Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 236 - Dark Rider Tournament

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Chapter 236: Dark Rider Tournament

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“Respectable Lord Sherlock:

We are representing all the members of the Merchant Alliance to express our deepest gratitude to you for saving Winterfell and the Underworld.

Winterfell will be organizing the Dark Rider Tournament. Eternal Kingdom has obtained the tournament qualification. Before the start of the tournament, you may register at the designated location in Winterfell.

To prevent a one-sided battle, the tournament is limited to ordinary creatures. Devils, Spiritual, and Undead high-level creatures aren’t allowed. We hope that you can understand.

The motto of the tournament is competition first, friendship last. We hope that everyone can do their best to fight and create an explosive battle. Fatality Hospital will be providing healing support, so don’t worry about casualties.

The first prize: 100,000 Magic Stones, the alias ‘Dark Rider’, and a chance to have dinner with Onionhead’s precious daughter, who isn’t married.

Second prize: ‘A sarcastic remark for not getting first prize’ silver trophy.

Third prize: Nothing.

Thank you, Lord Sherlock, for supporting the Merchant Alliance. Love from all members of the Merchant Alliance.”

Sherlock accessed the official website and started typing as he gave an order to Bru.

Sherlock created an announcement:

“The Merchant Alliance’s first ‘Dark Rider’ Tournament is open for registration. Gamers who want to participate can gather in front of the Dungeon Lord Main Hall at 8 am daily. Then, the gamers will be brought to Winterfell to register for the tournament. The trip to and from Winterfell will take a day. Please make proper time arrangements.

Tournament rewards:

Participation reward: Every warrior will receive 1000 points.

First prize: The winner will receive five pieces of Legendary Equipment.

The final rights of interpretation of the tournament belong to ‘Dungeon: Eternal Kingdom’.”

The gamers in Eternal Kingdom were raving to register for the tournament in Winterfell.

Every morning at 8 am, a large group of gamers would take the Airship to Winterfell.

Beast didn’t know what the strange green-skinned creatures were going until he asked a Gnome whom he had just baptized. “What are they doing?”

The Gnome, who was standing in the water cauldron with anticipation, replied, “They are going to Winterfell to register for the Dark Rider Tournament!”

The Gnome thought of something and said to Beast, “I know that you had a sad past. Don’t be sad, I’ll help you win the tournament. Then you will be able to have the last supper with your ex-wife.”

“Not the last supper. It’s a chance for me to explain things to her!” Beast corrected the Gnome furiously.

“My bad. It’s your chance to explain things to her! Shall we begin? I have just revised my work. I’m afraid I may forget if time passes!”

The Gnome inhaled deeply and recited the formulas repeatedly.

“May the Lord bless you.”

Beast chanted and pressed the Gnome’s head into the water.

Ten minutes later.

When Beast placed the Gnome on the ground, he had already left the world with a distraught and hopeless expression.

Beast sighed and shook his head.

Baron Nicholas’ factory order was sent to Eternal Kingdom. There were specialized technicians to assist the Blacksmith Simba at the Large Furnace.

Simba chose a hundred excellent apprentices to observe and learn.

Nicholas’ order was simple. They were weapons and armor for female use and daily necessities. This included lethal maces for intimidating kids to get out of bed, choppers used during family violence, and the flail used for conflict between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law.

The materials used were normal ore materials. Expensive ore materials couldn’t possibly be sent to Eternal Kingdom for production since this was the first collaboration between Nicholas and Sherlock.

When Sherlock saw Nicholas with the orders, he slapped his chest and assured Nicholas that he could retrieve 1,000 sets of weapons and armor in half a month. Nicholas didn’t have to pay for the labor costs as it was to repay Nicholas for helping Sherlock.

Nicholas was very grateful to Sherlock and took out 1,000 Magic Stones. He said that he had to pay for the food of the workers.

Sherlock kept the 1,000 Magic Stones slyly and said firmly, “Lassie, you’re too formal. Is our relationship comparable to 1,000 Magic Stones? Do I need these 1,000 Magic Stones? I don’t need them! Of course, I understand your kind gesture for the workers. I’m keeping the money to improve their food.”

Nicholas was moved by Sherlock’s words. He left without any worries. He gave the delivery date and destination address of the goods to Sherlock. He also reported the situation of his liaison with the higher management of the Merchant Alliance. If Sherlock was able to complete his invention, the Merchant Alliance would help to promote and provide sales channels for his product. There would be a 10% commission for the promotion and sales channels.

Sherlock didn’t have any issues with that. He only needed to arrange a meeting between the Merchant Alliance and the Northern Gladiator Arena in the future.

The gamers trained very hard under Blackhand. Some of the gamers also worked hard at the Large Furnace to process the female accessories, while the rest challenged the Instance Dungeon.

The gamers looked forward to the Dark Rider Tournament, the Specter College’s 15-member “Specter College: Troops Training Grounds” Instance Dungeon, and the final assault on the Large Lizards at the homeland of the Marsh Inkspewers.

The gamers were kept very busy. Previously on the discussion forum, there were comments about limited gameplay and the boring aspects of carrying bricks. But now, these comments were non-existent.

Every gamer was working their livers off. Those forum members who weren’t awarded Beta Tester status were green with envy.

While the gamers were enjoying the numerous gameplay options, Baron Andrew’s jealousy had reached an unbearable level. He got to know that Eternal Kingdom would be sending more than a thousand warriors to the Dark Rider Tournament, so he arranged for his elite warriors to take part.

In the dark areas of Winterfell, more and more commoners vanished without reason. There was an increasing number of suspicious characters in the dark alleys.

The Winterfell Garrison Guards became busier and busier.

The new Winterfell Dungeon Core was also getting closer and closer to Winterfell.

Lilo was drinking tea in her manor, while Sherlock was in Eternal Kingdom playing his computer games and browsing the discussion forum. Evelynn continued her auction manager job as a white elephant.

Meanwhile, swirling darkness and evil conspiracies edged closer to them inconspicuously.