Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 225 - Great White Goose, Blackhand

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Chapter 225: Great White Goose, Blackhand

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On the walkway of the Large Furnace, Simba brought his apprentices along as he explained the functions of the furnace.

Behind them were hundreds of Gnomes, Goblins, and Houndhead Men.

“This is the material inlet. All the metal materials will enter here. After being smelted, they will enter the operating platform, which is just below. The molds can be placed there. Besides these differences, it’s the same as what I taught you. Another point is that the fire in the Large Furnace must never be extinguished!”

Simba’s voice reverberated throughout the entire Industrial Area.

Below the Industrial Area, Arthur was carrying some materials. After the Large Furnace was completed, besides shifting the Blacksmith Shop, Carpenter Workshop, and the Mana Engineering Workshop to the Industrial Area, raw materials used for other professions were also stored here.

The Industrial Area had specialized warehouses to store these materials, so the gamers were assigned to transport them.

Even a rich top-notch gamer like Arthur had to do Daily Missions.


A Gnome, Sylvanas, with a Short Bow and a Longbow slung behind her back, walked towards Arthur and said, “Arthur, how long will you take to finish this mission? Do you need my help?”

“It’s not necessary. Aren’t you cutting trees?” Arthur placed the materials into the warehouse and looked at Sylvanas.

“I only cut down a few trees. It’s too taxing on my brain. I’m not Hemp Rope Technology, who likes to do the sums,” Sylvanas said angrily.

“It’s perverted for this lousy game to have the Sacred Knight profession. It’s upsetting the balance. Hemp Rope Technology became number one just by doing the questions. Even you can’t defeat him. That’s too much.” Sylvanas complained as a Houndhead Man, Peasant, walked over from behind.

“It’s only for a few minutes. ‘Dungeon’ is a positive and progressive game that encourages learning to obtain power. This is reasonable.”

“I give up. Other games require topping up an account to become strong, while this game requires learning to become strong.”

Sylvanas rolled her eyes. Arthur completed his mission after transporting the materials. After submitting his mission, he said to Peasant and Sylvanas, “Let’s go and challenge the Instance Dungeon.”

“I’ll call NotWearingPants and ChestHair!”

Peasant turned his head and was about to shout when Arthur stopped him.

“Don’t call ChestHair. He’s helping out with the opening ceremony of a family’s shop. I found a replacement.”

“Who?” Sylvanas was wary.


Moroes was working hard today.

There were many things happening in Eternal Kingdom. Those “Warriors”, “Underworld Saviors”, and “The Chosen Ones”, which were the green-skinned creatures, saved Winterfell from the clutches of the Ancient Gods.

Moroes got to know this after some time. He was wary at first as Winterfell had good security. How could it be invaded? He had to admit that the green-skinned creatures who were able to be revived were powerful. However, he was still unable to believe that Winterfell had been invaded by the Ancient Gods.

After he received a letter from his wife, he got to know that the green-skinned creatures and Yoda weren’t bluffing.

Because the Teleport Portals were down, he didn’t return to visit his wife. Sherlock was generous enough to send him back using the Airship, but Moroes declined as he had to work hard for Lord Sherlock!

Moroes didn’t return home.

When Moroes was feeling happy that his trainees had become the heroes of Winterfell and thinking about how he was going to boast of his achievement, he heard the conversation of some training green-skinned creatures.

“Did you take a look at the noticeboard? A new trainer is coming!”

“Gosh, another new NPC?”

“Yes, a higher level combat trainer.”

Higher level? Moroes frowned. Lord Sherlock had underestimated his abilities.

“Everyone, take a rest,” Moroes said to the gamers. Then he walked towards the Dungeon Lord Main Hall.

When Moroes arrived at the Dungeon Lord Main Hall, there was a group of creatures outside looking at the noticeboard.

They gave way when they noticed Moroes, who was very happy with their respectful behavior. He read the announcement on the noticeboard.

“Welcoming Winterfell’s Blackhand, who is to become Eternal Kingdom’s Advanced Combat Trainer.”

“Mr. Blackhand: A combat master from Winterfell who specializes in fencing, wrestling, Mana Skills, Offensive Shield Techniques, and other combat techniques. He was labeled the most terrifying creature of Winterfell and one of the three Winterfell Demons. During a street fight, he bit off the legs of tens of creatures and caused a Devil to live in fear for the rest of his life. Hence, Blackhand stayed in prison for half his life.

The description is Mr. Blackhand’s autobiography.

Let us extend our warmest welcome to Mr. Blackhand!”

Moroes finished reading the announcement and had a “what’s the big deal” expression. He wondered why the name sounded so familiar.

Moroes didn’t care. Blackhand was threatening his position, so he decided to fight for himself.

He walked to the Dungeon Lord Main Hall and knocked on the door. He heard movements within. Then, Eggface opened the door.

“Ah, isn’t he the trainer, Moroes? Is Moroes Blackhand?” the bespectacled Eggface carried his black briefcase and asked Sherlock.

Eggface gave way, and Moroes walked in.

Sherlock wasn’t surprised to see Moroes. He sat behind the table and looked at Moroes, who said, “Lord Sherlock…”

“Don’t ask. I know what you’re asking.” Sherlock interrupted Moroes.

“Blackhand is my highly paid Advanced Combat Trainer. He’s only staying in our Dungeon for a short period of time to teach Assaulting Techniques. Moroes, you are my respected Combat Trainer who will be teaching long term in the Dungeon. Both of you are serving different needs,” Sherlock said as he took out a pile of hay, a yellow rubber ducky, and a pile of worms.

“Take a look, these are the items I have to prepare for Blackhand. But you’re different, Moroes. Don’t think too much. Go back and work diligently. Eternal Kingdom always needs you.”

Moroes only spoke a few words and was motivated by Sherlock. His worries vanished, and he was ushered out of the room.

Then he saw a Great White Goose walk over. A gamer tried to get close, but the Great White Goose extended his beak at the gamer like lightning. After a series of afterimages, the gamer was lying on the ground.

The Great White Goose swaggered towards Moroes. His eyes were sharp and intense. Moroes felt fear from the bottom of his heart just by looking at his beak. He gave way to the goose and trembled.

He recalled from his deepest memories the background of Blackhand.

That terrifying creature whose name couldn’t be uttered. He was Winterfell’s most ruthless, terrifying, and strongest creature and one of the three tyrants—Great White Goose, Blackhand.