Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 265 - Just Be My Home Tutor

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Chapter 265: Just Be My Home Tutor

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[Kaiyu: Just recite this list of frequency distributions, advanced algebra, real variables, functions, modern algebra, solutions, probability, and statistics to the grandson. I will respect him if he’s still passionate about learning! If you’re not successful in scaring him, then he’s a good candidate for the Sacred Light believer. He may be one of the main characters. Get him to join Eternal Kingdom.]

[Ilvanda: This is a game produced by the Education Ministry, Lanxiang Technical School, and various high schools and universities to cause widespread agony to Otakus!]

[MoonlightFlicker,Instant: Advanced algebra, simplification, geometry, real variables, complex variables, modern algebra… after this course of treatment, he will vomit after seeing equations.]

[NotWearingPants: Thank you, brothers, for your suggestions.]

The gamers were enthusiastic in helping NotWearingPants as they suggested ways and means. Though Sherlock didn’t understand what they were talking about, after seeing the various mathematical formulas and the complaints of the gamers, he believed it was a vicious plan.

“Tsk, tsk, the minds of the creatures are unpredictable, and the world is getting more decadent. After tens of thousands of years, the strong Underworld creatures have become weak studious chickens, and the trend is spreading like wildfire,” Bru said thoughtfully.

“Peace has reigned for a long time. Killing and fighting are no longer in trend. The emergence of these learning freaks is quite normal,” Sherlock said casually. “I didn’t expect the gamers to become tutors with such high salaries. I’m very tempted.”

“Lord Sherlock! You have to restrain yourself from using such evil ways to make money. It’s better for us to be righteous and continue with our swindling and exploiting of the gamers!”

Bru panicked when he heard Sherlock was interested in making money from learning.

Sherlock nodded and restrained himself very hard to dismiss his idea of opening a learning and tutoring class.

“The gamers have infiltrated into the learning organization. Does Lord Sherlock want to intervene? According to my understanding of the gamers, if we don’t intervene, a lot of gamers will flood the learning organization to earn money after reading the post. That is a calamity to the Underworld,” Bru said worriedly.

Sherlock shook his head and said, “That isn’t necessary. Use this opportunity to earn some Magic Stones. We’ll deny all responsibility if the learning organization is exposed in the future.”

“That makes sense, Lord Sherlock,” Bru said in agreement.

As the main crux of the problem, Xiaoming was encountering a turning point in his life.

A group of Goblins, Gnomes, and Houndhead Men looked for him at his favorite learning location.

Xiaoming was frustrated because he only wanted to study quietly. The visitors from Eternal Kingdom had interrupted his peaceful learning environment.

Xiaoming discovered that things weren’t that simple.

These creatures were not only knowledgeable, but they could also use many different ways to verify the Pythagorean theorem. And they were familiar with quadratic functions.

Xiaoming was unable to understand why they had such enviable knowledge but didn’t care. He also didn’t understand why they would be sad as though they were unwilling to study such knowledge.

A creature even told Xiaoming, “We do homework every day, attend eight classes daily, and do self-study at night with no rest. Did we become passionate about learning? No! Xiaoming, your grandfather is waiting for you. You must know that there are other things that are more meaningful than learning!”

Similar words were told to him for the past two days.

They used various gimmicks such as Mahjong, Poker, Gomoku, and the complex Witcher Card Game to inform Xiaoming that there were other things that were more fun than learning.

Initially, Xiaoming didn’t understand. He thought the creatures accepted his grandfather’s mission to persuade him to give up learning. After some time, however, he found that it wasn’t simple. If that was the case, why was each of them so knowledgeable?

Soon, Xiaoming was enlightened. These creatures were meant to test his resolve!

After that, Xiaoming became even more serious in his learning.

Return home? Impossible. It was impossible to return home. He could only survive if he stayed there to learn. The ocean of learning was like a home to him. The symbols were attractive, and he wanted to learn all his life.

With so many knowledgeable creatures looking for him, he could learn many things from them. Xiaoming was feeling extremely content.

Compared to the bliss of Xiaoming, the gamers were feeling despondent.

They thought it would be easy to dissuade Xiaoming from learning. They thought they could bring him home so that he wouldn’t stay at the Old Bro Gambling Den and be addicted to learning. But the reality was far from their wishful thinking.

They even used Mahjong and The Witcher’s card game to entice Xiaoming without any success. Xiaoming seemed impervious to temptations, and he became even more studious. When they wanted to meet Xiaoming, they had to prepare some questions for Xiaoming to do before he would talk to them.

Most of the other gamers didn’t have the problems faced by Arthur and his companions.

They didn’t care about the mission. They were only concerned about becoming home tutors to earn Magic Stones!