Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 252 - Reverse Strategy Guide

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Chapter 252: Reverse Strategy Guide

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The new Instance Dungeon was too difficult!

That was what the gamers thought after they challenged the new Instance Dungeon.

The combat pace was extremely fast, and there was no fixed tactic to deal with the BOSSES. The skills in the game couldn’t be understood as there were no proper explanations. The gamers couldn’t pinpoint their location or find BUGS to exploit. They had to depend on their capability to defeat the BOSSES.

The graduating students in Specter College had to put in more effort as the difficulty had been raised just like what the gamers experienced. They were in a mutually disadvantaged situation.

The real winner was Sherlock, who sat in front of the computer to read comics, play computer games, and browse the discussion forum.

The gamers had to spend Reputation Points and game coins to challenge the Instance Dungeon. After being killed, they had to spend Reputation Points and game coins to redeem their equipment. The gamers were enthusiastic in challenging the Instance Dungeon, and death was as common as breathing.

A portion of the gamers was unable to earn Magic Stones in Winterfell. Sherlock had introduced some good stuff like the eggs of the Houndhead Man, which were limited to a hundred and had rare labels. The gamers were racking their brains on how to obtain them.

A Houndhead Man egg cost a hundred Magic Stones. Only the rich gamers could afford it.

As for the Houndhead Man pet hatched from the egg, Sherlock found that the creature was very cute based on his observations in the Dungeon and on the discussion forum.

But the gamers didn’t think the same way.

[Is there an issue with aesthetic value in the game “Dungeon: Eternal Kingdom”? You call the label cute?]

Then there were a bunch of pictures of small Houndhead Man pets.

The fangs weren’t proportional to the huge head, and the skin was grayish red as though it was burnt. The triangular eyes were inverted, and blood vessels that looked like tree roots climbed all over the body. The creatures looked like an extremely ugly and shrunk version of the three-headed Hell Hound without two heads.

The Houndhead Man pets or Hell Hound pets were only as tall as the gamers’ calves when hatched.

The pet didn’t take clay, only meat, and the meat created by the gamers using Mana wasn’t accepted.

The pet loved Large Lizards Meat, Spider Meat, and Dire Wolf Meat.

It wasn’t possible to keep one without money as the pet ate like Eggface.

Most of the gamers felt the pet was too ugly. Only a small portion of the gamers who played “World of Warcraft” thought otherwise.

“The uglier the creature, the better the character, and the greater the value for keeping it. What do you know?”

While Sherlock was browsing the discussion forum, he heard a knock at the door.

“Come in.”

Brainiac walked in.

“Lord Sherlock, I’m here to report information.”

Brainiac nodded and brought a bag of documents to Sherlock.

“It’s information transmitted from Specter College. All twenty groups of candidates who took part in the Level A examination graduated successfully. The graduation rate skyrocketed while the costs also increased. The cost of a Level A examination is equivalent to ten Level B examinations. Specter College was very pleased with the results. Even parents gifted the college with pennants.”

“That’s good news. Making our customers happy is our first motto,” Sherlock said rightfully.

“According to my speculation, it’s only a matter of time before the Gnomes and Houndhead Men defeat the Lich students in the Level A examination grounds.” Brainiac frowned and said, “Pardon me for being direct, but your servants aren’t fools. They will assimilate experiences, and they have a hive awareness, which brings considerable group benefits. From my observation, they are faring better and better in the Level A examinations. In the future, if the students are unable to graduate, Specter College will be complaining again.”

“Is that an opinion of Professor Bacon?” Sherlock asked.

“No, I’m suggesting it for Lord Sherlock’s benefit and consideration. We have to maintain the median graduation rate, like before. If the students are unable to graduate again, the college will make things difficult for Lord Sherlock,” Brainiac said earnestly.

“Hmm, what you have said makes sense. I’m also considering the issue. Since we already have the Level A and B, why don’t we add Level S and SS?” Sherlock said.

Brainiac rebuked quickly, “Lord Sherlock, this isn’t possible. From what I know, students have mastered their most powerful servants for the Level A examination. The only way for them to be stronger is for them to fight in person, but that isn’t safe for them. The college won’t allow that to happen.”

“I’m not asking them to fight in person. Let’s not talk about creating more difficult examinations. If the graduation rate declines, we can consider making our servants slower and decreasing their damage and the acuity of their senses. The more intelligent candidates can approach me with Magic Stones…”

Sherlock hesitated to continue. Brainiac was taken aback, and he asked, “Lord Sherlock, are you implying accepting bribery? And intentionally reducing the difficulty of the examination by making the Gnomes and Houndhead Men less combat worthy?”

“I didn’t say that. That’s your own reasoning. If there are any problems, you’ll be responsible,” Sherlock waved his hand and said.

“I understand…” Brainiac nodded and bowed to Sherlock before walking out.

“Lord Sherlock, Brainiac is very concerned about the examinations at Specter College,” Bru said to Sherlock after Brainiac left.

“Since Professor Bacon is in charge of the examinations and he is the student of Bacon, naturally, he will be concerned,” Sherlock said.

“I’m not worried about the graduation rate. The new Instance Dungeon has just commenced. The gamers and the Lich students are both adapting. Am I right?”

“That’s correct,” Bru agreed.

Sherlock took out some paper and a pen and started writing.

“Specter College” Examination, Level A Examination Notes (Hardcover Version 1.22)