Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 230 - Jealous Devil

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Chapter 230: Jealous Devil

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The misunderstanding in Winterfell was perpetuating. After Onionhead made his announcements, the Dungeon Lords and nobles commenced their dancing.

“Aiya, your beard looks very nicely groomed.”

“Yes, I groomed it according to a particular creature. Isn’t it nice?”

“I heard your Stitches stitched on two goat’s horns? Was the power increased dramatically?”

“It’s good. He’s able to walk on all fours and use the horns to attack. It’s like installing a killing weapon.”

“I heard your Dungeon had some scandals. Your Gnome guard seduced the wife of the Stone Golem Blacksmith and eloped.”


Similar conversations could be heard everywhere.

The most popular creature was a tall superior Devil called Baron Andrew.

“Baron Andrew! It has been a long time since we last met.”

Dungeon Lord Onionhead held his glass of bloody chrysanthemum tea and walked warmly to the handsome superior Devil. He raised his wine and toasted the Devil.

“Greetings, Baron Andrew!”

“Greetings, Baron Andrew!”

The surrounding guests shouted.

The superior Devil Andrew raised his glass and toasted to the guests. He smiled and said, “Octopus Ball was corrupted by the Ancient Gods. It was a great mistake on Eternal Fire’s part. As the third successor to Eternal Fire, I can’t be exonerated. Compensating Winterfell with a few billion Magic Stones is what I should be doing.”

The guests were full of praises for Andrew.

“Baron Andrew is a good creature. How can Eternal Fire make mistakes? We already dismissed Octopus Ball from Eternal Fire. He has no relationship with you. It was the fault of Octopus Ball and the Ancient Gods!”

“Yes, yes, how can Lord Andrew shoulder all the blame? Even if Andrew was an evil Devil, he compensated Winterfell with a billion Magic Stones and didn’t publicize it. A superior Devil wouldn’t do anything wrong to us.”

Everyone was feeling harmonious.

Andrew quickly asked, “Yes, who is Lord Sherlock? I remember he’s a superior Devil like me. He defeated Octopus Ball and saved Winterfell from the Ancient Gods.”

“He saved the entire Underworld.”

A small Devil came out to correct the mistake, and someone came up to him and slapped him hard.

“Do you know how to speak? If you can’t, shut up. Baron Andrew said Lord Sherlock saved Winterfell, so it’s Winterfell.”

The nearby guests agreed.

Dungeon Lord Onionhead stood out and said, “I just saw Lord Sherlock… Ah, over there. Lord Sherlock!”

Sherlock was with the 40 gamers, Evelynn, Eggface, Yoda, Brainiac, and Senior Beast by the side of the dance floor. They were consoling Senior Beast.

Sherlock lifted his head and saw a group of creatures approaching him. A superior Devil and Dungeon Lord Onionhead were in the lead.

“Lord Sherlock, is that superior Devil your classmate?” Bru asked.

“They’re coming for you.”

“No, there are too many superior Devils in the Underworld. How can each of them be my classmate?” Sherlock said as he noticed Beast wearing his hood and leaving in a panic.

When he turned back his head, Onionhead, a superior Devil, and a group of Devils had come over.

“Respectable Lord Sherlock, please allow me to make introductions. He is Eternal Fire’s third successor, Mr. Andrew. This is the hero, Dungeon Lord Sherlock, who saved us. These are his servants.”

“What servants? I’m called Peasant.”

“Shh, shut up. Just watch the Plot Animation. Be immersive, be immersive!”

The gamers had a small conflict that was quickly resolved.

The small conflict didn’t attract Onionhead’s attention. He said, “Lord Sherlock, Baron Andrew is here to have a high level visit with us and to make some investments. And your requests for compensation and remuneration came from Lord Andrew’s investment. I hope that Lord Sherlock and Baron Andrew can have a pleasant conversation.”

Sherlock nodded to show his understanding and showed a “V” hand signal to Onionhead.

Onionhead was taken aback. He pondered before showing a “3” finger signal. Then he nodded.

“Baron Andrew, welcome to Winterfell.”

Sherlock greeted Andrew cordially, and Andrew said smilingly, “Lord Sherlock, I heard of your big name while at Eternal Fire. I’m honored to meet you personally. I checked your background before I came. You… I didn’t find you in any of the superior Devil school records. I didn’t find you in tertiary institutions or the schools for compulsory education. I thought we could be schoolmates. I graduated from Class One First Year of Ultimate Devil. I graduated two and a half years ago. I’m good at singing, jumping, and fighting…”

“Cough, cough. Baron Andrew, shall we change the topic?”

Onionhead interrupted Andrew awkwardly. If the conversation continued, it wouldn’t end well.

“No, it’s alright. I feel very close to young superior Devils who have just started contributing to society. I have only contributed to society for a few years.”

Sherlock smiled as he said. Seeing Andrew frown, Sherlock said, “I managed to save Winterfell only a few years after graduating. I’m just lucky.”

Andrew was feeling jealous, and he didn’t hide it.

“He’s a superior Devil whose source energy comes from jealousy. Hmm, it’s not very common,” Bru suddenly said, but Sherlock ignored him.

“I see that Lord Sherlock brought tens of dancing partners to the Ball. I believe your dancing skills must be quite impressive. Shall we dance with a partner for the next tune?”

Andrew straightened his back and extended his hand. A sexy female Devil with goat’s horns walked to Andrew’s side with alluring mannerisms. Her body was full of mosaic and could be described as flirtatious. She rested her hand on Andrew’s arm and spoke with a voice that sent electric sparks down the spines of the nearby male Devils.


“Er, shall we dance…”

Sherlock looked at the gamers behind him. He didn’t teach the gamers how to dance before coming to the Ball.

At this moment, Bru said, “Lord Sherlock, don’t worry, the gamers know how to dance. The problem is music.”

“Music? The music of the otherworld? It’s alright, play it for me,” Sherlock said calmly.