Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 234 - Sherlock’s New Plan

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Chapter 234: Sherlock’s New Plan

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Why were there only three rooms when there were about forty creatures? Sherlock explained, “The Lich and I will share a room. The sad Orc and the small Black Dragon will share a room. That Succubus will have a room. What? The forty creatures? Oh, they won’t be staying here. They’re only here to help with my luggage and will leave afterward.”

Lilo? She had her own manor. After the Ball, she would obviously return home. She extended her invitation to Evelynn but rejected Sherlock’s request to bring his servants to her manor for a short stay.

Evelynn declined Lilo’s invitation immediately.

Sherlock paid for the rooms and a safety deposit, then he obtained the room cards.

Sherlock brought along his servants and crammed into the rapid tunnel. The huge mouth opened, and the gamers yelled excitedly and took pictures enthusiastically.

They were brought down rapidly and arrived at the deepest level. The gamers yelled excitedly again. Some gamers even unsheathed their weapons and intended to stab the mouth elevator.

They were stopped by Bru.

They stepped out of the elevator. Then, Eggface dashed into a room and locked the door.

After the gamers were unable to break down the door, they crammed into a room. As the room was unable to accommodate all of them, a war broke out, and the sounds of fighting filled the entire tunnel.

Some guests opened their doors and wanted to scold them, but after seeing the situation, they quickly hid in their rooms.

Beast was the most depressed creature in the Dungeon. He walked alone into the room and was squeezed by the gamers while he cried sadly.

As for Brainiac, he was squeezed to a corner by the gamers, and he helped to heal the gamers. The gamers knew their limits and didn’t go for the kill against their companions. They only broke each other’s arms and legs.

Yoda had short legs, so he didn’t have a place in the room. Would he be chased out of the Hotel?

Sherlock wasn’t in a hurry. He chose an empty room and threw out any gamers who ventured in. Evelynn hesitated for a long time. One room belonged to Sherlock, while the other room was fully packed. Even if she stayed in the tunnel, the fighting was too violent. Finally, she walked in embarrassment into Sherlock’s room.

Sherlock sat in the chair and saw the blushing Evelynn sitting on the bed. Sounds of fighting came from outside, and Sherlock pondered.

“Lord Sherlock, why don’t you let the gamers kill themselves to return to the Dungeon? If one or two gamers sneaks out to play, and I retrieve their bodies, they will protest. If they badmouth the game, then there might be some rage quitting. Most importantly, it’s convenient! Ah, please wait a moment!”

Bru seemed to know something and said, “Is this what Lord Sherlock planned beforehand? You purposely created the current situation. That is impressive, Lord Sherlock.”

Sherlock didn’t reply to Bru. He reminded Evelynn, “Remember to drink more warm water. I’m going out.”

After closing the door, Sherlock surveyed the gamers who were fighting for their places.

“Warriors of Eternal Kingdom,” Sherlock said, and the fighting stopped. He waved his hand and continued, “Let’s go. I’ll bring all of you to sightsee, eat, and play.”


The door of Eggface’s room opened immediately. Eggface dashed out and shouted, “I want to go!”

Winterfell was bustling with activity at night.

The busiest Commerce Area during the day was still open for business at night. Winterfell didn’t have night curfew. Moreover, the day and night in the Underworld were similar.

“Selling worms. The smelliest and tastiest worms!”

At a Winterfell barbecue stall, there were various kinds of delicacies.

NotWearingPants was taking pictures of the food at the stall enthusiastically.

“Gosh, the barbecue is too realistic. This barbecue clay and tree roots, smelly worms, and the barbecued Spider Leg, oh my God, the fragrance…”

Peasant was muttering to himself while BurningChestHair said, “Don’t think about it. You don’t have Magic Stones, and account top up isn’t available. This is only to tempt you. Once the Commerce City is open, we’ll be able to top up our accounts.”

“Yeah, did you read Marco Polo’s post? All the things in Winterfell can be purchased using Magic Stones! Games are all the same. How can you be strong without topping up your account?” Sylvanas said.

“Sister Vanas is correct.”

“It’s the truth.”

The gamers all agreed.

Besides the barbecue stall, there were numerous teahouses. The culture of tea was prevalent in the Underworld, and Winterfell couldn’t do without teahouses.

Eggface was salivating profusely, but he didn’t have any money. He couldn’t resist when he saw various bloody chrysanthemum tea.

But Sherlock wasn’t spending any money. He said before, “I’ll bring all of you to sightsee, eat, and play.”

They had done the sightseeing. What other requests were there? That would be too much!

Yoda, Beast, and Brainiac didn’t come. Only the forty gamers, Evelynn, and Eggface followed Sherlock.

Beast was still crying in the Hotel as he said, “If you come back and bring me a cup of red tea, I’ll feel slightly better.”

The gamers looked all over the place for red tea. Though they didn’t receive the mission notice, they took the finding of red tea as a Strange Encounter Mission. They didn’t think of the reward from Beast. Perhaps they would obtain an exercise book?

Impossible. Even if the game producer was unscrupulous, he wouldn’t be that ruthless.

Sherlock brought them out for them to relax and to make some advance preparations.

In Sherlock’s mind, he had a perfect plan of merging the gamers with Winterfell and the Underworld. The factory work points system was a part of the plan. The second part was the Winterfell Guild created especially for the gamers to earn Magic Stones. Then he would need more gamers to publicize it. When he rolled out the plan, it wouldn’t be too sudden.

The forty gamers were quite easy to control. He could allow them to write their Strategy Guides.

As Sherlock and his gamers were sightseeing, there was a group of creatures causing a commotion…