Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 256 - Winterfell Monthly Digest

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Chapter 256: Winterfell Monthly Digest

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Sherlock sat in the Dungeon Lord Main Hall as he browsed the discussion forum where the gamers were discussing strategies used in the 15-member Instance Dungeon.

Though every Instance Dungeon was composed of different Lich students, after the gamers had fought many groups of students, they came up with different strategies.

For example, the previous post created by NotWearingPants.

The strategies of the gamers were slowly refined. The strategies that were created by Sherlock and provided to the Specter College students had to be improved to keep up with the gamers.

“Lord Sherlock, you’re a genius in business. If the graduating students of Specter College didn’t have your Strategy Guide, the graduation rate would be very tragic,” Bru said thoughtfully, but Sherlock was indifferent.

“I’m not doing business, I’m merely carrying out my contractual obligations. Specter College collaborated with me in order for their students to graduate. If the graduation rate is too low, I’m unable to answer them.”

“But your Strategy Guide sells.”

“It’s to cover my costs.”

Sherlock was pleased. Bru was about to speak when a fireball interrupted him. A newspaper was thrown out from the flames.

“Winterfell Monthly Digest”

Those were the words written on the newspaper.

“Aiya, Brainiac’s newspaper has been delivered to Lord Sherlock.”

Sherlock picked up the newspaper and started reading:

“To celebrate the inauguration of Dungeon Lord Andrew, our shop is having a celebration promotion. All toilet bowls have a 1% discount and complementary benefits coupons that are worth 10 Magic Stones.”

“Come and patronize if you’re a bro. I’m waiting for you at the glutton pit. This is brand new feces clay! Feces Clay Hotel is now accepting orders.”

“The Northern Gladiator Arena is introducing the latest Gladiator Magic Stone—Sole Survivor Tournament. Tomorrow is the premiere, and we’re having a promotion. (It will cost 100 Magic Stones. Please contact us via letter incineration at address XXXX).”

“Advertisement placement for 99 Magic Stones.”

Sherlock examined the local news for the month:

“The new Dungeon Core has arrived safely at Winterfell. We would like to thank the Mission Accomplished mercenaries. Our reporter is honored to interview Mission Accomplished’s Captain. The following is the live report:

Reporter: Greetings, Captain, I’m a reporter from the Winterfell Newspaper Office.

Captain: Greetings, I’m Captain of the Mission Accomplished mercenaries. I’m happy to be interviewed.

Reporter: We understand that the Winterfell Dungeon Core was escorted by your mercenaries. Did you encounter any danger during the journey?

Captain: The journey was fraught with danger. When we passed by the Great Valley, there was a traffic jam caused by bridge safety checks. One of our members’ buttocks developed traffic jam allergy syndrome. It was very dangerous.

Reporter: That is frightening. How did you and your member overcome the crisis?

Captain: We arranged a location for him to release the pressure from the sphincter. I used my money to sponsor a large roll of paper. Because of this, we were fined.

Reporter: Fined?

Captain: The environment and culture department is very strict. If a creature isn’t able to control his sphincter muscles, he will be fined.

Reporter: From your description, I can imagine the precarious situation. We’re grateful for your contribution. I represent the Winterfell residents to thank you.

Captain: It’s nothing much. This is what we should do after being paid.

Reporter: This is a live report brought to you by our newspaper office.”

“Breaking news at Fatality Hospital. A group of creatures with strange green words tried to kidnap numerous sick patients illegally. The Winterfell Garrison Guard arrived at the scene to maintain order and prevent the criminals from succeeding. The senior management of the Garrison Guards arrested the sick patients in order to ensure their safety. It was suspected that the criminals were citizens of Eternal Kingdom. This is a live report from our newspaper office.

Reporter: Standing beside me are a Fatality Hospital Incineration Department physician and Garrison Guard Captain TinyMeatball. I’m happy to interview both of you.

Physician: Greetings, everyone, and regards to all the sick patients who are reading the newspaper.

TinyMeatball: Greetings, everyone, this is my first time being interviewed, so I’m nervous.

Reporter: Do you need me to blur out your face?

TinyMeatball: Ah, it’s not necessary. I like being in the newspaper, it’s good for my future career advancement. (Ah, can this be removed?) (Words within brackets to be removed)

Reporter: Okay, we’ll deal with that later, don’t worry. Let’s begin our formal interview. Physician, why did the strange creatures barge into the hospital? Who are the patients that they were trying to kidnap? Are there any conflicts? We understand that Fatality Hospital has a very good reputation in Winterfell. Are there any doctor-patient conflicts that we don’t know of?

Physician: Okay, I have to explain one point, we don’t have any doctor-patient conflict in Fatality Hospital. We are harmonious and don’t want Magic Stones. We only hope for the patients to recover by doing our best to treat their illnesses. That has always been our motto. So, we’re harmonious.

We don’t know the creatures who barged in. I heard they were from Eternal Kingdom. They threatened to kidnap the sick patients who were admitted after they were mysteriously infected. The area of infection was on the neck. The illness causes insanity, violent attacks, hissing, and the blabbering of nonsense. The face is no longer recognizable. It’s a very serious infectious disease.

Reporter: That’s terrifying!

Physician: It’s a bit scary, but don’t worry. We’ll operate on the sick patient to remove the neck, which is the source of infection. Then, we’ll admit the patient into the Incineration Department to receive systemic treatment. After our treatment, the recovery rate is 100%. There’s no risk of infection, and Winterfell is safe.

Reporter: Let’s thank the physician. Thank you very much. Captain TinyMeatball, as for the arrested sick patients, how are they doing?

TinyMeatball: They are currently safe. After handling the case, we’ll send them back to the Incineration Department for further treatment. For the kidnappers, we enforced compulsory payment and imposed a hundred years of corrective labor. I believe they will realize their mistakes and make amends. We won’t let any criminals go scot-free!

Reporter: Thank you, Physician and Captain, for accepting our interview. The above is the content for the Winterfell Monthly Digest.”

Sherlock finished reading the newspaper, then lifted his head and asked, “What are the gamers up to?”