Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 245 - What Happened to the Dungeon?

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Chapter 245: What Happened to the Dungeon?

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[Unique,Really,ThousandNights: The lousy game producer is playing dirty. Quit this game.]

[Kohihara: The main point is “in front of the crowd”.]

[SouthernBreezeGoingNorth: I’m carrying bricks in real life, and now I’m carrying bricks in the game. I’m carrying bricks in Eternal Kingdom, and now I’m carrying bricks in Winterfell… where is the best place I can learn to operate an excavator?]

[33 Cats: That’s preposterous! Hemp Rope previously showed the teachings of the Heavenly Kingdom!]

[Sylvanas: Who is the feet-scratching receptionist? I’ll beat you up online!]

The post of NotWearingPants had a lot of supporters. Besides NotWearingPants, there were other gamers like Leather bear in abandoned house from Dragon Raja and Stir-fried Vegetable Rice from the Meat Vegetable Rice Alliance. They also published Strategy Guides in a bid to recruit Guild members.

After observing the discussion forum and in the game, Sherlock discovered that the gamers loved to play the game with the Guild as the basis.

Even when they explored Winterfell, they went in with Guild members.

Bru explained, “They are community-based creatures. Even in the game, they will form groups to perpetuate. The Guild gameplay will be the mainstream gameplay in the future.”

Sherlock didn’t expect the Guild gameplay to be that important. It was time he gave emphasis to the Guilds. Perhaps, it was time to increase the Guild prices?

When the Eternal Kingdom gamers flooded Winterfell to create their livelihood, the inhabitants were more or less affected.

The creature who was affected the most was a brute Orc called TinyMeatball.

He wasn’t a shopkeeper or the guard for the Winterfell Teleport Portal Main Hall, he hadn’t even met the gamers. He was the Winterfell Garrison Guard Captain who was in charge of non-urgent requests from the Winterfell inhabitants and providing them with some assistance.

Simply put, he was in charge of civil cases.

TinyMeatball was having a hard time for the past few days.

He was having a hard time because there was an overwhelming number of requests from the Winterfell inhabitants. Actually, there was no problem with the large number of requests. He would solve the problems!

The difficulty was, during the process of solving the requests, he encountered many outrageous incidents.

For example:

An angry Sludge Monster brought a Gnome whose hands and feet were stuck in his body to the Garrison Guards. TinyMeatball recognized the Sludge Monster as the boss of a tea restaurant opposite the Teleport Portal Main Hall. There were three Sludge Monsters in his family, and they were pretty thrifty.

The Gnome was half-naked and wearing a large pair of underpants. There were strange green symbols above his head, and his mouth was gagged. The Gnome was looking around when the Sludge Monster said, “Captain! This creature came to my shop to work for 12 hours daily. I saw that he had armor and a weapon and looked like a respectable creature, so I agreed. He came to work half-naked, and I let him be. But he ate all the food in my kitchen. Do you know what he said after eating?”

“What did he say?” TinyMeatball frowned and asked.

“Gosh, this modeling is too realistic!” The Sludge Monster shouted furiously, “Even worse, he inscribed evil mathematical formulas in my kitchen! That’s horrible! I can’t operate my tea restaurant anymore! Ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo!”

“Evil mathematical formulas?”

The Sludge Monster took out a round Adamantine rock, and the images showed various mathematical questions, which were made using clay food materials and were written on the walls.

“Ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo!”

The Gnome with green symbols struggled and wanted to speak.

TinyMeatball let his subordinates remove the gag, but the Sludge Monster said worriedly, “Captain, don’t remove the gag. This creature is full of evil intent and is a nutcase!”

“No, as this is an extremely evil incident, I have to investigate thoroughly.”

A Garrison Guard removed the gag from the Gnome, and the Gnome laughed and shouted, “This is hilarious. What a lousy setting! One times one is one, two times two is four, three times three is nine. D*mn, if you don’t release me, I’ll recite the Eigen equations!”

“Hurry! Gag his mouth!”

All of the Garrison Guards were shocked by the Gnome’s blabber. They quickly gagged his mouth. It was too terrifying!

This wasn’t too frightening until a creature suggested, “Why does this creature look like an inhabitant of Eternal Kingdom? Look at his head…”

Before the words were spoken, the green symbols above the Gnome disappeared, and he fainted.

TinyMeatball didn’t know what happened, but since it was a terrifying incident, he had to give a death sentence, a public execution. He ordered the guards to lock up the Gnome so that the criminal could be sent to the Bazaar for execution tomorrow.

The most intriguing thing was that the Gnome vanished that night, leaving only a large pair of underpants on the ground.

The prison was intact, and there were no tunnels. TinyMeatball felt chills running down his spine.

This was only one of the weird cases. The strangest and most classic ones were the “Case of being verbally abused without reason”, “Case of an apprentice’s embezzlement”, “Case of stealing and fainting”, “Case of an initial investment of 1,988 Magic Stones with returns of 3,000,000 after three months”, “Case of a lost creature with no money and asking for a loan of 500 Magic Stones”, “Case of a robber blabbering nonsense”, and the “Case of a creature chanting the blessings of Satan and selling Satan’s souvenirs”.

It wasn’t frightening to have many cases, it was frightening to have a criminal vanish without any trail!

“They seem to have vanished into thin air!”

“Don’t they leave behind equipment?”

“No, they’re tunneling underground!”

“They faint with their heads crashing on the ground. When you aren’t paying attention, they vanish. Do you understand me?”

Not a single victim was able to describe in detail what happened, so those criminals vanished without leaving any trails.

TinyMeatball felt that it was outrageous. Despite being a Garrison Guard for tens of years, he hadn’t encountered such thorny cases before!

He smoked a Uranium stick and put on his coffee-colored windbreaker and a hat. Then he walked out. He had decided to walk on the streets to capture those nutcases proactively.

He had to take a look at the Dungeon and figure out what happened.