Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 224 - The Strongest Organism

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Chapter 224: The Strongest Organism

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The incense wood burned in the incense burner and emitted a faint fragrance.

Apple was a professional Slime Butler. He stood at the side of the incense burner and used his sticky hands to stain some incense ash before putting it into his body.

“Hmm, this incense wood is pretty good. Buy more today,” Apple said to a Gnome servant at the side.

A Succubus servant ran in and shouted to Apple, “Butler, Butler!”

“Lower your voice! Don’t make a big fuss in Lady Lilo’s manor. You have to speak softly in all circumstances!”

The Succubus servant was stunned. She knelt down and tried finding his ear.

Before the Succubus servant found his ear, there was a commotion coming from outside.

A group of Devils were at the entrance of the beautiful manor.

Mana-simulated sunshine illuminated the surroundings, and a shield hemisphere engulfed the manor. Apple, who was in a black Tuxedo, shifted his wavy body before the Devils.

“Welcome, Devil Lords, what can I do for you?”

“We’re here to look for the Fallen Angel, Miss Lilo.”

“No, you’re not. I’m looking for Miss Lilo.”

“Don’t argue. Miss Lilo will only meet me.”

The group of Devils began arguing and almost started fighting.

Apple was about to break up the commotion when the cantering of horses was heard.

The cantering of the horses pervaded the manor as the carriage rang with the crisp tolling of bells. The carriage had the grandiose and complexity of the Rococo style. The black appearance of the carriage had the Gothic darkness and decadence.

Four strong black Hades Horses were pulling a black pumpkin carriage.

Apple left the Devils and hurried over to the carriage.

Apple wore his white gloves and opened the doors of the strange-looking carriage.

A silver stiletto stepped on a metal ledge by the carriage door. The tall and sharp stiletto emitted a thud sound as a pair of fair-skinned and slender legs, which were covered with white swan stockings, were seen coming out before a thick black Victorian skirt covered them.

The porcelain face was framed by golden hair rolls, which were covered partially by a slanted black round hat.

On the round hat was a black floral accessory that covered the slanted side.

A pair of large black wings were folded behind her back as she walked down the carriage.

A Succubus servant went forward to the carriage as three Hamsters ran down the carriage and followed behind Lilo.

“Miss Lilo, I’m the Baron of the Merchant Alliance…”

A Devil walked politely forward, but before he finished speaking, Lilo had entered the manor without turning her head.

The Devils at the side wanted to strike up a conversation, but nobody was able to speak because the Fallen Angel’s dominant aura made them unable to breathe.

When Lilo walked into the manor, they were finally able to recover.

“Misters, our Lady has no intention to meet all of you. Please go back.”

After Apple finished speaking, he let the Gnome at his side shut the metal gate of the manor.

The Devils looked at each other, but they were too shocked to say anything.

More and more Devils who heard of the Fallen Angel made their way in a continuous stream to the manor…

AgedWhiteGin Teahouse was located at a crossing of the Commerce Area in Winterfell.

For the Underworld inhabitants, drinking tea was an essential past time.

“Drink the most aromatic tea, Ride the strongest Beetlemon.” Underneath AgedWhiteGin’s shop sign were these bold words.

Sherlock, who was in black ceremonial clothing, walked to the entrance of the teahouse and heard the rowdy noises coming from inside.

Sherlock adjusted his dome-shaped Western hat and pushed open the door.

“Dong! Ding ding dong!”

A Stone Golem sat in front of a worn-out piano. His fingers were pressing on the keys that emitted horrible tones as he sang with deep feelings.

“He who forces me to eat the lemon makes fun of my ill-luck.

“Sadness, grievance, and flowing tears, I can endure the sourness…” It was from the “Song of Lemon Essence”.

As his song reverberated in the teahouse, Sherlock removed his hat and placed it on a hat stand.

The teahouse was dimly lit. The Underworld patrons were drinking tea and chatting loudly. Some drunken patrons made a din, but they were quickly thrown out by the Werewolves that were acting as security guards.

A few Orcs were gathered at a table, with one Orc mixing multicolored tea as the other Orcs looked on excitedly.

When the tea concoction was completed, the other Orcs banged their fists rhythmically on the table.

“By Satan’s grace, finish this drink if you’re not afraid of death.”

The Orc raised his huge cup and gulped down the tea.

“Drink, drink, drink, drink…”

The surrounding Orcs banged on the table and cheered wildly. The Orc who was drinking the tea fell to the ground and vomited the tea that he had just drunk. The surrounding Orcs laughed.

The Orcs noticed Sherlock walking over, and they turned their heads and bared their teeth.

“Devil, if you’re drinking tea, go to other places.”

One of the Orcs was smoking a Uranium stick, both his legs placed on the table as he glared fiercely at Sherlock.

“I’m here to look for Blackhand. I heard that this teahouse belongs to him.”

Sherlock wasn’t angered by the Orc’s words. He pulled out a chair and sat down.

When Sherlock mentioned Blackhand, the surrounding Orcs gasped in astonishment. Then, the entire teahouse became quiet, a wooden cup even fell to the ground and made a clear thud sound.

The Orcs turned their heads to look at the other side of the table. A few gathered Orcs dispersed and pushed off tables and chairs.

A huge boss chair’s back was facing Sherlock. From behind the chair, a drake-like hoarse voice was heard.

“Why are you looking for Blackhand? Those who have tried to create trouble for him are all dead.”

“No, no, no, I’m not creating trouble for him. I heard that when he was young, he was Winterfell’s strongest creature and took part in numerous wars. He trained countless warriors. I have a few thousand creatures for him to train,” Sherlock said calmly.

“So, you intend to hire Blackhand to train your warriors? You better be prepared, because his price is very high.”

“I understand, I’ve prepared the rewards.”

Sherlock took out a black pouch and threw it on the table. The black pouch opened up, and a few wriggling worms crawled out.

The boss chair slowly turned around, and a white wing slammed on the table to prevent the worms from escaping. The wing dragged the worms towards a Great White Goose that was seated in the boss chair.

The Great White Goose used his beak to suck in the worms. Then he squinted his eyes and looked at Sherlock.

“I… am Blackhand.”

“That’s great, I don’t have to look for you. Are you free? Can you spare a month of your time for me?”

Sherlock smiled.

“Your worms taste good. They’re smelly and elastic, but they aren’t sufficient to satisfy me.”

The huge white goose crossed his feet together and said in a drake voice, “You have to be careful with your words. I’m not only the most violent, ruthless, and strongest creature in Winterfell but also the entire Underworld. My beak will bite until you regret being born! Creatures who create trouble will be bitten by me, superior Devil! Like this!”

The Great White Goose extended his beak to the nearby Orc and started biting wildly. The Orc wailed in agony and knelt on the ground, trembling. The surrounding creatures looked at the goose in fear. There was even an Orc sprawled on the ground and peeing a pool of urine.

The Great White Goose made them recall their deepest fear.

“Besides providing worms for every meal, what should I do to employ you?”

Sherlock looked bewildered.

Blackhand sat in his chair and used his wing to ignite a Uranium stick as he said, “Clean and comfortable dry hay nest with a basin of water that is changed daily. A 50 square meter pond with a yellow rubber ducky that squeaks when pressed. Most importantly…”

The huge white goose puffed out a mouthful of mushroom clouds and said, “I have to listen to sleep-inducing stories every night.”