Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 226 - Winterfell's Tyrant

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Chapter 226: Winterfell’s Tyrant

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I, Blackhand, am Winterfell’s Great White Goose. I’m currently teaching in Eternal Kingdom as the Advanced Combat Trainer.

I didn’t wish to accept the Devil’s request, but his conditions were too enticing. I was unable to resist.

They were smelly and tasty worms, a clean and comfortable hay nest, a water basin that is changed daily, a 50 square meter pond, and a yellow rubber ducky that squeaks when squeezed.

I wouldn’t accept based on these conditions, but the superior Devil agreed to tell sleep-inducing stories during bedtime, so I decided to take a look.

I did some research before coming. My pathetic subordinates told me that Eternal Kingdom saved Winterfell from the Ancient Gods. They are very powerful, especially the superior Devil.

I feel that Lord Sherlock is very hard to handle, but that is the only concern. If we were to fight directly, I’m confident of winning within three rounds!

I was filled with curiosity as I signed the one-month contract with Sherlock to help train his citizens to become outstanding warriors.

I didn’t bring any luggage when I went to Eternal Kingdom to become their Advanced Combat Trainer.

When I saw the citizens of Eternal Kingdom that had green words above their heads, I was very sure these Goblins, Gnomes, and Houndhead Men would have to go through tough training!

In their current state, they aren’t warriors or heroes of Winterfell, they are simply inept creatures! They have to train!

“Welcome, Blackhand! Our Advanced Combat Trainer.”

Sherlock stood up and gave a cup of bloody chrysanthemum tea with worms to Blackhand.

“Dispense with the formalities Lord Sherlock. The things you promised me…”

Blackhand sat in the chair. Behind Sherlock, Eggface hid resentfully in one corner and muttered, “I came first…”

Sherlock ignored Eggface and took out some items from underneath the table.

Though the rubber ducky smelled of a Lich’s odor, Blackhand had to admit that the squeaking of the duck made him feel wonderful.

Eternal Kingdom had a new Advanced Combat Trainer.

He was provided with a clean and comfortable hay nest, a basin with water that was replaced daily, and a yellow rubber ducky.

Blackhand walked to the hay nest and started smelling. He nodded with satisfaction and squeezed on the Yellow Rubber Ducky.

“Ga ga.” The Yellow Rubber Ducky squeaked.

Blackhand frowned and asked, “Why is there a skeleton stench?”

“Ah, that’s the Yellow Rubber Ducky bought from the Dungeon’s Lich. I paid for it with a hundred Gnomes,” Sherlock smiled as he said.

Blackhand nodded and said proudly, “I know the price for hiring a few hundred Gnomes is expensive. I’m worth every cent.”

Blackhand squeezed the Yellow Rubber Ducky. When he was about to squeeze the third time, Sherlock dry-coughed and asked, “Mr. Blackhand, when are we starting the training classes? An investor is coming to observe the Dungeon, so I hope my citizens can become stronger as soon as possible.”

“Don’t worry, Dungeon Lord, I’ll begin now!”

[Mission Title: Eternal Kingdom’s Facade

Mission Description: Lord Sherlock decided to improve everyone’s capabilities. He recruited Mr. Blackhand as the Advanced Combat Trainer for a high price. Only one hundred Gnomes and Houndhead Men will be chosen to undergo the training with Mr. Blackhand.

Mission Objective: If you receive this mission, proceed to the plaza at the Dungeon Lord Main Hall to receive your training.

Mission Reward: The mission is the reward.]

TakeASpearHit and SealHeadLingChong stood in a formation. They were amongst the first batch of gamers to be trained with Mr. Blackhand in Advanced Combat. TakeASpearHit didn’t feel that he was a complete African.

While they were training, they heard unfavorable comments.

“Blackhand is a Great White Goose, I’m cracking up.”

“Am I hearing it right? One of the three tyrants in the village is a goose?”

“Gosh, it that a goose? I haven’t started to train, and I’m panicking.”

“What’s this game up to? Is that intentional?”

While everyone was discussing excitedly, Sherlock brought a Great White Goose and his secretary Eggface to the plaza. Everyone entered Plot mode.

Sherlock introduced the Great White Goose to everyone. When Plot mode ended, Sherlock retired to one side.

The Great White Goose walked to the front of the gamers and quacked, “Ga!”

The gamers exploded into laughter.

“Hahaha! D*mn! The game producers are fooling us?”

“What a lousy mission. I can’t take it, I’ll post on the forum tomorrow!”

“I can’t take it, I’m posting on the forum now.”

TakeASpearHit was the closest to Blackhand, and he laughed the loudest. Blackhand surveyed the crowd and fixed his gaze on TakeASpearHit. He walked to TakeASpearHit and shouted in a drake-like voice, “What’s so funny? Silly dude.”

TakeASpearHit was laughing, but after being scolded by the NPC, he became angry. He slashed at Blackhand.

The gamers at the side were unable to stop him.

TakeASpearHit had just finished his slash, and he was left with only the sword handle.

“Gosh, where’s my sword? Is there a BUG?”

TakeASpearHit looked puzzledly at his Short Sword with Improvement Level 5. To be precise, it was only a sword handle.

“Are you looking for this?”

Blackhand chewed and spat out a pile of metal pieces.

“What the heck…”

TakeASpearHit threw his sword handle at Blackhand, but Blackhand’s figure flashed, and the sword handle was chewed to pieces. Then Blackhand charged at TakeASpearHit.

The agile Great White Goose attacked TakeASpearHit with his flat beak. TakeASpearHit had adjusted his pain threshold to zero. He saw his armor being shredded until it disappeared.

TakeASpearHit shouted hopelessly, “No—!”

The Great White Goose ignored TakeASpearHit’s wailing as he disintegrated TakeASpearHit’s equipment. Then he gazed at TakeASpearHit, who was slumped on the ground in a daze.

The Great White Goose belched and gazed intensely at the gamers. He shouted at the fearful gamers in a drake-like voice, “This is the result of harassing me!”