternal Kingdom Adventurer’s Guild, Andrew was there to officiate the opening and give a speech.

“I’m honored that you weaklings are able to recognize me. If you’re willing to defect to me, I’ll spare your life.”

Andrew smiled confidently and looked at SealHeadLingChong.

“No problem, we’re here to defect!” SealHeadLingChong shouted.

“What are you doing here? What evil plans do you have? Why are you colluding with the Ogres?”

Andrew extended his hand and broke SealHeadLingChong’s neck.

“Pathetic,” Andrew said with disdain. He then looked at the last surviving person, Dragonborn.

“What about you?”