Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 223 - I’m Not Fleeing

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Chapter 223: I’m Not Fleeing

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[ThripleGoldenTiger: The despicable game producer, I’m supporting Marco Polo! Emmmm, his account wasn’t terminated? My bad]

[WalnutKernel444: Are you a Devil, game producer?]

[FallingMorningStars: Being prosecuted by the game official.]

[CutestFoodie: I know the reasons. When is the update for Version 0.3? I want to join the Third Beta Testing!]

[EvilEscape: It’s not sufficient for us to carry bricks, now we have to work in factories. Don’t we have to work from 9 am to 5 pm?]

[Waiting for extramarital affairs: Is the stalking game producer that ruthless? I’m sad for Marco Polo]

[Arthur: When can we top up our accounts? I want to top up my Magic Stones.]

[IsSherlieCrossDressingToday: Preposterous! Veteran Arthur is requesting to top up his account!]

[Peasant: Work points… I don’t think my health can keep up with Eternal Kingdom’s development.]

Sherlock browsed through the gamers’ replies, and they supported his Work Points system. They looked forward to the new system and praised Sherlock as usual.

In a few days, there would be a batch of equipment that had to be processed in Eternal Kingdom. They were from Nicholas’ Female Accessories Shop.

The Large Furnace was completed. The apprentices of Simba could use the furnace to forge and process Nicholas’ equipment.

The remuneration for processing the first batch of equipment was to pay Nicholas, who helped Eternal Kingdom to establish trade routes.

Besides letting the gamers produce merchandise, Sherlock had to assign gamers to the Gladiator Arena, Underground Forest No. 3, Specter College’s new Instance Dungeon, and the Marsh Inkspewer Town.

It was time to commence the Third Beta Testing to boost the gamers count.

Before the Third Beta Testing was rolled out, there were many preparations like excavating more Living Quarters. When the Third Beta Gamers came on board, where were they going to stay?

Before all these preparations, Sherlock had to prepare for Lilo’s visit to Eternal Kingdom as she was one of the investors of the Dungeon.

Sherlock thought for a while and decided to showcase his strongest combat power.

He shouted loudly to awaken Eggface, who was sleeping in a corner.

“Who’s that? Who dares to awaken the sleeping darkness… Ah, Lord Sherlock. Are you yearning for a cup of bloody chrysanthemum tea? I’ll brew a cup for you.”

As a secretary, Eggface crawled up and walked unsteadily to the shelf. Then he brewed a large cup of bloody chrysanthemum tea and finished it noisily. He intended to go for the second cup.

“Stop for a while.”

Sherlock stopped Eggface and said, “There’s going to be an important guest in the next few days. Eat more during this period of time… Be stronger. You have to represent Eternal Kingdom. Do you understand?”

Eggface braced his chest and showed his fierce face. Then he bellowed in his young and tender voice, “Ao—!”

“I feel that if Lilo, the Fallen Angel, sees your impressive Black Dragon, she will be very happy with her investment. With Eggface’s help, I believe we will be able to conquer the Heavens soon,” Bru said confidently, but it was obvious he was using reverse psychology.

Sherlock ignored Bru and touched Eggface’s head as a form of encouragement and recognition.

Sherlock took his windbreaker and walked outside.

“Lord Sherlock, where are you going? Are you fleeing?” Bru asked.

Sherlock adjusted his clothes and said, “Fleeing? No, no, no, I’m attending to some matters. I’ll be back.”

There was a very rich Fallen Angel in Winterfell.

The day she appeared, she purchased a manor outside Winterfell. In the same afternoon, numerous carriages arrived continuously at her manor.

From common carpet, kitchenware, and branded female dresses and accessories to various Magical Items—she bought all the things that the rich wanted. There were even twelve Giants standing outside the manor, acting as bodyguards.

There were also Succubi servants, a Slime butler, exquisite carriages, and strong Hades Warhorses.

Things that a creature with power, money, and influence would have were being bought within a day.

The commoners in Winterfell would probably discuss her after their meals occasionally, but to the rich and nobles from the Merchant Alliance or the other Dungeon Lords, this mysterious Fallen Angel was a huge question mark.

A titillating question mark.

“I’ll use my gifts to ensnare the heart of that Fallen Angel.” In an Underworld tunnel, a Devil whose spines were filled with spikes spoke in his hoarse voice to the group of Devils and noble Vampires at the side.

Each of them rode on their Warhorses, Beetlemons, or Darting Birds.

The speaking Devil took out a piece of paper that was filled with words.

“I have prepared a love poem. Cough, cough. Ah, unknown Fallen Angel, I’m willing to be the bubblegum on the leather shoe and the thorn in the flesh…”


The romantic Devil didn’t finish his poem before a tall Devil looked over proudly and said, “Will the Fallen Angel like such a common and trashy love poem? Don’t crack me up. I’m well prepared. I know what a Fallen Angel likes!”

The tall Devil took out a potion with the words—”Super Strong Adhesive (Curse Resistant Formula)”.

“Gosh! You’re using such an item? That’s stepping over the line!”

“It’s infuriating. Why didn’t I think of that?”

“Can I go back home and get it?”

“Fools, you’ll hurt the ego of the Fallen Angel. It’ll be strange if she falls for you.”

The group of creatures bickered as they arrived outside the manor.

A Succubus was cleaning the courtyard. When she saw the group of Devils, she threw away the broom and ran into the manor.