Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 261 - Auspicious Opening of the Adventurer's Guild

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Chapter 261: Auspicious Opening of the Adventurer’s Guild

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The dilapidated old district had become even more desolate.

There were no more residents left.

After Sherlock’s tempting and the coercion of Eggface and the gamers, the relocation of the old district was completed.

The dilapidated old district appeared very quiet after all the residents left.

On this day, the quiet old district was having a lively event.

A group of gamers pulled open a horizontal banner that said, “The grand opening of the Eternal Kingdom Adventurer’s Guild!”

“I’m the Meat Vegetable Rice Alliance Guild’s chairman, Stir-fried Vegetable Rice. As the largest Guild of Eternal Kingdom…” The Gnome Stir-fried Vegetable Rice was taking part in an interview with a Winterfell reporter.

On a constructed platform, Dungeon Lord Andrew was giving a speech as a special VIP while Sherlock, Eternal Kingdom’s employees, and the Merchant Alliance’s officials stood by the side.

The officials were invited by Sherlock to participate in the opening ceremony. The Winterfell reporters were also invited.

The reason was to elevate the reputation of the Eternal Kingdom Adventurer’s Guild. The Guild was a small stepping stone for the gamers and a huge money-making enterprise for Sherlock.

Sherlock hoped to have business on the first day with the active publicity.

To show the high quality of Eternal Kingdom’s citizens, Sherlock exerted his dominance to restrain his gamers. Otherwise, the gamers would be jumping around like monkeys.

The opening ceremony was very successful.

The Adventurer’s Guild set up by Eternal Kingdom was already well-publicized. When Eggface, the disguised tycoon, relocated the old district, and when the gamers performed good deeds in Winterfell, they helped to spread the news of the Adventurer’s Guild. Hence, the Winterfell residents were interested in the Adventurer’s Guild.

The lively but formal opening ceremony ended. The invited Dungeon Lord Andrew was smiling, but he was feeling extreme jealousy because the Winterfell residents and the Merchant Alliance officials were full of praise for Sherlock and Eternal Kingdom.

“The traffic condition in Winterfell is so much better. I heard that the green-skinned creatures of Eternal Kingdom sacrificed their lives to make it happen!”

“My neighbor’s son was forced to commit suicide by the loan sharks. I heard that the creatures of Eternal Kingdom forced the loan sharks out of business. They borrowed money from the loan sharks then committed suicide in front of them while smiling. The loan sharks became mad and turned themselves in to the Garrison Guard. They were hanged the next day.”

“Really? That’s awesome!”

“My granny’s leg wasn’t feeling well, and she fell down on the road, but nobody dared to help her as they were afraid of being defrauded. The green-skinned creatures immediately helped my granny, who then extorted them. The green-skinned creatures committed suicide. I wanted to give them a proper burial as they were kind souls, but they vanished. I suspect that they knew the Master level of the Mana Skill called Feigned Death.”

“Are you sure? Is there such a Mana Skill?”

“Of course, it’s normal! Don’t you watch the Gladiator Fights?”

“Gladiator Fights? What has it got to do with the Gladiator Fights?”

“The Gladiators of the Northern Gladiator Arena are citizens of Eternal Kingdom. They have green words above their heads. They had their flesh, arms, and legs flying all over the place, but after that, they were still jumping around! I even took a group picture with the Gladiator Peasant. He was really ugly.”

And other similar conversations.

Dungeon Lord Andrew didn’t hear praises of himself!

Why? Andrew thought that since he was the Dungeon Lord, he deserved praise.

Why did it happen… Andrew thought that the Dungeon Lord position and the Winterfell residents would bring him honor and happiness. He should be blissful like in a dream… but why did things turn out this way…

It was all because of Lord Sherlock!

If Sherlock hadn’t been a hero and his citizens hadn’t done good deeds… If his citizens didn’t kill themselves on a whim… If…

Andrew was filled with jealousy. His power exploded like an erupting volcano…

“Lord Sherlock, Dungeon Lord Andrew’s expression is interesting. Why is he so different from you even though both of you are superior Devils?” Bru said in a teasing voice.

“Perhaps he didn’t learn properly in school. I feel that the superior Devil College was teaching us valuable lessons.”

Sherlock sat on the second floor of the Eternal Kingdom Adventurer’s Guild, watching over the gamers on the first level. The gamers were queuing up to collect their Adventurer’s Badges.

That would prove that they were quality adventurers. Each badge cost them a Magic Stone or a silver coin. If they lost it when they were killed, they had to repurchase it.

Why was the badge not free? Even if it was a small matter, Sherlock had to make money.

Sherlock felt content when he saw the gamers queuing up to buy the badges.

“Lord Sherlock, the superior Devil Andrew is a threat to us since he’s extremely jealous of you. If we’re not careful, he may plot against us in the future. Why don’t we strike first? To conquer the Heavenly Kingdom, we need a large and stable base. The Underworld is the best base for support. We can make use of the unlimited resources to arm the gamers. Why don’t we conquer Winterfell first?” Bru started.

He then earnestly suggested, “Let’s kidnap Andrew. With the Dungeon Lord in our hands, we can disband the Garrison Guards. Then we’ll enslave all those who oppose us and those who don’t. We’ll only require the gamers to fight for us. We’ll let the natives become free labor and have them produce equipment. We’ll conquer the Underworld!”

“Hmm, your suggestion is tempting. I’ll consider it. But the important thing now isn’t this.” Sherlock nodded.

Bru asked, “Wait a moment, Lord Sherlock. Is there anything more important?”

“Of course.” Sherlock pointed at a trembling elderly Gnome who walked directly to the mission registration counter. Sherlock said, “The first mission of the Adventurer’s Guild has arrived.”