Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 233 - New Darkness

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Chapter 233: New Darkness

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“I already have a dance partner.”

Sherlock looked at Lilo and pointed calmly at Evelynn. Then he looked at the group of gamers behind him.

“I thought of inviting you, but I remembered you don’t like this kind of event. Since you’re here, do you want to attend the Ball? You can join us.”

The Devil Lords and nobles gasped softly in astonishment.

“Oh God, is that superior Devil that frightening?”

“It’s too frightening. He has so many impressive Gnomes and Houndhead Men, and yet he’s inviting the Fallen Angel.”

“He’s indeed a superior Devil.”

“Be reasonable, those Gnomes and Houndhead Men do look pretty neat.”

“Good figures too.”

The nobles chatted, and the topic became energized. The atmosphere in the Ballroom became enthusiastic.

The gamers were bewildered as they listened to the horrible dialog and felt the ill intentions of the “development team”. Though the game required the gamers to be immersive, it was way overboard. They began shouting.

“I’m a 120 kg Otaku. Since when did I become part of Sherlie’s harem?”

“My Ancient Gods’ look is only pretty neat to you?”

“Enough, there are so many ill intentions in this game.”

Sherlock ignored the gamers’ comments.

Lilo adjusted her gown in front of Sherlock and made an acceptance gesture. She then moved beside Sherlock. Lilo and Evelynn were on both sides of Sherlock. Eggface, who was thinking of standing beside Sherlock, was being pushed outside.

Lilo didn’t speak. Evelynn didn’t say a word. Finally, Sherlock frowned as he looked at Evelynn and Lilo.

“Lord Sherlock, from the looks of the surrounding aura, you are now in Asura Arena. To escape from this aura, you need a special incident, or you can be dominant and make a choice early. However, it’s not good for the stock market, which is currently at risk of total capitulation,” Bru suggested solemnly in Sherlock’s mind.

Sherlock didn’t respond to Bru, lowering his head to ponder. He was indifferent to the envious and jealous gazes of Andrew and the nobles.

Evelynn was caught in a dilemma, while Lilo and Sherlock were both composed.

The Ball continued in the tense atmosphere.

While the nobles were enjoying themselves in the Ball outside Winterfell, the commoners were busy working. Due to the lack of a Dungeon Core, they were greatly inconvenienced. However, it was only for a short period of time since the new core was being shipped to Winterfell.

The pains of the war were forgotten. The new darkness sprouted its roots in the vulnerable Dungeon.

PissingBeefBalls was a strong Werewolf. With his sturdy constitution, stylish permed bald head, and his daily Uranium stick, he was a model Underworld inhabitant with a nasty character.

PissingBeefBalls was a brute and very different from those werewolves with effeminate names! He always believed that he was the only suitable kind of creature to survive in the Underworld.

Today, PissingBeefBalls was, like previous times, walking on the road on his journey back home. He recalled the things he did that day.

He helped an old lady to cross the road and bought a whole shelf of supplementary books for a student. Then he helped to repair a broken carriage, cleared the intestines of a Beetlemon with bowel problems, and fixed a leaking roof.

It was a fulfilling day!

PissingBeefBalls was in a good mood. He did many things that the Underworld inhabitants would do, so he was extremely happy.

When he walked to an alley, he saw a poverty-stricken Gnome lying down on the road.

Oh God, it was a new age, so why were there such negative things happening?

PissingBeefBalls couldn’t let such things happen. He walked over and wanted to ask the Gnome if he was feeling unwell. Most importantly, he wanted to know what color of clothing the Gnome liked. Was it white, black, or checkered?

The Gnome climbed up on his own.

PissingBeefBalls smiled graciously. Before he said a thing, he became fearful.

There was a problem with the Gnome’s appearance. He hissed with a forked tongue, and his nose was flat. The Gnome looked like he had a serpent’s face.

“Oh God, that’s pitiful. This is no longer about clothing. I’ll bring you to a plastic surgeon.”

PissingBeefBalls grabbed the Gnome’s hand and felt a bone-chilling cold. But he didn’t mind as he was sincere in helping the Gnome. He intended to leave with the Gnome.

The Gnome behind him extended his neck like a snake and bit PissingBeefBalls’ neck. Razor-sharp poisonous fangs grew from the Gnome’s mouth and injected toxin into PissingBeefBalls’ body.

PissingBeefBalls convulsed and collapsed to the ground. His eyes were opened wide, and he vomited white foam all over the place.

The transformation was completed in a short time.

PissingBeefBalls, or the previously living PissingBeefBalls Werewolf, stood up. His face had changed to that of a serpent. He turned his head and walked into the deep end of the alley.

He was muttering faintly. If one were to listen attentively, there was a distinct and repeated word, “Samael.”

The Winterfell Ball ended with a peaceful atmosphere.

Lilo didn’t say anything. She was only there to watch the Ball and stayed with Sherlock throughout.

Sherlock, who had no intention to dance, couldn’t possibly dance in his situation. Evelynn tried to invite Sherlock to dance but was interrupted by Lilo. After that, she didn’t have enough courage to ask again.

Beast was in great pain after discovering Onionhead’s true intent.

Yoda was a hopeless drunk with a splitting headache.

Eggface was having stomach pain due to overeating.

The gamers were online for a few hours, and their bladders were in pain due to being full.

Brainiac wasn’t in any discomfort. He was in good condition.

After the Ball ended, Lilo reminded Sherlock that she would pay Eternal Kingdom a visit very soon. After investing so many Magic Stones in order to allow Sherlock to destroy the World and trample on the Heavenly Kingdom, if the money was invested in a Dungeon, there had to be results.

Sherlock frowned and felt a slight headache.

As Yoda was drunk, he was unable to fly the Airship. After all, drunk driving was a serious offense in the Underworld. Even the most hardcore creature wouldn’t be drunk driving.

Especially when flying an Airship.

Nobody besides Yoda could fly the Airship.

Sherlock could only spend money for everyone to stay in a hotel.

Walking back required tens of days. It was better to wait for Yoda to be sober tomorrow.

At the Black Shop Hotel.

“I’ll take three rooms,” Sherlock looked at the forty-plus creatures behind him and said firmly to the Gnome at the reception counter.